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Catholic school tattooed to its forehead

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I didnt speak to my parents for the rest of the week, they talked to me - telling me the arrangement for sending me to Catholic school but I gave them no response. The silent treatment was childish, and it didnt make me feel any better, but I carried on anyway. I kept going round Gerards and Mikeys, knowing that my parents were certain I was fucking Gee, and I let them think it too. I hated them all, I wished they'd all hurry up and die, but the problem with that is they're still my family and I guess that means I just have to love them whether I want to or not. Its a bitch, really.
The week flew by so quickly I barely had time to wonder where the minutes were going, and Monday was looming closer, a big sign screaming "Catholic school" tattooed to its forehead. By the time Sunday came I was feeling so nervous and angry I was pretty certain I was actually going to be sick.
"Frank..." Mikey spoke so softly it was any wonder I heard him.
"Yeah?" I turned to face him, seeing that both he and Gerard were staring at me with frightened expressions, something that had happened about five times already. "I'm doing it again arent I?" I sighed, looking down to see that I was indeed trying to snap the games console controller in half. "Sorry." I mumbled, blushing a little as I put the controller down - I was reminding myself of the hulk. I kept trying to break everything every time I allowed myself to think about the next morning and the new school I would be attending. Mikey turned the T.V off as Gerard came to sit by me, putting his arm round my shoulders.
"Dont worry Frank, I'm sure Catholic school wont be that bad, and me and Mikes will come and visit you every weekend and you can come down here any time you want and the years nearly over anyway." Gee gave me a beaming grin but I could tell it was fake, he and Mikey had taken the news of my catholic school-ness quite badly, the fact I would only be able to see them on weekends was torture for all three of us who had always spent every day with eachother. We were practically family.
"I guess so." I muttered, picking at my jeans and pouting. "I just cant believe I have to go there, its the most shittest thing my parents have done to me. Even shittier than sending me to a shrink. I mean, whats their problem? Do they just hate me or something? Do they wish I was the perfect angel child who they could be proud of?" Gerards arm tightened around me and I curled up into his side, resting my head on his shoulder and allowing the tears that had been building up all week to finally flood out. I was shocked but Gee and Mikey seemed to have been expecting it because neither said a word. Mikey sat down on the other side of me and placed a hand on my shoulder as Gerard kept me in his tight embrace. They didnt say anything because they knew I didnt want to hear any consoling words, I just wanted to cry and be pissed off and then I'd be okay.
"I fucking hate them. What the fuck do they want from me?" I snarled into Gerards T-shirt, no doubt making it all wet with my tears. I got no response except for a 'oh Frank' off Mikey and I cried out the rest of my tears without saying anything. Gee didnt speak until I had sat up and was wiping my eyes.
"I dont get it, is this all because they think I'm molesting you?" He asked. I couldnt help but giggle a little, it still sounded so absord.
"I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, I'll just never be perfect enough for them. The stupid thing is I've never done anything really bad, its not like I'm gay or a serial killer or anything." I pouted to myself and the Way brothers sighed. "Sometimes I wish I was gay, that would really piss my mom off. She says she's not homophobic but she's so damn religious it would really get to her if I was gay." I grinned a little at the thought and Mikey gave a half hearted giggle, but Gerard seemed to be thinking.
"Gee...?" I questioned, he turned and grinned at me.
"I think I have an idea for something, how would you like to give your parents a parting gift they'll never forget tommorow?" He asked, a mischevious sparkle in his eye. I raised an eyebrow and smirked.
"Depends. What were you thinking Gee?"

"Your taxis here Frank, and your fathers already loaded your things into it. Are you going to be okay?" Mom was being extremely kind today, she'd gone into a sorta motherly mode and she was all teary about me leaving. It both flattered and pissed me off, I mean - it was her fault I was leaving in the first place! Dad seemed to be a bit upset too but he wasnt showing it, but I knew he was gonna miss me deep down. I checked my watch, Gee should be here now.
"I'm not leaving until Gee and Mikey get here, I have to say goodbye to them." I said firmly and my dad sighed.
"Why didnt you say goodbye to them yesterday?" He demanded.
"Because its not the same!" I whined. Dad rolled his eyes but mom looked out the window and gave a tight smile.
"Well, their here now - so go outside and say goodbye, dont leave the driver waiting any longer." I nodded and opened the door, stepping out onto the front lawn, mom and dad following to wave me off.
"FRANKIE!" Mikey practically dived on me, throwing his arms round my neck and hugging me so tight I thought I might snap. "I'm gonna miss you dude! Have fun and ring us and come round on Saturday or we'll come to you and we'll miss you and send us emails and keep in touch schools gonna be so crap without you ohmygodI'mgonnamissyousomuchwhydoyouhavetogoitssonotfair!!!" Mikey gave a deep breath and I laughed as he released me.
"I'm gonna miss you too Mikes." I smiled. I then looked over at Gee who was giving me a look of sadness and longing, something we had rehearsed last night, I was nervous but if we could pull this off it would piss of my parents and make me grin for a week. Gee walked over to me and I could feel my parents staring at us, he placed his hands on my shoulders and rested his forehead against mine as I slipped my arms round his waist. It felt a little weird but things were only going to get weirder.
"I'll miss much." He whispered, just loud enough for my parents to hear, he had rehearsed this line so perfectly even I was falling for the love he said it with.
"I'll miss you too." I whispered back, and then, trying my hardest not to laugh or shy away, he placed his hands on the sides of my face and pushed his lips to mine. I heard Mikey snigger before trying to disguise it with a sneeze and my stomach swirled, it felt so weeeeird, but not unpleasant and I relished in the gasps my parents made. I worked my lips softly against Gerards as he tangled his hands in my hair, we had agreed on no tongues but Gee had been given the task of making the kiss more passionate, which he did by pulling me tight into him, working his lips hard against mine and biting on my lower lip, I gripped his waist as we kissed hotly. By the time we pulled away we both a little out of breath and trying not to burst into hysterical laughter.
"Text me okay?" Gee asked, and I could hear the amusement in his voice.
"I will." I promised and then I kissed his cheek before giving Mikey one last hug and turning to my parents who were staring at me with their mouths wide open.
"Oh my g - Frank? What? You? FRAAAANK!!" My dad began walking towards me, red in the face as my mother continued to look godsmacked.
"Bye mom, bye dad - love youuu!" I called as I darted into the taxi, Gee and Mikey scarpering before my dad could get his hands on them, the driver who seemed pissy to have waited so long drove away quickly and I was left to wave frantically at the Ways as we passed them at the end of my street.

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