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The hot girl

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"I mean seriously, she keeps cornering me in the corridors and shit - she's so weird. She wont fucking leave me alone, she even invited herself to come and see you two with me next week - that was really annoying. And she's always giggling - I mean like all the time! And its not like anything funny has even happened -" I had been ranting about Jamia now almost all day. At first Gee and Mikey had sympathised at this annoying stalkerish girl, then they found it funny and now they were just listening to me with bored expressions. But I just couldnt shut up, I was hanging off a tree branch by knees, swinging my arms above my head as I kept on talking, and talking, and talking. Mikey was sat on the branch above mine, resting his head against the main trunk, looking ready to fall asleep and Gee was pacing the ground whilst kicking stones and leaves.
"And then she was all like 'thanks for walking me to my dorm frank' and I hadnt even walked her to her dorm - she's the one who came with me! And... Am I boring you?" I asked, finally coming to halt. Mikey yawned and nodded.
"A little." He admitted, pissing me off slightly. Gerard turned to look at me as I hung there upside down and grinned.
"Well... I think we've gathered you dont like her." He smirked.
"Damn right I dont she -" I was cut off as Gerards face came close to mine, his chin level with my forhead.
"Though, just out of interest - if you dont like her as much as you make out, then why have you been talking about her all day?" He asked, I raised my eyebrows as Mikey sat up right.
"Heeey, thats a good point. Why is that Frank?" He asked, leaning over his branch to look at me. I felt the blood rushing to my head and heaved myself to sit on the branch properly, feeling my blood drain back down into my body. I rubbed my head and glared at Gerard.
"What kind of a question is that?" I demanded. He grinned at me and placed his hands on his hips.
"A good one I'd say. I'm just curious as to why you keep talking about her when you supposedly hate her." He shrugged, I could see where this was going and I scowled.
"Well... I dunno, because I have nothing better to talk about." I said flatly. Gerard laughed and Mikey hopped down to join me on my branch.
"Sure you do, you could tell us all about your first week at school, tell us about your roomies and your lessons and what the teachers are like and what you do during the breaks and stuff. You could talk to us about a lot of things other than this Jamia girl." He pointed out. I glared at him as he pushed his glasses further up his nose, giggling at me.
"Well... okay, then I'll tell you about my roomies." I snapped. Gerard started laughing and I stared at him.
"Whats so funny?" I demanded.
"Nothing. Its just how defensive your being." He snorted, I clenched my fists and glared at him.
"I'm not being defensive!" I cried. Gerard gave me a 'so what do you call that' look and I turned away from him in a sulk. Mikey giggled above me and Gerard smirked. I glared at them both before heaving a sigh.
"So, do you wanna know about Dan and Jay or not?" I demanded.
"Who?" Asked Gee.
"My roomies." I said.
"Oooh right, their your roomies. See, you've only been talking about Jamia so we didnt know." Smirked Mikey as I rolled my eyes.
"Okay okay I get the point!" I snapped. Gerard grinned and nudged me lightly.
"Dont get all stroppy Frank, we were just curious to know why you've been talking about her is all. Ya' know - you can tell us if you like her." Mikey nodded his head vigurously as I shook mine.
"No way. I dont like her, she annoys the hell out of me. Can we just drop it anyways?" I sighed. Gerard mock saluted me as he nodded.
"Sure thing. We wont mention her again." He smiled.
"Nope, but you probably will." Said Mikey before both brothers burst into hysterical laughter and I was left to glare at them, trying not to laugh myself. Even though they were winding me up I was enjoying spending time with them, and it made me want to be come home even more.
By the time the day ended and I had to make my way back to the school I had half a mind to build a quick shelter and hide out here in the woods where I could see the Ways every day. But me being me, I said my goodbyes and moodily set off back to Catholic school, thinking about tommorow and all the praying we'd most likely be doing.
God I hated praying.

"Hey Frankie, did you have fun yesterday?" Jamia had just skipped her way over to me as we all stood outside the schools chapel, waiting to be let in. Dan N' Jay who had been discussing who was better - Metallica or Megadeth - fell silent and turned to see Jamia stood with a huge grin on her face, at the same time they both looked at me to her to me again, smirks on their faces.
"Err... hey. Yeah it was great..." I mumbled, Jamia giggled (whats new?) and stepped a little closer, her black hair was loose today and she twirled a strand round her finger as she began asking me about what time I should pick her up next week.
"Oh about - hey, wait what? Pick you up?" I repeated, Dan burying his face into Jays shoulder in an attempt to muffle his laughter.
"Yeah, you know - to go meet your friends with you. To climb trees and stuff." Jamia said brightly and Jay bit his lip with a snort. I sighed and cast a sideways glance at Dan N' Jay who were grinning at me as they laughed silently.
"Well... I didnt know I was meant to pick you up -" I mumbled.
"Then how am I supposed to know where in the woods to meet you?" Jamia asked looking hurt. I groaned and forced a smile.
"Of course, I didnt think." I said through gritted teeth. "I'll pick you up at ten in the morning." Jamia smiled brightly and gave a small twirl.
"Oh I'm so excited! I cant wait to meet your friends... and spend some time with you of course." Jamia fluttered her eyelashes at me and ran her hand up my arm just as the chapel door were open and she giggled, dashing back to the group of girls she always spent her time with. Everyone began filing into the religious building as Dan nudged me in the ribs, giggling madly.
"Hahaha, your in there Iero!" He hissed.
"Shut up Dan." I snapped. Jay walked to my other side and shoved my shoulder with his.
"Dans right, she blatantly likes you, you lucky bastard." He laughed quietly. I raised an eyebrow as I was shoved onto a pue at the back, Dan N' Jay sitting on either side of me.
"Lucky?" I repeated and the two of them nodded frantically.
"Fuck yeah, everyone likes Jamia, Frankie. She's the school whatever, the sweet girl, the nice girl -" Dan was cut off by Jay.
"The smart girl, the popular girl and -"
"The hot girl." They both said together. I looked at them both with slightly parted lips. "And she's taken a real shine to you." Chuckled Jay.
"Yeah... I guess she has." I mumbled, looking over at the girls surrounding Jamia at the front of the chapel, she was talking to them in whispers as they clutched eachothers elbows, bending at the knees as they giggled and blushed.
What the hell were they talking about?
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