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Ready Or Not...

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You asked. I answered.

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Gerard took another sip of the recently poured coffee and then set the mug down on the countertop. It clinked against the surface several times before he let it go; his hands were shaking. If Egan was trying to do what he thought she was trying to do, it would be the most he’d gotten out of her. Ever. Possibly the most he’d get out of her ever, if she let it go that far. He was getting worked up at the thought of getting anywhere near that kind of shit.

It had been a fucking long time since he’d gotten anywhere near that shit.

Glancing down, he groaned. This was…embarrassing, to say the least. He was no longer twelve. He thought he had it under control.

“Down. Down, boy,” he tried, feeling like a complete idiot the whole time but half hoping the embarrassment would send relief where it was needed most.

It’s just, he didn’t want to walk up to see her at half mast. She’d probably laugh her ass off, because that’s who she was, and that would definitely kill any kind of mood they might have had going. And he’d go to bed disappointed and angry and hard. Most likely, he’d be forced to take care of it himself in lieu of just willing it away (And he just didn’t have that kind of will power now, not after however fucking long it had been). He really didn’t want another late night with his hand. He could always ask Egan if she’d take care of it. After all, if she had laughed at him, she might owe him one…But it was Egan. Odds were, she’d laugh at him again and then tease him about it for the rest of their time together. Or, maybe, bite it off. Or pull it off.

“Yeah, sounds like her,” he muttered to himself. He eyed the door leading from the kitchen to the stairs speculatively. Things down under were starting to ease up a bit, maybe he should just go now while things were under control…

And that’s when the “circle of life” began all over again.

“Shit,” he growled, and tried to focus on unsexy things, like his nonna.

Around ten minutes later, the phone rang and he picked it up quickly, hoping the person on the other end would effectively kill the hard on thoughts of his nonna had not seen to.


“Hey, it’s Frank.”

“Thank God.” Frank would definitely do the trick.

“Uh, excuse me?”

“What? Hm, nothing. Just…nothing. Um, hey man, what’s up?” He winced as he shifted and the material of his pants caused some very good (And equally bad) friction.

“Calling to ask you about the movies. Now that we're friends with a girl, we have to be polite and shit."

"Yeah. You'll have to keep your shoes on you know."

"And no throwing popcorn..."



"Only once..."

"Still got us kicked out..."

"Should have told them who we were."

"We weren't famous, wouldn't have made a difference."

"Gerard, shut up. You're distracting me. Anyway, Bob wants to see horror, Mikey wants to see horror, me too, Ray can’t make it, and I know what you’ll want to see. But what kind of movies does Egan like?”

“Have you seen her? Horror.”


“Oh yeah. All the way.” Egan. ‘All the way’. He winced again and grunted.

“Well sweet. Horror it is then. Hey, are you okay? You sound like you’re hurtin’.”

“Oh, uh, hmmm. I’m not hurt. A, ah, stomach ache is all.”

“Sure it’s not because you were whipped tonight at the food fight?” Gerard could hear Frank’s grin in his voice.

“Yeah. I’m sure man. Besides, if I remember correctly, it wasn’t me who got whipped.”

“Oh, ‘s that how you remember it?”

“Hey, all I remember is my mom nailing you in the face with lasagna.”

“That was Ray.”

“No, I’m pretty sure it was you too.”

“Yeah whatever, I got in some shots too.”

“And some misses.”

“You know what asshole, I gotta go. I got better things to do.”

“Like what, your hand? Your blow up doll? That Playboy I know you kept after you got it from Mikey’s room?”

“Fuck you.” And the line went dead. Gerard chuckled to himself as he hung up the phone. His problem had eased up quite a bit talking to Frank. He could probably make it up the stairs decently now.


Egan sprawled out on the bed and stretched luxuriously, a small sigh f lowing through her lips as the impact hit her tense muscles. Trailing fingers over a smooth black coverlet, she remembered the last time she was in here. When Gerard had made her wait. When Gerard had made her come find him. When Gerard had finally gotten her to talk. Gerard.


She sat up and looked around the dark room, almost startled at what she saw. She was actually there, in the bedroom of this man. Intending to go the whole way. Like, the whole damn way. Something she said she’d never do again.

The reality of her intentions struck her overpoweringly and she let her forehead fall into her splayed palms with a soft thud. Small tangles of hair cloaked her shoulders and she blinked slowly. This was it. Could she do it?

Was she ready?


Gerard placed his foot gently on the first step of the stairs. He was about to go up to his room where, supposedly, Egan waited for him. To, supposedly, do something. With him. Something that would be good. Could he do it?

A year after things fell apart. A few months after he fell back together. One month after Egan fell apart. Seven hours after his family fell back together.

And it could all shatter with one move. Could he do it?

Was he ready?


She loved him. Or liked him a lot at the very least. He was worth it, right?

He was sweet to her. He thought he loved her. It was the right choice. Yeah.


Deep breath. She…was ready…


Hand on the doorknob and staring at the distorted reflection in the knob. A push was all it would take. He was…he was ready.


The door swung open slowly and smoothly.

“Hey,” she half smiled at him.

“Hey. So, what…?” He lifted an eyebrow at her, the question unstated and painfully obvious.


“We are?”

“Yeah.” Her smile quirked up another notch. “You ready?”

Author's Note: In reference to the summary, y'all asked for sex, and I answered. With "NOT YET". Keep in mind, that's not a no, that's a "I wanted to post something and sex would have taken a bit longer to write". Read and review and give me rating points! I'll work on the smut.
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