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Chapter 22

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-Holly’s POV-

Bill and I read that entire diary, front to back within an hour. The emotions were so raw, even he cried at some of the entries. We went to his house afterwards, just to mull everything that we had just read over. We were sitting on the couch, the TV on, but us not paying attention.

“She’s something, isn’t she?” Bill asked. I nodded.

“All those years on the streets, and she thought she couldn’t trust us with it?” I asked. “I mean, the past is the past, and well, I now know what she went through, but just because she was homeless wouldn’t make me love her any less. How could she think that?”

“I don’t know.” Bill said. “Maybe it’s just how she thought. I mean, you thought I’d hate you when you were pregnant.”

“Yeah, well, that was slightly different. I thought I was pregnant by another guy at the time I told you.”

“True.” That made us sad again, and I found myself letting my hand gently rub my flat stomach. I shook my head.

“I’m exhausted.” I whispered, getting up. “I’m going to bed, you?”

“Yeah.” He stood up and took my hand, shutting the light off in the living room as we went down the hall to his. He shut the door gently and we changed and crawled in bed, him wrapping me up tightly to him. “Can you believe that this time next year, we’ll be doing this, only married?”

“Barely.” I said. “It’s really surreal. I’m mean; I’m only going to be nineteen. Sheesh.”

“We can always wait.” Bill suggested. “We don’t have to get married a year from now, maybe two, three.” He shrugged. “Whatever you want.”

“I think maybe, we should wait a bit, not breaking the engagement, but making it a long one.”

“Alright.” He smiled, kissing my forehead. “Do you think Evie’s going to be all right?”

“I hope so.” I whispered, snuggling deeper into his chest. “I don’t know what I’d do without her; she’s the female version of Patrick.” Bill laughed, brushing my bangs out of my face.

“I know. Let’s get some sleep, kay?” He kissed me one more time before settling back into the pillows and falling asleep.


“Wake up.” I heard a voice say to me. I rolled over and groaned. “Yes, yes. You have to wake up, it’s morning.”

“Is not.” I muttered from my pillow fort around my head. I felt the weight shift on the bed, and my pillow fort losing its walls. “No! No light!” I protested, aimlessly grabbing out for Bill’s arms to stop him. Instead, he caught mine, and pulled me from my safe haven.

“I win.” He smiled down at me. I rolled my eyes at him and tried to sit up, but he pushed me back down.

“No way. You wanted me up, now I’m up.” I said, gently pushing him off of me. “No dilly-dallying!”

“I just wanted a good morning kiss…” Bill pouted, giving me sad eyes. I sat up put his head in my hands, and pulled his lips to mine, kissing him fiercely. I broke away a minute later, smirking at his breathless expression.

“How was that?” I asked.

“You just made it a great morning.” He smiled and got up, pulling me up out of bed. I stretched and started towards the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth, humming.

“I’m a mechanical shark.” I sang, while continuing to him. “I don’t get along with the real sharks.”

“They won’t share their scones?” Bill asked, knowing the viral video where I had gotten the song.

“No. They think I’m too shiny.” He laughed at me as I shut the bathroom door. After I took my shower, I dried off and got dressed for the day. I pulled on a pair of black jeans and pulled on a bright green tank top. I dried my hair and straightened it. I then did my makeup, because when I’m staying at Bill’s house, there are many chances that someone will be crashing on the couch in the morning. Not that I’m vain like that, but boys aren’t so wise in the morning. I left the bathroom and bedroom and went to the kitchen where Bill was cooking breakfast.

“You know, I love it when you’re over. I don’t feel so weird cooking.” He laughed, turning around quickly to kiss me. “Cooking is a lonely thing.”

“Ahh, well hurry up and French that toast mister!” I giggled. “I’m hungry!” I rubbed my growling tummy and he laughed while flipping the toast and adding more cinnamon. He made two pieces and put them on a plate, sprinkled them with powdered sugar, and slid it over to me. I smiled. “You’re such a good boyfriend.”

“The best.” He finished, making his own toast and passing me a fork while I drowned my breakfast in syrup. “Want some toast with that syrup?”

“Nope!” I said, setting the bottle down. I cut a piece of toast with my fork and put it in my mouth. “Yummy!!” I said. Bill came around the counter and sat next to me, smiling.

“You’ve got some syrup right…oh never mind, I’ll get it.” He said, leaning down and kissing me gently. I couldn’t help but laugh as he got the syrup off my lip. “There.”


“Always.” He sat back down on his bar stool and his buzzer went off. I jumped off my stool, shoving the last bit of French toast in my mouth as I went to the door.

“Hello?” I asked as I pressed the button. The usual crackling answered me before the voice.

“Hey, it’s Evie.” She sounded a bit nervous. “Can you buzz me in?”

“Sure thing sweet face.” I said. I pressed the button to unlock the doors and went back to put my plate in the dishwasher, where Bill was. I then went to get her journal from Bill’s room and set it on the coffee table. Evie came in the door just as Bill plopped down next me.

“Hey.” She said softly, as she shut the door behind her.

“Hey Evie.” Bill said. “Take a load off.”

“Thanks.” She set her bag down by the door and sat on the chair across from us.

“Here.” I said, shifting and taking her journal and handing it to her. “We read it all last night.”

“R-really?” She asked nervously.

“Yeah.” Bill answered. “Evie, those were, very emotional.”

“I know.” Evie looked down. “I just wanted you guys to know everything.”

“Evie, you’re so sweet.” I said, getting up and going over to her, perching myself on the armrest. “We’re here for you. Anything you need, we’re here.” I hugged her tight.

“I know.” She whispered.

“Would you like to join us on a trip?” Bill asked. I perked up along with Evie.

“Ooh! Where are we taking her?!” I asked.

“That’s a surprise!” Bill said. “Let’s go.” He grabbed his car keys, and I pulled Evie up and we went with him. We got into the car and Bill drove, all of us singing along to his We The Kings CD. Bill pulled a pet store, and I bounced in my seat.

“A pet store?!” I asked excitedly.

“Yeah, well, I was thinking of getting a dog, and maybe a cat, and I thought I’d surprise you, and bring Evie to help.” He smiled back at Evie. She smiled back and we got out of the car and went into the store. We were immediately met with dogs and cats woofing and meowing, birds chirping, and curious eyes of other animals.

“What first?” Bill asked. Evie and I looked at each other.

“Puppies!” We said together, and we went over to the dog area. There were tons and tons of cute puppies.

“Bill, they’re all so cute! How can we choose?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, we can only have one, depending on the size, at least, that’s what the super said.” Bill told me.

“If I sleep with you lots and lots can we get them all?” I said, giving sad eyes and pouting a bit.

“You can sleep with me lots and lots, but we can’t afford them all, sweetie.” He laughed, kissing my head.

“Ooh! I like this one!” Evie chirped, holding a black Labrador puppy. I sped over to her and cooed with her.

“Uhm, a Lab might grow a bit bigger than what we’re allowed.” He mentioned. I crouched down to inspect the puppies at the bottom when I came across some big brown eyes that startled me.

“Oh!” I said, reaching in and picking it up. It was definitely a boy, I noticed. It was a beagle, with big brown eyes and tiny little floppy ears. I cradled him in my arms and he barked happily, licking my cheek. “Bill, can we get this one?” I asked. Bill and Evie came over to see him.

“Oh, he’s so cute!” Evie said, reaching over to rub his tummy.

“His eyes are like yours Bill.” I said. “He can keep me company when you go on tour.”

“I like him.” Bill smiled, scratching him behind the ear. “Okay, I’ll go get the owner, you guys go pick out a little kitty.” He kissed my cheek and went to find the owner.

“This is so fun!” Evie cheered as we went to the cats.

“I know. I don’t know how William can afford a dog and a cat.” I shook my head. “But I’m glad he can!” We browsed the kittens, until we found an orange one. She was so bright and she was frisky. She immediately started batting at my hair that fell over my shoulders. Bill came with the owner a few seconds after Evie and I unanimously decided she was ours. Good thing he liked the kitten. While the owner was ringing us up, I turned to Bill.

“How are we affording all this?” I asked.

“Early pay cheque from the record labels. Since we’ve been recording, they decided to pay us for that. I think it was Patrick’s idea.” William shrugged.

“Okay.” I said. I held the puppy in my arms, as he wrestled to get to the kitten in Evie’s. “No, you can eat kitty. That’s bad manners, and kitty is not a nugget.” I kissed his head and he looked up at me. “Give me that face all you want, I invented it!” Bill laughed as he handed a check to the owner, who thanked us and we left.

“Pet supply store next?” He asked. We nodded and climbed in the car.

“We need names for these little tykes.” Evie said.

“I think this little fella should be called….Uhm…..Elliot!” I declared. I looked up at Bill.

“I like Elliot.” He smiled. Elliot barked in my arms and licked his arm. “What about kitty?”

“Evie, what do you think?” I asked, as the kitten played with a loose thread on her bag.

“Uhm….how about Juliet?” She asked as Check Yes Juliet started playing. I turned to look at her and the kitten.

“Juliet!” I called. She perked up and looked around. “I think she likes it.”

“Elliot and Juliet.” Bill said. “Kind of like the Blues Brothers, only different names.”

“Elwood and Joliet Jake.” I laughed. We went into the pet supply store, and went nuts, buying toys, food, dishes, beds, and other things. We got Elliot a collar and a tag, and were going to go get both pets registered at the vet tomorrow.

“Can you guys drop me off at the shop; I want to check up on some things.” Evie asked.

“Oh yeah, sure.” Bill said, turning onto the street. He dropped her off, waited until she was inside, and we left.

“Awe, Elliot and Juliet are asleep in my lap!” I whispered excitedly.

“That’s adorable.” Bill smiled. He took out his phone at a stoplight and took a picture. Once at home, I crashed on the couch and helped Bill set up all the fun little things. Later that night, we went to bed, Elliot and Juliet following us and sitting on the floor at the foot of our bed. We changed and I picked up Juliet and he got Elliot and we set them on our bed and watched them play for a bit, before they settled down into a slumber.

“They’re so cute.” I said, leaning on Bill’s shoulder. “Thank you.”

“Not as cute as you.” He said, kissing me. “And you’re welcome.” He pulled me to him and shut off the bedside lamp, and we settled down into our own slumber.
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