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Go to hell

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Take a look at Franks home life, unexpected twist - not even I saw this one coming xD

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"FRANK IERO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" I groaned and rolled my eyes, I swear - if my mom was an animal it'd be a lion because man she can roar!
"Out with Gee and Mikey." I said sweetly wondering why she was so mad, I was back at the same time I would be if I had spent my whole time with the Shrink, so really she should be thinking that was where I was - oh dammit! I've just told her I wasnt there.
"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH JOHN!" She shouted, appearing in the hallway, red in the face - she always talks about the stupid shrink as if he were his best friend.
"Yeah well I left early." I snapped.
"AND WHY DIDNT YOU COME HOME!?" She shouted, I felt my blood boiling and I clenched my hands by my sides, dropping my gaze to the floor... okay... I may have forgot to have mentioned I have teensy tiny anger problem, but seriously - its so miniscule its barely noticable...
"Because... I needed to see Gee..." I mumbled through clenched teeth.
"Oh you NEEDED to did you? WELL FOR I KNEW YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED ON THE WAY HOME! NICE OF YOU TO LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU WERE!" She practically screamed, making me shake a little - it always made me shudder when people shouted, like nails on a chalkboard.
"STOP YELLING AT ME!" My voice was a lot louder than my moms and she covered her ears with a scowl. For a moment we glared at eachother, and with evident force my mother controlled her anger, probably knowing full well that I wouldnt even try.
"I'm sorry..." She snarled, I didnt reply so she continued. "I was just worried about you. John called to say you had got a bit upset during your session -"
"I wasnt upset I was pissed off! He accused Gerard of molesting me!" I was expecting mom to be shocked at this and to realise why I had been so angry but she merely sighed and avoided eye contact.
"He wasnt accusing anyone of anything Frank, he was just trying to make sure you were safe. And if I'm going to be honest your father and I have been wondering the same thing..." Mom shut up as soon as she saw the look on my face.
"Mom... You've known Gerard just as long as I have. We're friends, what the hell does four years age gap have to do with anything?" I demanded, trying my hardest to stay calm, for years now I had been trying to prove to my parents that I dont need anger management classes.
"It makes a big difference Frank, you may not see it now but when your older -"
"Mom will you please stop treating me like a child!" I snapped, cutting her off and making her scowl.
"Look, I'm your mother Frank - its only natural I worry about you, and I havent seen Gerard in months now - he may be on drugs and has changed for all I know." I groaned and and slapped my hand to my forehead, trying not to lose control.
"Okay, now your just being paranoid. I can assure you mother that Gerard is not on drugs and hasnt changed. Geez, I'll invite him round if it bothers you that much!" I rolled my eyes, going to walk past my mom because as far as I was concerned this argument was over, but clearly to her it wasnt, and she grabbed my arm as I walked by.
"Where do you think your going!?" She demanded.
"To my room." I snarled back.
"I havent had an apology." She growled, I tensed up so as I didnt slap her and tugged out of her grip.
"Your not getting one either." I answered.
"Frank if I dont get an apology right -"
"Go to hell!" I snapped, mom gasped in horror and glared at me, all my family are very religious and the fact I had even dared to say such a thing was like a death sentence in this house.
"YOU JUST WAIT TO YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!" She shouted at me as I ran off up the stairs to my room.
"Eurgh, gag me." I mumbled to myself as I slammed my door shut. I stomped over to my stereo and turned on Anthrax as loud as I could stand it, hoping it would piss my mom off.
"Stupid mom and her stupid pissing worries and stupid shrink and his stupid stupid... he's just stupid! I hate them, I fucking hate them all!" I punched my pillow repeatedly though it did hardly anything to vent my frustration. I was stunned as to how everyone thought Gerard molested me, it was just insane! I knew I wasnt completely right in the head but not even I would think up something so outrageous! I was still punching the crap out of my pillow when my dad walked in, looking as pissed off as mom had been. I didnt look at him as he crossed over to my stereo and turned it off with an angry jab to the on button.
"Did I say you could come into my room?" I snapped, glaring at him. He turned his angry eyes on me and gestured for me to sit down, not even I dared to disobey my father and I sat down angrily on the edge of my bed, folding my arms over my chest.
"Dont even start with me Frankie. Your mother is spitting mad down there, how dare you tell her to go to hell." He growled, I kept my mouth shut knowing it wouldnt matter what I said - he was angry and he wasnt letting me off.
"Now I think we've been more than understanding with you Frank but we're at our wits end. We've been sending you to see John to help us as well as you, but if your going to go round there punching things and humiliating yourself then we're going to have to take more seriouse action." I glared at my father with pure hatred.
"Oh yeah? Like what?" I demanded, dad slammed his fist down onto my bedside cabinet with impressive force - his face barely an inch from mine.
"Do. Not. Test. Me. Boy." He growled before leaning back and ripping a poster off the wall, schrunching it up in his fist. "Just know that if we have to we'll be sending you to a Catholic school, I dont care how close to the end of the year you are - stamp out this devil nonsense once and for all!" He snarled, I knew that by devil nonsense he meant my music and he proceeded to go round my room tearing down my posters, making me angrier and angrier.
"You havent been the same ever since you started listening to this music, and its got worse every year, and now talking to your mother the way you did today... well, I'm astonished. I thought you were better than that Frank." Dad shred the posters in his hands to pieces and slammed them into my waste paper bin, I stared at them in anger and horror, I was clenching and unclenching my fists... I couldnt... I had to... I didnt want to... he was making me.... Its not my fault... But I cant... I wont...
"I'm very dissapointed in you Frank." Dad watched me as I stood there having an internal battle with myself, I had to stay calm if I showed him how angry I was... I could feel the vein pulsing in my neck, knew that my dad could see it. His eyes were boring into me, waiting for me to give a response... I was trying so hard... I was trying desperately but.... THWACK!
Dad stumbled back, clutching his cheek with a wide mouth, staring at me in shock. I stood facing him, trembling with tears in my eyes, my fist still clenched at my sides and a disgusting feeling of triumph in my gut. For a moment I was as shocked as he was, I hadnt expected to snap like that, not so soon. Not after so long of managing to control it.
"Dad.... Dad I - I'm sorry -" I reached a hand out but he backed away from me, pure loathing in his face.
"Thats it." His voice was quiet but filled with menace, dissapointment... hate. "That. Is. IT! You are going to Catholic school - first thing next week!" He yelled at me, before storming out of my room and slamming the door shut with such force it shook in its frame.

A/N: Sorry about the long wait, I've got major writers block x_x okay... this story is going in a completely different direction to what I planned but, hell - hopefully it'll work out. Please review and lemme know what you think :]
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