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Right Im sick of this bugging me.

Go on MCR's website right

(I know you will know it but some of you might be too lazy to type it in lol)

Click on the 'band' tab and when the hands of the guy's come up, compare Bob and Mikey's. I swear they are both the same hand but reversed. If you don't believe me look. The thumbs are exactly the same, even the fingernails. And then the fourth finger along, next to the 'pinkie' the nail is exactly the same cause it is kinda sticking up pointy and triangular and has a line in the finger. AND if you still don't believe me the second fingers on each hand next to the thumb looks like it has a glitch on it, like a little bit sticking out.

I know this is a stupid thing to notice but it's bugged me ever since I noticed, So who does the hand really belong to? Bob or Mikey?

And why hasn't the other one got there hand on here? Hmmmmmm, one can only wonder.

Please someone agree with me lol, am I just seeing things or what?

dondon xo.
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