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Girls are so weird

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That first week at school was pretty uneventful. I spent my days hanging with Dan and Jay, who were becoming good friends of mine. We went to class together, spent break and dinner together, and then spent the rest of our time playing video games together. The two of them were both completely hyper all the time, and they were always joking around - they had a lot of inside jokes since they'd been best friends all their lives so most of the time I didnt know what they were giggling about, but I enjoyed spending time with them. They were close, and they loved annoying all the really religious kids by telling them that they were gay partners, and they told eachother everything. I mean, me and the Ways told eachother secrets and stuff but with Dan n' Jay, it was literally everything. I kinda wished I had someone I could talk to like that...
"Yo' Frankie ma' man -" Dan cried as he burst into the room, throwing his books onto a nearby chair and flopping onto his bed. "Aw man, I'm spent. That detention really sucked." He whined, rubbing his eyes roughly with the palms of his hands. I propped my self up on my elbows from my own bed and grinned.
"What did you have to do?" I asked.
"Suck off the deputy head - and now my jaw is killing me." He replied seriously, rubbing the side of his jaw for added affect and I snorted with laughter. "Its not funny, it tasted bad." He screwed up his nose and I stuffed my fist into my mouth so that he didnt hear me laughing. He grinned and threw his pillow at me, landing heavily in my face. I lobbed it back and he laughed, putting it behind his head.
"Nah I'm kidding, I had to copy out the first 40 pages of the bible - I was bored out of my brain... I probably would have preferred sucking off the deputy head actually..." Dan trailed off with a thoughtful expression as I screwed up my face at the thought.
"EEEEEUGH! Dan thats disgusting!" I cried. Dan giggled and winked at me.
"What can I say? The mans got a nice ass." He smirked, I groaned and blocked my ears with my hands.
"Eugh lalalalalalalalalala I'm not listening!" I cried. Dan laughed and I removed my hands with a grin as he rolled onto his front so he could look at me properly.
"So, what you got planned for tommorow?" He asked, tommorow was a Saturday and we were all having the day off. We also had Sunday morning off, but during the afternoon we had to go to the church for a sermon so we had the afternoon on Monday off to make up for it.
"I'm going to see Gerard and Mikey." I said, smiling at the thought. Even though we had only spent a few days apart so far I was really looking forward to seeing them again.
"Oh, your friends you were telling me about right?" Asked Dan, I nodded and he smiled. "Cool, I'm just gonna go hang out with Jay like usual. Talking of which, where is he?" Dan looked about the room as if he expected to see Jay hiding behind the curtain or something.
"He's on a date remember? He told us yesterday." Dan 'oooh'd with realisation and smirked to himself.
"Of course, I completely forgot. Hahaha, did I ever tell you about the time he tried to bring a girl back to the room so I locked him out." Dan giggled a little at the memory as I shook my head.
"Oh man you should've been here it was so funny. He was with this girl about a month ago and he rang me to say he was bringing her back to the room so I should either take some sleeping pills so he didnt keep me awake or go sleep somewhere else and I was like 'what the hell? thats not fair.' so I just said to him ' oh yeah okay, no problems pal' and then when we hung up I locked the door and went back to bed and he was knocking on the door all night begging me to let him in, the girl dumped him after that actually." Dan snorted with laughter and I chuckled a little.
"Wasnt he really mad?" I asked. Dan shrugged casually and grinned.
"He was fucking furious, but it turned out the girl had been fucking another guy while she was with him and so it turned out okay in the end... I always knew she was whore." Dan gave a smug smile and I rolled my eyes.
"Nice... By the way - have you seen my History book anywhere - I cant find it for shit." Dan looked around the room and shook his head.
"Nope, did you leave it in the class room?" He asked. I thought about it before shrugging.
"I cant remember dude -" With a groan I rolled out of bed and stretched, feeling my bones click. "I might as well go check, I'm not doing anything anyways." I said as I dropped my arms back to my sides. Dan grunted and yawned.
"Cool, I would go with you but I just cant be arsed." He grinned at me and I wacked him lightly round the head as I walked past, making him laugh. He got up to turn on the T.V as I left the room, shutting the door behind me and making my way down the corridor towards the history room which was on the opposite side of the school. I wasnt finding it as horrible as I had been expecting but the evenings were generally boring, I guess I just wasnt used to having to stay in.
The corridors were dark and deserted, and my footsteps sounded loud as they echoed off the walls, the whole atmosphere made me feel calm and I began thinking about home and how great it was going to be to see the Way brothers tommorow. We had been texting eachother throughout the week but theres only so much you can talk about through mobiles...
"Frank?" I stopped at the sound of my name and turned to see Jamia just coming out of a Geography classroom, clutching an atlas to her chest. "What are you doing wandering around?" She asked, tilting her head. I supressed the urge to ask her if she was a teacher and smiled as sweetly as I could.
"Oh - I'm just going to get my History book, I think I left it in class." I jerked my thumb in the direction I had just been going and she smiled with, for some reason, excitement.
"Really - well I'll go with you then." She said brightly, walking over to me with a slight bounce in her stop.
"Erm, you know what - its okay. I'm quite capable of going on my own." I said with a grin and she laughed, already walking down the corridor.
"Its no trouble, the girls dorm is this way anyway." I rolled my eyes and reluctantly followed her, she began to talk to me asking me all sorts of questions about my first week at school - I couldnt be bothered to go into much detail. As far as I was concerned I was still here and thats all she needed to know.
"So Frank, what are you doing tommorow?" She asked, looking at me with a slight blush.
"Erm... I'm going to meet my two friends Gee and Mikey." I said, confused as to why she had stopped walking and was looking at me with a hopeful expression.
"Oh... well, what about next week?" She asked.
"... Probably the same thing. I promised I'd meet up with them every weekend." I said truthfully, her face fell but not for long, she was soon smiling and looking hopeful again.
"Well, how about I go meet them with you? Maybe not tommorow... how about next week? I'd love to see your friends!" She began jumping up and down in excitement and I opened my mouth to answer but didnt know what to say. Why did she want to meet my friends? What was so interesting about my friends? Why couldnt she just leave me alone?
"Well... I guess I could ask them..." I mumbled and she squealed with delight, starting to walk again.
"Oh do! I'm sure they wont mind, we could go to the mall or something!" She smiled brightly and I shrugged.
"Well, actually, we usually hang round eachothers places, or go to the woods and climb trees and stuff." I said and Jamia looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
"Really? You like to climb trees?" She asked. What was it with people being shocked about that?
"Yeah..." Jamia giggled and shrugged.
"Well, I dont think I'll be very good at climbing trees, but I dont mind watching - anyways thanks for walking me to my dorm, that was really sweet of you." She said as she stopped infront of a door.
"Huh?" I looked at her in confusion, wondering whether it would be polite to point out I hadnt walked her to her dorm, I was just going to get my history book.
"Erm... I guess I'll see you around then Frank." Then before I could say anything she had pulled me into a hug and then dissappeared into her room with a blush.
... Girls are so weird.
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