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chapter 4

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bob had never really been portrayed as very close to Gerard. he saw all the others, crying their eyes out. he didnt shed a tear.
yet inside he was dying. pain, regret, fear, hope, all twisted up in his brain. he wouldnt cry. he couldnt cry. the sheer shock of it all had silenced him.
perhaps forever, he didnt know. he had been silent for three days now. he had been the only one to notice what Gerard had carved on his arm. the only one to notice the letter Gerard had dropped in his fall.

and it killed him.

he hadnt eaten for the entire time they had been at the hospital, and hardly ever left Gerards side. Bob was starving and thirsty.

please. please God let Gerard be okay

when Gerard saw Gerard on the floor, he froze.
he couldnt do anything at all. he just stopped working.
he sat down calmly and took Gerards hand and picked up the note underneath hid arm.
he turned gerards arm around so nobody would see. he couldnt let the others know.
it would break their hearts.
Bob didnt want to read the note, but his eyes seemed to be magnetised to the words written.

Dear Gerard,
as much as it pains me...

Bob couldnt bring himself to read anymore. he felt sick. he read the signature.
i love you.


Bob felt into his pocket. the bloody note was still in there, and it hurt his heart so bad.
he really wanted to find out. why? how? but no.
he had already invaded on enough of his friends privacy.
he crumpled up the letter and scrunched it into Gerards hand. "lets hope that wakes you up"
Bob finally broke his silence and opened his eyes to find the other guys gone. probably for coffee he thought. his hand remained on gerards.

please. please God if you only knew

Bob folded the letter. he put it in his pocket. "Gerard." that was to be his last word for three days. Bob moved closer to hold Gerards hand.

he remained in that position, rocking slowly to and fro until the ambulance came. he didnt let go until they moved Gerards limp body into the ambulance and closed the doors behind them.

"faggots" the paramedic muttered under his breath. the band would have to make their own way to the hospital

Bob felt a twitch beneath his hands.

Thank you God. thank you.
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