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Last Chapter :O And no sequel?!

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"P-pregnant?" Gerard repeated nervously.

Harper nodded through her tears and pulled herself up, wiping her eyes. Frank put his arm out to steady her as she regained her balance.

Gerard swallowed slowly, "Is it...mine?"

"Of course it's yours! What? You think I was cheating on you?"

He shook his head and put his arm out for her, she hugged him close and cried into his chest. He stood as best he could and stroked her hair as Frank stood behind them akwardly.

"Shhh, it's okay baby, I'll make sure Brian gives us time off and come with you" he kissed her on top of the head, "Your gunna book an appointment soon as right?"

"Gerard I'm only a couple of weeks, I wont need a scan until three months"

He looked taken back, "Were not talking about the same thing here are we?"

She stepped back to look at him and tilted her head slightly to the side, "What do you mean?"

"I meant I would come with you to, y'know the clinic"

Frank smacked his head into his hands, he knew exactly what Gerard meant and it wasn't what Harper was talking about. He bit his lip as he waited for the explosion.

"Your kidding me right?" Harper said, "Im not getting an abortion!"

"Well your not keeping it are you?"

"Are you saying you want me to get rid of it?!"

"Of course that's what I'm saying, I've already got one kid you think I need another one?"

Harper bit her lip to stop the tears from running down her face, she clenched her fists together and sighed angrily. She thought that Gerard would be happy, or at least nice about it. Thinking of killing the baby growing inside of her hadn't even crossed her mind until now, but she still wasn't going to do it.

She had zoned out for a moment and her thoughts were broken by Gerard's voice.

"Well? What are you gunna do?"

Harper glared at him, tempted to spit in his face.

"That" she said to Frank pointing at Gerard, "Is why I didn't want him here"

She turned to go back in the house, slamming the door behind her. Frank ran up the driveway after her and Gerard followed.

"I think you should stay out here" Frank shouted to Gerard.

He mumbled angrily and made his way back to the car.


"Fucking piece of shit" Harper said to herself as she stomped back down the stairs.

Frank was standing at the bottom, hands in pockets and looking up at her.

"What? He sent you in here to do the abortion yourself, knives are in the drawer, second from the right" she stated sarcastically.

He shook his head and rolled his eyes, following her into the living room. She sat down on the couch and he sat on the seat opposite, trying to make eye contact with her. She finally caught him staring at her.


"Harper I, well this may sound crazy but, I was thinking, I.."

"Jeez Frank spit it out already"

He sighed heavily, "I was thinking, I would help"


"Yeah" he nodded, "With the baby and stuff. I know it seems weird but I can't let you do it alone, I wont let you do it alone"

" want to help as in be the baby's dad?"

"Well we don't have to be a couple or anything, but I think it would be better than the kid having no dad at all am I right?"

Harper thought about it and she didn't see why they couldn't try. She nodded slowly, waiting for Frank to say he was kidding but he didn't, he just smiled.

"I already let one unborn baby down" he said crossing over to kneel in front of Harper, "I can't let another one down"

He placed his hand on her stomach and smiled. She didn't feel akward like she thought she would, she felt happy, happier than she had in a long while.

A/N- Muahahhahahahaha! No sequel cause I CBA!

Only kidding! I have a ton of ideas for a sequel, WELL it may not be a sequel, just some update chapters of a few years after. But there will be more I can guarantee. Thank you all the lovely reviewers, you guys are awesome!!!!!!

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