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Harper tells the guy's what happened

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"Halo is so old now" Frank said as he and Mikey walked up the bus steps with their bags full of video games.

"Whatever dude, just cause I can beat you blindfolded"

They laughed as they got onto the bus, but it soon stopped as they saw Harper sitting on the couch holding her cheek which looked sore and crying.

"Shit, Harper what happened?" Frank said as he dropped his bags and rushed to her side.

She couldn't find the words and just shook her head through tears.

"Are you okay? Where's Gerard and Charli?" Mikey asked, sitting at her other side.

"I...and Charli...then Gerard got angry...he's gone" was all she manage to get out before bursting into tears again.

"Okay, okay, Mikey you make some coffee and Harper, you breathe and calm down" Frank ordered, rubbing her back as she tried to stop crying.

"Here you go" Mikey said as he handed her a steaming mug of coffee.

She smiled up at him and took a drink, closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Now, from the top" Frank said.

"Well Gerard is angry because I lied to him. I said I was taking Charli to a friend of mine when really I took her to..."

She stopped, trying to hold the tears back once more.

"It's okay" Mikey reasured her, "Just take your time"

"...I took her to Donna's"

They both didn't know what to say. They were confused as to why Harper would do this, and lie about it to Gerard. She cared about them both so they didn't understand at all.

"Well why did you do it though?" Frank asked, breaking the silence that had grown.

"I-I, at the time I didn't think it was fair on Charli not being able to see her grandma. I tried to tell Gerard this but he was having none of it. So I planned it myself, I should never have got involved, I'm so stupid"

Mikey put his arm around her sympathetically, "You were just trying to help, I get you. I felt exactly the same, you feel torn don't you?"

Harper nodded, "But I have never seen him like that, so angry and he looked like a mad man"

"Yeah he get's like that when Charli is involved, don't worry he will come back and you guy's can talk it over"

"I don't know if I want to talk it over Mikey. He isn't the person I thought he was"

Frank looked at Mikey who shot him a confused look. They both shrugged at eachother, not knowing what she meant.

"I don't understand? What did he say to you"

"Nothing really"

"So what's the big problem?"

Harper took another drink of her coffee before whispering through fresh tears, "He hit me"


Driving through the rain that was getting heavier by the minute Gerard squinted to see the road through the front screen. He was shaking with anger, mostly at himself for lashing out at Harper who he really cared about. But he didn't understand why she of all people went behind his back and then lied about it. It was something he expected from Jade or his mom, not Harper.

Trying to forget about it he reached over to turn on the radio, glancing away for a second.

Suddenly the steering wheel spun out of control and Gerard could feel the car skid off the road. He felt a heavy force crush his leg from the right side of the car and everything seemed to go in slow motion. Finally the car halted and Gerard couldn't find the strength to open his eyes, all he could think about was if he was going to die.

"Ch-charli..! he choked out weakly.

She and Harper were flashing through his mind, what about if he died right there? He would never get to apologise to Harper and Charli would end up being kept by his mom. He could smell the smoke in front of him, but still hadn't dared open his eyes. Everything was getting quieter and his leg was throbbing while his fingertips felt numb. Then it all went black as his breathing slowed.


"Fuck. Your serious right?"

"No Mikey I just made it up, hit myself to get the mark and cried for no fucking reason. Yes of course I'm being serious!" Harper shouted, getting quite stressed at the whole thing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that" he replied quietly.

"Well where has he gone now?"

Harper shrugged, "To get Charli I guess. But I don't know if he is coming back yet because he has been gone too long"

"Probably cooling off" Mikey said.

"Yeah, I just want him back" Harper said tears spilling out her eyes again, "I want him to know I'm sorry"

Frank pulled her into a hug, "Shhh. He wont be mad for long, just you watch" he said as he stroked her hair.


"Right I need Entonox, bandages and corticosteroids stat"

Paramedics had arrived on the scene minutes after the recieved call, ironically by the person who had crashed into Gerard. A female paramedic was working on Gerard who had been layed on a stretcher outside the wreckage.

"Okay I need some details from you please" said another paramedic to the flustered driver of the other car.

"Erm, yeah, sure"

"First I need your name"


"Your full name please"

"Owen Frank Jessop"

"And your age"


He gave them all the correct details needed and hovered around, trying to see the other victim.

"Will he be okay?"

Another female turned around to face him, "Well we think his leg is badly broken but he isn't going to die if that's what you mean"

He half heartedly smiled at her, quite relived he hadn't killed someone.

"I-I was on my way to hospital actually, it's my mum, she isn't very well and I needed to get there soon as"

"Well what are you still doing here? Go!" she said ushering him away.

He looked over at Gerard again who seemed to be coming around from his unconciousness.

"But I want to know if he is okay" he said.

"Here, call this later and ask about Gerard Way" she said thrusting a piece of paper into his hands.

Owen thanked her and left the scene.


Bob had returned and was informed on the current situation. They were all waiting around for Gerard to return and sort everything out. Mikey's phone rang breaking the silence and he almost squealed telling them it was Gerard calling. He answered it straight away.

"Hey Gee...oh right...what?! he okay?...shit....right, thank you....yeah we will be there soon...okay thanks bye"

Everyone was looking at him, eager to find out what was said.

"It wasn't Gerard" he said as he cleared his throat, "It was a paramedic from the accident"

"Accident?" Harper croaked, "Oh my god what has happened?" she asked filling up with tears once again.

"He's been in a car accident"


A/N- Was going to write more but I must sleep or else I'll collapse haha. More soon as I have a ton of ideas.

Till next time =)

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