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Ch. 7

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We mount each step never taking our eyes away from each other. He opens my bedroom door and closes it behind us. He lays me down on the bed, but my hold on his neck brings him down on top of me. I can feel his breath on my face as he brings his lips to just barely touch mine, teasingly. I pull him down wanting more. His hands begin to roam over my body and I moan softly into the kiss. He pulls away.
“Are you sure about this? We can wait.” He says breathlessly.
“I want you Jeremy. I want to be completely open to you.” I reply. He smiles sweetly before going back to kissing me. He tugs ever so slightly on the hem of my dress. I sit up so he can take it off. Then he unclasps my bra and stares in amazement. He takes my right breast in his hand and my left breast in his mouth. He gently suckles it the nibbles lightly on my erect nipple. I let out a moan. He just chuckles which makes me moan more because I can feel the vibration on my breast. He then goes back to kissing my mouth and kissing his way from my collar bone down. He taps my thigh, letting me know to lift my hips. I do as he requests and he slips off my underwear.
He separates my legs and begins to kiss me. He slides his tongue in my slit; I moan a little louder. He pulls out his tongue and inserts his index finger while rubbing my clit with his thumb. I start to become wetter and moan louder. I feel myself close as he pulls his finger in and out. Right before I come he pulls all the way out and re-enters his tongue. This makes me come immediately. I feel him sucking fiercely as my juices flood his mouth. Once my body has relaxed a little, he gets off the bed and begins to shed his clothes.
His erection is surprisingly a lot bigger than I imagined. Realizing his eyes are full of lust and expectancy, I get off the bed and kneel in front of him. I wrap my fingers around his meat, although my palm won’t fit all the way around. I stroke it long and hard a few times before taking it into my mouth. It is kind of salty but I crave more. I start to suck harder and harder as he becomes saltier and saltier. My fingertips graze his sack and gently squeeze. He starts moaning and his eyes start to roll back. I stop sucking and push him down on the bed where I resume. I do this, so he can grasp the sheets if and when he needs to. I slide my tongue in his lit and on his underside. He moans louder and finally comes into my mouth. I swallow it happily as it is bitter yet sweet.
He pulls me on top of him, and then pushes himself inside me. It hurts like hell and tears stream down my face. But the pain is quickly replaced with pleasure. He grabs my behind and shows me how to move against him. Soon I have a nice slow rhythm; taking him all the way out, then pushing back in. We continue like this for several minutes; our breaths become more and more ragged. Then in one quick movement, he turns positions and he is now on top.
He gets the same rhythm I had; all the way out then all the way in. His thrusts become faster and harder. I’m becoming breathless. I feel my body going through an amazing orgasm which intensifies when I feel his seed pump hotly into me. A minute later, his erection turns limp and gently slides out of me. We pull back the covers and crawl underneath them. I can hear his heart beat, still fast, as I lay my head against his chest. His heart beat turns back to normal and we fall into a deep sleep.
“Melanie! Jeremy!” I wake up to see Nick standing a few feet from the bed. I feel Jeremy wake up as well.
“Nick, I can explain.” Jeremy says.
“Like hell you can. You fucking slept with my sister!”
“Nick, it was my idea.” I come to Jeremy’s defense.
“I don’t believe you. Get dressed, both of you. Meet me downstairs in five minutes!” He storms out of my room slamming the door behind him.
“I’m sorry.” Jeremy apologizes.
“For what?” I ask as I get out of bed and find a new underwear, my bra, an oversized T-shirt and sweats.
“Us… the sex.” He puts on his boxers and his shirt.
“Why? I’m not.”
“I stole your innocence.”
“You didn’t steal it. I gave it to you.” There is an awkward silence for a minute or two. “We should get down there before Nick starts to worry more.” With that we head downstairs where Nick is waiting for us on the couch. Once we sit down the interrogation begins.
“I don’t even know where to begin.” Nick starts. “What the hell were you guys thinking?”
“It just happened.” I offered.
“No. A hug just happens. A kiss just happens. Sex does not just happen!”
“Nick, calm down man.” Jeremy says.
“Calm down? How the hell am I supposed to calm down when my nineteen-year old best friend just fucked my fifteen-year old baby sister?” Jeremy and I just sit in silence. “Did you use protection?” Oh Shit! I look worriedly at Jeremy who just puts his head in his hands. “Fuck! Why didn’t you use protection?”
I search for something to say. Anything. “It happened so fast, I guess we forgot.”
“How the hell do you forget?!?!?” Again, we just sit in silence.
“I love her.” Jeremy announces.
“You love her? What kind of bullshit is that?”
“It’s not bullshit. I really do lover her. I’ve loved her for years; ever since you started talking about her. I was half-way in love with her when I saw more and more pictures and videos of her.”
“You motherfucker! Get the hell out of my house!”
“You can’t do that!” I scream as Jeremy stands up.
“You could be pregnant! Have you ever thought of that? This man got you, a fifteen year old girl pregnant!” Jeremy starts to walk over to the front door.
“I’m not pregnant!”
“How the hell do you know?” Nick yells just as Jeremy opens the door.
“Because I can’t have kids!” I cried. This gets both of their attentions. Jeremy shuts the door and walks back to the living room.
“What?” They both question.
“When I was in the hospital, the doctors told me I couldn’t get pregnant.” I say very shakily. Silence. That is all there is. No, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘It’s going to be okay’. Nothing but silence. I begin to cry really hard and decide to run up the stairs to my room. I slam the door as hard as I could and plop down on the floor by the bed and start crying. Here I am at fifteen, and was told that I can’t have any kids. Do you know how it feels? Well let me tell you, it feels like a big part of me died. I mean, the only thing I ever dreamed of was being a great mom to my child. And now, that’ll never happen.
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