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Ch. 8

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I sit on my bedroom floor, crying my eyes out. I thought I knew what pain was, but I was wrong. The knowledge that I can never carry a child in my womb has got to be the most devastating occurrence that I have ever encountered.

“Melanie, come on, open the door?” Nick says softly through the door.
“Why? So you can pity me? No thanks.” I hear muffled sounds outside my door.
“Melanie, please, it’s Jeremy.” Jeremy says in a more-than-worried tone.
“I don’t want your pity either.”
“I’m not going to pity you.” He pauses then adds, “Remember last night?”
“What does that have to with anything?” I sob.
“We can try again, and again, until you do get pregnant.” I can’t believe my ears. He can’t really believe that.
I open then door and shout, “BUT I CAN’T GET PRGNANT!!!!!” I crumble into his arms. I can hear Nick just walk down the stairs mumbling something incoherent.
“Melanie, I’ll take you to the doctor’s and we’ll find out exactly what it is.”
“I know what it is. I’m infertile.” I sob harder into his chest.
“But how can they tell? I was your first.”
“I don’t know okay. I don’t know. All the doctor said was that he ran some tests and the results came back saying I was infertile.”
“Well, we’ll go back and find out why.”
“We can’t.”
“Yes we-” I cut him off.
“No, we can’t. There is now way Nick is ever going to let us.”
“We don’t need his permission.”
“Considering he’s my legal guardian, yes we do.” I have completely stopped crying and I’m now looking intently in his dark hazel eyes.
“What do you mean he’s your legal guardian?”
“I found the papers in his room a week or so ago. My parents left us and Jeremy petitioned for custody over me and won.”
“He’s never going to let us. You saw how furious he was when he came in the room.”
“I think it was just shock.”
“No, it wasn’t.”
“Well then let’s go talk to him right now.” I slowly nod my head as we get up and walk out my door. We make our way downstairs where Nick has his head rested in his hands. I guess he doesn’t notice us, because as I sit next to him, he makes no movement indicating he knows we’re here.
“Nick…” I trail off.
He takes his head out of his hands and looks at me. His eyes are red and puffy from crying. “Melanie…” He trails off as well. I look to Jeremy for help.
“Nick, I’m sorry you had to find out this way.” Jeremy says in a calm yet kind of scared voice.
“Which thing are you talking about?” He snaps angrily.
“Both of them.”
“Melanie, you and I need to talk. Alone.” I just nod my head and Jeremy heads back upstairs. “When were you going to tell me about you not being pregnant and about you and Jeremy?”
“I didn’t plan on telling anyone about my…infertility. And Jeremy and I just happened, last night. I mean I knew I had an attraction to him, but I honestly didn’t know he had an attraction to me. I always assumed he was just taking pity on me, but last night, I knew it wasn’t pity.”
“Did he course you into it?”
“No. We kissed and he said that we could wait until I was ready.”
“Then why didn’t you?”
“Because I was ready. I was ready to give my innocence away. I was ready to give it to him.”
“But it’s illegal. He can go to jail for this.”
“I know. But you can’t turn him in.”
“I wasn’t planning to.”
“You weren’t?”
“No, I was planning on killing his ass.” He says half-jokingly, half-serious. “Melanie, how do you feel?”
“Well, it was great. Everything I had hoped it would be and more. I know that it was the right time.”
“That isn’t what I meant.” He grimaced.
“I know. I’m infertile, Nick. I was told that I could never bear a child in my womb. I’m only fifteen and I can’t have kids. I feel worse than all the times I was beat and molested.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be; you didn’t do this. Jeremy was saying that we could go back to the doctors and have them explore any possibility of me getting pregnant at any age.”
“You want to have a child at fifteen?”
“If now is the only time I’ll be able to get pregnant, then yes.”
“And Jeremy would be the father?”
“Yes. But because you are my legal guardian…” I let the words hang in the air.
“How did you find out?”
“I found the papers in you room.”
“What were you doing in my room?”
“I… I actually don’t remember.”
“Look, I hate knowing that you and Jeremy….” I could tell it was hard for him to re-admit what happened between us.
“Slept together?” I offer.
“Yeah. Anyway, you know how much I truly, truly hate it. But if he makes you happy and you really understand the responsibilities of having a baby, then I’ll consent.”
“Thank you.” I hug him tightly.
“I love you, sis.”
“Love you too, bro.”
“Now go upstairs and get Jeremy. He and I need to talk now.” I do as I’m told and I go upstairs while Jermyn comes down. I don’t know what they’re says and I’m too happy to spy. Wow! I’m actually happy. Who would’ve guessed? About an hour later Jeremy comes back to me.
“How’d it go?” I ask curiously.
“Well, he cussed and cussed, and cussed. Then calmed down enough to cuss some more. But finally after about twenty minutes of non-stop cussing, we talked about our situation. He’s agreeing to let us be together on two conditions.”
“Which are?”
“One, I have to move out-” I start to interrupt him, but he puts his hand up stopping me-“two, we have to abide by his rules, whatever they may be.”
“But we can still be together?”
“Yes.” Then a thought comes to me which makes me start to cry.
“Baby what’s wrong?” He takes notice of my quick change in moods.
“I need to ask you something.” I stop my tears and look grimly into his eyes.
"Are you just with me because we can have sex and I can’t get pregnant?” I say becoming more serious if that’s even possible.
“No, of course not.”
“Then why?”
“Because I love you, Melanie.” He says taking my hands and pressing them to his lips. “I love you.” He repeats.
“Do you? How? Why?” I blurt all theses questions out in one breath, though my throat has gone completely dry.
He chuckles slightly then pulls me to his chest. His chin rests on my head. “There is saying, ‘Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this.’ Melanie, I have never loved someone as much as I love you; as much as I am in love with you.”
“But, you could do so much better than me.” I start to cry again.
“No, I couldn’t. You are as good as it gets.”
“But how, why do you love me?”
“I love you because you’re smart, and funny, and caring, a little troubled, but very loving. And not to mention, you look so amazing, even when you cry.” I smile a little. “And your smile, as rare as it is, can light up the darkest of places. And your eyes, so full of fear, and love, and as of last night, lust.” I blush at the last part. He lifts my chin, so my eyes are staring directly into his, “Melanie, you need to stop believing you’re not enough. Because to me, you are more than enough.”
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