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chapter 5

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Gerards hands closed around the paper. he began to shake. the heart monitor was going crazy. beeeep. the single beep. Bob stepped back, his head in his hands. "oh help." he whispered. he hardly moved an inch when the crew ran in. "CLEAR" Bob saw Gerard violently shake from the volt.

"guys he hasnt made it. come on". Bobs jaw dropped as he heard those 7 words spoken. "no. NO! GERARD WAKE UP! FUCK YOU IF YOU THINK IM GOING TO LET YOU DIE! FUCK YOU GERARD! FUCK YOU!" Bob was going mad. he couldnt let this happen. he just couldnt. he felt it was all his fault.

Our Father,
who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name.
thy kingdom come...

Bob prayed over and over. "why now God? why him and not me?" Bob felt he had been standing for hours. praying. praying. in fact he had only been there for mere minutes. "Gerard. please. please. i cant lose you now. youve always been there for me. please."

Bob became concious of the blood covering his face hands and body. his thighs began to heat up and itch. and his palms began to sweat and itch.

he felt so dirty.

so dirty.

so dirty.

Bob fell to the floor in despair. why werent the others back? what would they say when they saw what had happened? Bob sunk into a heap. "Lord. dont fail me now" he whispered, and curled into a ball.
he sang to himself softly. "Gerard you make my heart burn." it didnt make him feel any better. he went to hold Gerards hand. was that a pulse he felt? probably his imagination. he had to get out of this place. away from everywhere and everything.

he wanted out of life.

he wanted out of everything.

he was surrounded by corpses. they were circling him, calling his name. no. he couldnt be hallucinating. no. it was a pulse.
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