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Baby P

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In no way am I dissing anyone from MCR here, just before all you teenies bash me.

I know that Gerard and the guys have had some pretty bad shit going on in there life, but I doubt they can top this;

Missing limbs due to slicing off the fingertips and pulling out the nails with plyers, Chocolate smeared on his face to cover bruises and burns, being paralysed after having a broken back and eventually dying from swallowing a tooth after getting punched in the face.

Some of the horrific things that happened to Baby P.

His mother, who was accused of getting drunk on 40 vodkas most afternoons, used a stanley knife and plyers to cut off her baby's fingertips and then remove the nails to "see how much pain he could handle."

When social workers visited the house, chocolate was smeared on the baby's face to hide burns on his cheeks. They visited a grand total of 60 times and still didn't feel he needed to be taken into care.

Just a few days before the tragic death of Baby P he was taken to a hospital were doctors failed to realise he was paralysed after his step-dad had put him over his knee and gradually broke his back in stages to make it more painful.

On the day of the 17 month old's death he started to cry from the awful pain in his back. His step-dad put him upstairs in a dirty cot and left him there. A 15 year old girl who was staying with them said she had heard the spine crack when his back was broken and the next day when he was in his cot crying the step-dad returned to Baby P and punched him right in the face. He swallowed one of his milk teeth that fell out due to the blow and choked on it. The crying stopped, the breathing stopped, but most importantly Baby P's pain stopped.

Yeah I know being hooked on alcohol and drugs must mess you up but that is just sick. How the fuck can anyone be so messed up in the head?

Oh and the mother was put in jail but allowed out so she could give birth to her second child?! She is meant to be getting let out by christmas. And the social worker who was involved and never got the child taken off his parents has just been given a promotion?! WTF is wrong with this shitty country? Grrrrrr. Bastards.

A/N- Sorry I know it's not a chapter BUT I will post one soon. I needed to get that off my chest and would love to hear you guy's thoughts on it. It made me sick thinking people can do that, it's just fucked up. I don't care what problems they have, nothing gives them the right. So yeah, review if you want and let me know what you think, should the soical workers involved be sacked? I also think there is like an online petition about the case of Baby P. Would be forever grateful if you could sign it.

Till next time.

dondon xo.
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