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ohhh, things are gonna change!

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Mikey POV
So a few days later, we all decided to do on a small vacation! We all decided to go to Washington D.C. But, the thing is, I'm gonna suprise Steph. Im gonna ask her to marry me. But the thing is, I don't how. I think I will go and get our own hotel room and get candles and make it really romantic. But I'm like so nervous that she might say no. I mean even though i told Gerard and all them, and they all said that she would say yes, I'm still so scared. I just hope she will say yes.

So right now, we are at tbe airport, and we are abording the plane. We were sitting on the plane as it was taking off. The flight attendent, came around and asked everyone for their tickets andf if we wanted anything to eat. None of us did, and we just sat there and talked or listened to music from our ipods.

A Few housrs later, we were there. We were trying our hardest to get out of there without people noticing we were there. That really didnt work all that well.

"Yeah, but we gotta make it quick. Sorry," Frank said. "Do you have a peice of paper?"
"Yeah, I do." SHe said trying to find it. Once she did, she handed it to Frank and he signed it and passed it around. Once we were all finished, we gave it back to her, took some pictures and left. We needed to find the hotel we made reservations for, before dark.

We looked up and down streets untill we found it. It took us at least 30 minutes to find it. And once we did, we went to get our rooms. They were ready, and we went in them. It was Around 6 when we all deicded what we were going to go do. We went shopping!

The only bad thing was we couldn't fing one Hot Topic there! SO basically we went into many diffrent little stores. So, to make a very long story stort, We all got a few new outfits, and some new shoes. They all were very colourful! And they were all Nike!

When we were all done shopping, was when all the stores closed. So we took the millions of bags that we had, and we walked to the hotel. The hotel we had was really clean compaired to the ones we have had before. It was a Holiday Inn. And the best part was we got a FREE breakfist! And there are dounghnut there!! EVEN BETTER! So once we were all done 'unloading' our things, we got out our pajamas and put them on. Then went to bed. Oh, we all have out own rooms which will make things easier on me!

Okay so like the last few chapters do have a lot of mistakes and things. thats beacuse the were put on there by an Itouch. SO i aplogize to all and i would apprecaite if you would give me some reviews!
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