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Harper takes Charli to see Donna

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Back at the bus Charli was sleeping in Bob's bunk, Mikey and Frank had gone out to look for video games, Ray was on another bus jamming with some friends and Bob had gone to hang out with some of his old tech friends.

That left Gerard and Harper who were lying asleep on the couch in the front room. Harper stirred in her sleep and streched her arms above her head, she saw that Gerard was still sleeping and she slowly got up not wanting to disturb him. His phone was lying on the table and she made sure he wasn't awake and opened it up. She scrolled through his contacts and found who she needed, making her way to the bathroom as the phone rang.


Harper locked the bathroom door behind her.

"No, it's Harper Gerard's girlfriend, I'm not sure if he told you about me but were dating and I needed to call you"

"Well no he didn't tell me but why did you need to call me?"

"I don't think it is right that he is not letting you see Charli and I wanted to help"

"Sweety it's no use calling me, you will have to talk to him yourself"

"I have but it's no use, I was suggesting I bring her over to you and say she is staying with one of my friends"

"You mean lie to Gerard so I can see Charli?"

Harper sighed, there was no denying it was a lie but she felt as though it was something she had to do.

"Pretty much yes"

"I'll do whatever it takes"

"I'm going out on a limb here so I need to know I can trust you"

"Trust me? What do you think I'm going to do?"

"Well you could tell Gerard I let you see her or you could not give her back"

"Honey you can trust me"

"Good. I'll be in touch"


Gerard woke up to find Harper wasn't beside him. He rolled over lazily and yawned, stretching his legs out.

"Harper you okay?" he called out.

When he didn't get an answer he dragged himself to stand only to be pushed back down by Harper who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. She was wearing his boxer short's and a tight black tank top that showed off everything.

"I was thinking..." she said as she stretched her leg over his chest to straddle him, "One of my friends could look after Charli for a while and we could have some alone time"

He swallowed hard as the blood started rushing south.

"I dunno Harper, I don't really want to let a stranger look after Charli"

She ground her hips and pushed down on his crotch, "She isn't a stranger I promise she will look after her great"

Gerard's breathing was getting rugged and he couldn't really concentrate on the conversation much longer.

"Fine she can go, just stop teasing me" he said, his pants getting uncomfortably tight.

Harper grinned and licked her lips, grinding her hips more and leaning down to kiss Gerard's neck. He moaned softly as she started nibbling on his ear lobe and un doing his belt with her free hand. He grabbed her waist and placed his hands on her hips, pulling her down to him so he could kiss her. Their tounges found their way into eachothers mouths and Harper bit down on Gerard's lip causing him to moan again.

She pulled away and he looked annoyed, trying to kiss her again.

"What are you doing?" Gerard asked as he sat up.

"Going to take Charli now, that way we have more time together" she said, purposley bending forward to pick up her shoes.

"Dammit, can't you see I need release woman?" he said pointing to his hard member below.

Harper giggled, "Well you can either get your kicks now and then I take Charli or while I take Charli go jerk off or whatever and then when I get back you can have your kicks as many times as you like"

"Actually number two sounds better" he said grinning.

"That's what I thought"

Moment's later she returned with a sleepy looking Charli in her arms. Gerard quickly grabbed a cushion and placed it on his lap to cover his erection.

"Harper is going to take you to see a nice lady okay? You can play with her for a while then come back here"

Charli nodded sleepily and rested her head on Harper's shoulder. Gerard kissed her on the cheek and Harper on the lips.

"Back soon" Harper said winking at Gerard and wiggling her hips.

He gave her a frustrated look, "Please hurry"


Donna looked at her phone as it alerted her she had a text.

On my way with Charli

She knew it would be from Harper but didn't reply and carried on un packing her case as she hadn't long been back. About 40 minutes later she heard a cab pull up and rushed to look out the window, it was them. She unlocked the door and scooped Charli up into her arms as soon as she saw her toddling up the steps.

"I missed you sweety" she said as she showered her with kisses.


"I better be getting back to Gerard" Harper said from the doorway.

Donna pulled her into a hug, "You don't know what this means to me"

Harper wasn't really sure what to say so she just smiled at her.

"I will be back later to pick you up honey" Harper said to Charli who nodded and grasped Donna's hand.

"Well, I'll see you later then" she said, waving to the two.

She got back in the cab and it headed back to the venue.


"Jesus Harper you took your time" Gerard said as he pushed her against the wall and kissed her hungrily.

She laughed into his lips, "Someone's horny"

He didn't answer and just slipped his tounge into her mouth, lifting her up as she wrapped her legs around him. They staggered over to the bunk area and collapsed into Gerard's bunk, peeling off their clothes as fast as they could.

"Are you sure about this?" Gerard asked breathlessly.

Harper nodded as she grabbed his hips and pulled them down towards her. She moaned as he entered her slowly and pumped in and out, getting faster.

"Uhh Gee" Harper said as she arched her back.

Gerard was teasing her, pushing himself almost all the way in then quickly retreating. She bucked her hips upwards in frustration, soon Gerard exploded into her and she followed close behind.

"Harper that was..." Gerard started breathlessly

"...I know" she said.

They lay there and fell asleep in eachothers arms.


"Harper" Gerard whispered as he gently shook her.

"Come on, we need to pick Charli up"

She stirred in her sleep and pulled the covers with her as she rolled over.

"Yeah I'll call a cab in a sec" she yawned.

"No need, I'll come with you" he said.

Harper's heart rate increased by the second, "It's fine Gerard honestly"

He tossed Harper some clothes as he put his own on.

"It will be a nice drive out, we could take Charli somewhere after"

"No Gerard" Harper said quite loudly.

"Harper what is wrong with you? She is my daughter and I want to come with you to pick her up!"

"Well you don't know where my friend lives"

"And you can't give me directions?"

She shook her head, tears forming, "Please just let me go"

"There's something your not telling me, what is it?"

Harper shook her head, choked up by tears. She regretted everything now.

"Charli isn't at my friends house"

"Well where the fuck is she?" Gerard said getting more anxious by the second.

"She...Charli is..."

"Well fucking spit it out!"

"..She is at your mom's"

Gerard couldn't believe he was hearing this. His mind was racing with questions and he couldn't see straight. Harper was crying, telling him she was sorry and trying to calm him down but it wasn't working, he just needed to get to Charli as fast as he could and everything was slowing him down.

"Gerard, please, I'm sorry" Harper sobbed as she followed him into the living area.

She tried to hug him and he did something he swore he would never ever do, he lashed out and hit her across the cheek. She fell to the floor clutching the side of her face, crying hysterically and calling out his name. No matter how guilty he felt he stormed out leaving her alone on the bus.

He needed to get his daughter back.

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