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The school looked somewhat like a hybrid of draculas castle crossed with Hogwarts. The bricks were just giant brown stones and the windows looked as if they had just dropped right out of medieval England. There were students wandering around outside in small groups when I arrived and they were all wearing the same uniform of black trousers, white shirts/blouses and black blazers - the boys also wore a black tie. It looked as if everyone was dressed for a funeral and it had the schools logo embroided into the breast pocket of the blazers. I hated the place already, but I knew I should try and give it a chance even if there was a kid sat on a wall reading the bible for christs sake...err... no pun intended.
I grabbed my bag and stomped across the long gravel driveway, everyone stopping to watch me, I probably looked weird to them. In ripped jeans and a Nightmare before christmas hoodie on, these losers probably didnt have a clue what that movie was. I ignored them as I walked up the few stairs leading to the big oak doors which led inside, I felt their eyes on the back of me as I stepped into the entrance hall and slammed the door shut behind me.
A woman at a reception desk jumped and looked at me through large gold rimmed glasses. Her hair was pulled into a bun and she had long red rosary beads hanging off her neck. She smiled warmly at me and I groaned, wandering over to her desk.
"Can I help you young man?" She asked sweetly as I dropped my bag to the floor.
"Yeah, I'm new here..." The woman nodded with a smile and began tapping on the keyboard of an ancient computer beside her, I leaned my elbows on the desk and waited impatiently for her to tell me where to go.
"Ah, here we are - Frank Iero correct?" She asked me, I grunted a response and she continued to type. Locking the computer before rifling through some papers, raising them up to her nose to read them.
"Hmm... it says here your being shown round by Daniel and Jason..." The woman looked up and her eyes scanned the room, causing her to frown. "Oh... I wonder where they are?" She mumbled, just as she said this a girl came running across the entrance hall, she was wearing the school uniform with a pleated black skirt and black tights, I was amazed how she could run so fast since she was wearing pretty high heels. She came to an abrupt halt by the desk, her cheeks a little pink, her long black ponytail still swinging.
"Oh, Mrs. Green Dan and Jay are busy right now, they told me to come and tell you." She said quickly. Mrs. Green scowled so the girl continued, glancing at me as she did. "I'll show him round if you like Miss. I dont mind." Mrs. Green smiled warmly once more.
"Oh that would be a great help Jamia, Thank you." She said, and next thing I knew my bag was once more on my shoulder and Jamia was dragging me by the sleeve across the hall, going on and on about some old bloke from some time long ago who built this place for some stupid reason. She pointed out the dining hall, several of the class rooms, the praying room, the girls dormitory, the library, the courtyard and then she began taking me to the boys dormitory. Giggling as she did.
"Oh I havent been in the boys dorms before, we're allowed into eachother dorms but only during the morning or afternoon when we have free time, and we are expected to act like responsible adults and not do anything." Jamia laughed again and winked at me. "Of course, the teachers all think we plan on living a monastic life." I raised an eyebrow, shifting my heavy bag to make it more comfy on my shoulder.
"What does monastic mean?" I asked, Jamia glanced at me in surprise making me feel like an idiot and she gigled a little.
"It means like monks and nuns, ya' know - no sex because your 'married to god' and all that." She explained.
"Oh right..." I mumbled, I wasnt going to like it here. I could just tell.
"Of course I'm not saying we all break the rules or anything, just we're teenagers ya' know? They cant expect us to live a monastic life. I guess your probably thinking we're all freaks or something, I get the impression you dont really want to be here." Jamia glanced at me as if for comformation so I nodded. "We're pretty cool though, I think you'll get along with your room mates, Dan and Jay, you seem like the type of person they'd be friends with." Jamia stopped outside a door with the number seven painted on it at the top.
"Okay, this is your room. Your room mates should be here soon, and if you have any questions then you can ask them or you can find me, I'll just be hanging round the college." She said with a giggle. She giggled a lot, it was slightly annoying.
"Erm, great... thanks." I said, wondering whether she would leave or not.
"Okay, well... sia around." She said and then she began to wander off back the way she came. I rolled my eyes and went to open the door when she stopped and turned round.
"Wait! What was your name?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.
"Its Frank." I called back, she grinned and blushed slightly.
"Okay cool, I'm Jamia by the way." And then she walked away again, this time she didnt stop and I entered the room a little nervously.
The room wasnt huge, but it was a fair size, with three single beds positioned against one of the walls. The window was a good size and let in a lot of light, looking out onto a small garden where students were sat, talking together or reading. I guessed today was a day off, which didnt really make sense since it was Monday, but I guessed I could ask my roomies about it when they got here. Once of the beds had a scruffy bear on it with X's for eyes, wearing a denim jacket adorned with tiny badges. On the other bed was a pile of clothes, neatly folded. So I guessed the third bed was mine. I dumped my bag onto it and sat down, looking around the room. There was a small T.V with a DVD player and X - box, those probably belonged to my roomies. There was a chest of drawers by each bed, seperating them and then a door which was stood open and I could see led to an adjoined bathroom. It was a comfy room, and if my roomies were nice my time here would be at least bearable but I was already missing Gee and Mikey, it wouldnt be the same not being able to see them everyday. And worst of all I still had to see John the Shrink, only he would be coming to the school every wednesday to see me.
I sighed and began unpacking, placing my clothes into the chest of drawers that were mine, ignoring my new uniform and stuffing it into the bottom drawer with little care. I had just finished unpacking and was wondering what to do when the door burst open and two boys walked inside, talking and laughing. They stopped when they saw me and I got the weird feeling that I was a trespasser. One of the boys was quite short, he had shoulder length mousy brown hair and the start of a goatee, he wore an Iron Maiden shirt and baggy blue jeans, accesories with chains and studs. The other boy was just a bit taller than me, he had black hair that was slightly wavy and cut just below his ears, he too wore an iron maiden shirt and blue jeans. The short one looked at the tall one and then they both approached me, standing infront of me with their arms folded.
"Sooo, your our new room mate huh?" Asked the short one. I raised an eyebrow, feeling a little pissy that they were perhaps trying to intimidate me.
"Yeah..." I said flatly and the tall one began to speak.
"Hm... well, you dont look too annoying but even so - you still need to pass the test." He said mysteriously and I raised my eyebrows.
"What test?"
"THE test." Answered the short one. I shrugged, trying not to show this was making me feel a little nervous.
"Okay... What do I have to do?" I asked. If was something childish like in my old school they'd make me smoke a cigarette or something which would be only too easy, but these guys were in a Catholic school and they certainly didnt look very religious... which meant I couldnt guess what they were like, these guys were the unknown right now. The tall one leaned forward, opening one eye wide to give the impression of an evil genious or something and I looked at him in confusion.
"Tell me, little newbie... do you like... Maiden??" He asked in a weird voice. I stared at him for a moment before replying.
"As in... Iron Maiden?" I asked.
"Yeeeeeeeeeees -" Cried the little one, leaning forward and opening one eye wide just like the tall one, I leaned back a little, wondering whether I should laugh or not.
"Erm... yeah I like Maiden." I said nervously.
"Reeeeaaaallly?" The tall one leaned back and whipped out his phone. "Then tell me - what is this song?" He challenged, the short one stood up straight as a song began to play, he began to headbang along with the tall one and then the song was cut off just before the singing began and the two of them stopped, leaning forward once again.
"So, what was it then? Hmmmmm?" Said the short one and this time I just had to laugh a little.
"It was Different world." I giggled and the two boys looked at eachother.
"Well Dan -" Said the tall one.
"Well Jay -" Responded the short one.
"Its looks like...." The two of them stood up straight and grinned. "YOU PASSED!" They cried, high fiving me as I stared at them in surprise at their sudden happy faces, they then high fived eachother and shouted. "UP THE IRONS!" They then turned to grin at me both of them shaking my hand at the same time.
"I'm Dan!" Said the short one.
"And I'm Jay!" Said the tall one.
"Err... Frank." I mumbled back and they grinned at me with pure happiness.
"Sorry if we freaked you out there Frank, we just think its funny to freak the new kids a little. Plus it lets us know whether they like Maiden or not, we're huge Iron Maiden fans." Said Dan as he began to jump up and down.
"Yeaah... I guessed." I laughed.
"Its always great when someone with good taste in music comes here, not everyone here bums the bible, me and Dan dont, we were both sent here by our parents and we've been best friends ever since. Dans a bit hyper right now." Said Jay and I nodded.
"You dont say. My parents sent me here too." I said, deciding I liked these guys. Dan sat down on the end of my bed, crossing his legs.
"Bummer. Why did you get sent here? My parents sent me because I laughed during my nans birthday when she fell off the sofa. It was a really lame excuse for sending me here, I know they were just looking for a reason." He said.
"Yeah, I was sent here because I was failing at my old school, they thought my music was distracting me from what God wanted." Jay sniggered and I smiled a little.
"Yeah, I was sent for sorta the same reason. My music and stuff...." I said, I didnt want to tell them about hitting my mom, or the anger problems, or the whole insanity thing. I knew this was my chance to wipe the slate clean and start again, even if I wasnt happy about being here.

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