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Chapter 2

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Learn a little bit more about Gerard and the way he thinks.

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Hey guys, I'm really sorry it has taken me so long to post this, my computer is broken and won't let me do much. It is behaving its self at the moment so I thought I would take advantage of that to give you some more fic. A big thank you to those who reviewed the first chapter, you have no idea how much you made me smile.

Gerard's POV

"Gerard!!Get your lazy butt out here!"

His eyelids fluttered slowly as he began to recognise the voice that was calling him.

"Don't make me come in there." The voice growled in warning.

Yes, he defiantly recognised that voice. Only Bob could make such asimple threat sound so menacing. The dream world he had been enjoying began to slip away from him, moving faster the more he tried to keep hold of it.

A small sigh escaped his lips as his eyes opened to reveal the inside of his bunk, what had become afamiliar ache settling its self heavily on his chest. It was like this every morning, the strange feelings of lose for the things that had been his during the night. His dreams always seemed so real, that was the problem, they would convince him that certain things he wished he could forget had never happened in the first place. He would honestly believe that things had turned out exactly as he wished and he was blissfully happy for those few hours he was asleep. Unfortunately that meant that when ever he woke up it was a shock to discover that things weren't that way at all, it hurt to remember everything that was going on, things that hadn't turned out how he wanted them to at all.

Pushing away all thoughts of such things Gerard swung his legs out of the bed being careful not to hit his head on the low ceiling of the bunk as he sat up. He grabbed an old Iron Maiden t-shirt and gently pulled it on, wincing as he stretched his aching stomach muscles. Not bothering with trousers he made his way into the main room where it appeared everyone had already gathered. Frank was taking up one of the sofas, his arms curled around Jamia as she lounging in his lap, Ray and Bob were opposite them on the other sofa and Mikey had the big arm chair with Alicia.

"Look who finally made it." Bob drawled. "We thought we were gonna have to drag you out of bed." It was hard to tell whether he was joking or not.

"Sorry guys" Gerard mumbled, his head still to full of sleep to say much else. He lent back against the wall, waiting for what he assumed would be a discussion about the plan for the day, it was the only reason the guys would have wanted him there this early.

"Ok so now we're all here, what's the plan?" Mikey asked.

"Well my friend is meeting us at the hotel at about 11.30, so you all have to stay around till then" Frank grinned.

"Ok... well shall we make plans for afterwards once Frank has revealed his mystery guest? The driver said that we would be there in about an hour." Said Mikey. There was a murmur of agreement after which the group dissolved back into there individual chattering.

"That's it? I can't believe they made me get up for that. It was barely three lines of conversation..." Gerard thought in mild disgust. He knew from experience that once he was awake there would be no going back to sleep so he pushed him self up off the wall and made his way to the tiny bathroom, grabbing some clean clothes on the way.

It wasn't till he was undressed and standing under the hot water of the shower that he let himself think back over last nights dream. It had been similar to his usual dreams apart from one key difference. Sarah Edwards had been in it. He'd been twenty years old again in the dream, home from Art Schoolfor the weekend, and all the old gang had been round including Sarah. After they had left she had decided to stay and hang out with him for a bit longer on her own, and it had been then that he had realised that in the dream they were a couple, some thing that had never happened in real life. They had been kissing and cuddling on his bed, nothing serious, when she had told him she loved him and he had been happier than he ever remembered being. Of course that was when Bob had woken him up so he didn't know what would have happened next, although he was pretty sure he could guess.

After he'd finished washing he stood awhile longer in the shower, letting the warm water flow over his body as it eased some of the tension in his muscles. It was such a stupid dream to be having, he knew that, but it still left him aching inside. He hadn't thought about Sarah in that way for a very long time and he wondered why it had suddenly come up now. Maybe it was simply because he had heard Frank mumbling something about a Sarah to Jamie last night.

With a slight frown on his face he got out of the shower and began to towel himself dry. He didn't want to be thinking about Sarah. It always brought up to many painful memories when he did, memories made all the more painful because he couldn't share them with any one. In fact, the only person he had ever come close to telling them to had actually been Sarah, way back when the memories had first been formed, and although he hadn't actually told her any thing she was irreversibly linked to them.

He let out a small groan of frustration at the thoughts in his head as he finished getting dressed and made his way to the bunk area. He dumped his stuff before moving further on up the bus to find the others, hoping that maybe being around them would distract him from the thoughts he did not want to have in his head.


Ok well thanks for reading guys, I'm sorry that was such a short chapter but it seems that is all my pc is gonna let me post. I should be getting my new pc at the weekend so hopefully I will be able to post the rest soon, and get back to writing normal length chapters.

As I said before, let me know what you think, how to improve for the next chapters ect.

Lisa xo

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