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Chapter 2 continued

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Learn a bit more about the past between Sarah and Gerard (the little bits and peices you learn now will make sense as the story continues.) Franks mystry guest shows up.

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Hey guys, my pc is having a good moment again so here is the rest of chapter two that I couldn't post last time.

Sarah's POV

Beep Beep...Beep Beep... Beep Beep...

She stretched her hand out fumbling around to find the button that would turn the alarm off.

Beep Beep...Beep Beep...Beep Beep...

Reluctantly she lifted her head from where it had been buried in the pillows, finding the button easily now she could see. It was 10 o'clock, which meant she had about an hour till she had to leave, just the right amount of time to have some breakfast and get her self ready. She hated getting out of bed though, she could easily lie there for hours curled up in the warm lost in her daydreams, and forcing her self to leave the warm blankets was always one of the hardest parts of her day.

She rolled over on to her back, staring up at the ceiling above her as she slowly blinked the sleepiness from her eyes. She could hear the sounds of Louise moving about up stairs, the gurgling of the kettle and the popping of the toaster as she made breakfast. Unwillingly Sarah forced herself to get out of bed and made her way upstairs to greet her house mate.

"Hey Sarah, you want some toast?" Louise asked as she pulled two slices from the toaster.

"Yes please" She yawned. Making her way over to the sink she found two clean mugs and began making the coffee, pouring milk into Louise's but leaving hers black. They took there breakfast things into living room, curling in the big arm chairs as they had every morning since she had moved back from Spain. It was there routine to eat breakfast together, Louise was a waitress at the moment and didn't have to start work till midday.

"You up to much today?" Louise inquired as she sipped her drink.

"Meeting up with some old friends from back home, they're in town for a few days I think" She hadn't told Louise that she new the MCR boys yet, it wasn't that big a deal to her but people always seemed to want to make it into one.

"That's cool, I love it when friends come to visit. You should have fun showing them around the city."

"Yea" She replied, atouch of uncertainty in her voice that she new Louise would pick up on.

"Aren't you looking forward to it?"

"No, I am. It's just... one of the guys I haven't seen for a really long time, and things were a bit weird the last time I did."

Louise frowned, "Weird in what way?"

"Um... well, every one was back at my house after graduation, and he seemed kindaupset about something." That was an understatement,she had never seen Gerard look that sad before in her life, he'd seemed close to tears. "I found him outside and I think he was gonnatell me what was wrong but I got called away before he could, when I went back to find him he had gone and I haven't seen him since."

"Oh... so you're worried it's going to be really awkward between you today?" Louise guessed.

"Yea,and I don't want that to make it awkward with the rest of them."

"I'm sure it will be fine hun, as you said, it was a long time ago so it's not gonna bother him now is it, he probably doesn't even remember it" Louise said as she gathered up the plates and mugs. Sarah wasn't sure if she agreed with her but she smiled anyway.

"Ok, I'm gonna go get ready, are you all right with this lot?" She gestured at the dirty crockery.

"Yea its fine, you cleared dinner so it's my turn anyway. Hope you have fun if I don't see you before you go" Louise smiled as she left the room.

The next half an hour seemed to fly by as she took a quick shower and concentrated on getting herself ready to go out. After her hair and makeup were done she picking up her bag and slung it over her neck before stopping in front of the mirror for a last minute inspection. Her short brown hair was long enough to straighten at the front so she let it frame either side of face, her fringe sweeping across her forehead from left to right. The back of her hair was much shorter and she wore it spiked up, the ends dyed a dark purple and black.

Her eyes were rimed with black eyeliner and her teeth fiddled with the rainbow coloured bar in her tongue as she tried to decide whether to bother with eye shadow. She had gone to get her tongue pierced with Frank years ago when he had his lip done and it was second nature for her to play with it when she was thinking. Deciding that eye liner was enough she left the mirror and ran upstairs, stopping to put her shoes on before heading out the door.


Gerard's POV

They had reached the hotel not long after he had finished showering and Frank had been getting steadily more excited since the moment they had arrived.

"Gee..." Came Franks sing song voice.


"Will you come down to the lobby with me? I said I'd meet her there but I don't want to wait on my own and Jamie is busy talking with Alicia."

Opening his eyes he pushed him self up from where he had been lying on the sofa and turned to look at Frank.

"Her? This mystery guest of yours is a girl then."

"Yea, yea it is. So will you come with me? Please?" Frank asked, giving him the puppy dog eyes.

"Yea I guess so" He said, sitting up properly, passing one hand slowly across his face. He felt drained again, hence the lying down on the sofa, and he swore it had to have been more than just a few short hours since he first woke up.

Frank was already at the door so he slipped his shoes back on and followed the small hyper man out into the lift.

"Have I met this girl before then Frank?" He enquired.

"Yea you have"

"But you're not going to tell me who it is?"

"Nope.Don't want to ruin the surprise" Frank grinned.

"I hate surprises..." he mumbled under his breath.

When they got to the lobby Frank pulled him over to one side where they would see who came in the huge glass doors. Frank was bouncing on the souls of his feet but Gerard simply lent back against the wall and began watching the other people in the lobby.

"There she is!" Frank exclaimed from beside him.

At that he stopped watching the people at the front desk and turned his head to inspect the girl Frank was pointing at. She was slim with short hair and looked just a little bit taller than Frank. She was dressed in skinny black jeans and a hoody but he couldn't make out her face at this distance. Frank ran out to meet her as she got closer, greeting her with a hug, temporarily blocking his view of her.

He pushed himself off the wall as Frank ran back to him dragging the girl behind him.

"Gerard, you remember Sarah right?" Frank said as he stepped aside to reveal the person behind him.

"Yea... Yea I remember."He replied weakly, his eyes feeling like they were going to bulge out of his head.

There, standing before him, was Sarah Edwards. The very same Sarah Edwards he had been trying not to think about for so many years...


Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed it. As always let me know what you think, how to improve and such, your reviews are greatly appreciated J. Next chapter will be up some time next week hopefully.

Lisa xo

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