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Harper talks to Frank

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Time Lapse

Harper has been living with a friend for the past few weeks and ignored any calls or text she recieved from Gerard, she had spoken to Frank yesterday and they had agreed to meet up soon. Everyone is still confused as to why she left. Gerard has gone back to his old self and has convinced himself Harper left because he was a fuck up. Charli turned three and since the day at the hospital Donna has not tried to get in touch yet. Gerard is on the road to recovery and has mastered his crutches.


"Don't be an idiot Harper, get your ass back there"

"Lisa I can't face him. I don't know where the hell my head is at, I don't even really know why I left. Im so confused" she whined down the phone.

"You don't have to face him yet, but you need to sort yourself out first. Call one of the guys and get them to pick you up"

Harper slumped down onto the couch, "But what do I say to them? To him?"

"What you feel"

"Can I pass on that one?"

"No Harper, even if you don't get back with him you cannot leave him wondering like this. Imagine how he must feel, not even a proper goodbye. You can be such a stubborn bitch sometimes"

"Ahh, such lovely supportive advice Lisa as always"

"Stop changing the subject, do it and do it now"

The phone line went dead and Harper chuckled to herself, Lisa was one of her best friends on the road and was the type of person who tells it to you straight, even if it's not what you want to hear.

Harper strolled to the bathroom and opened the cabinet, pulling out a small white box. She removed the contents of the box and sat on the toilet.

"Third time lucky"


"Dude, just quit it, she obviously isn't ready to talk" Mikey said as Gerard tried to call Harper for the sixth time that day.

"Well she spoke to Frank" Gerard stated sourly, "If she can talk to him she can talk to me, I was her fucking boyfriend"

Frank was sitting on the opposite couch and just rolled his eyes, "I knew I shouldn't of told you, I will never hear the end of it now"

"Too right" Gerard mumbled back, throwing his phone onto the table.

He stayed quiet for a while, just staring at his hands and thinking. Frank's phone rang and he excused himself, returning a few moments later with his hand covering the phone speaker.

"Gerard, it's for you"

"Tell them I don't want to talk to whoever it is"

Frank shrugged, "Fine" he placed the phone to his ear, "Sorry Harper he isn't taking calls at the moment"

Gerard pulled himself up and then remembered he only had one working leg, lost his balance and fell to the couch again. Frank laughed at his enthusiasm and tossed him the phone, leaving him in the room by himself.

Gerard cautiosly put the phone to his ear and cleared his throat.



"So, what's up?"

"I don't know where to start"

"Maybe the reason you left"

"I honestly swear I had every intention of coming back when I left you in the operating room. When I got to the waiting area your mom was there, telling me it was all my fault this had happened to you."

"And you believed her?"

"Well, yeah. In a way it was my fault and I had been thinking it for a while, then when your mom told me it sort of confirmed what I had thought all along. So I deicded to leave before I caused anymore damage."

Gerard sighed loudly down the phone, half of it in annoyance towards his mom and the other half in relief, at least it wasn't because of anything he had done.

"So are you coming back?"

"After the trail of destruction I left behind? I don't know"

"We could try again"

"Hello? Harper?"

The phone had gone off, she had hung up. He groaned in annoyance and slammed the phone down beside him. He always screwed it up by saying the wrong thing.


Harper sat on the floor, back against the bathroom wall and cried. She held the phone in her hands and called back, this time making her number witheld.

After a few rings Frank answered it.


"It's me again. Don't tell Gerard I'm calling"

"Oh okay"

"I know he will be watching you, just listen and pretend it's not me"


"Well stop saying okay and listen"

"Yeah I'm having a great time as always"

"You will have to come and see me, I'm staying with a friend not far from where you are. Hold on while I get the adress"

"I love you too mom"

Harper laughed as she fumbled around for the adress she had written down. Once she had told Frank they agreed he would come straight over.

"See to you soon"

"Okay bye mom"

Frank hung up and pocketed his phone, keeping hold of the adress in his hand. He put his shoes on and grabbed his coat from the chair.

"Take me please" Gerard said, getting his crutches from the side of the sofa.

"I'm only going to the store, you want me to get you something?"

"Look Frank I may be a cripple but I'm not dumb I know it was Harper"

Frank rolled his eyes and rubbed them, "I can't take you, she doesn't want to see you at the moment"

"Please Frank, please"

"No Gerard, she is my friend and I don't want to break her trust"

"I'll just sit outside in the car then, please Frank take me"

Frank massaged the side of his head and closed his eyes, after thinking for a moment he stomped to the door, "Fine you can come!"

Gerard smiled and got his coat on, hobbling to the car.


Harper was pacing up and down the living room, wringing her hands together and occasionally stopping to look out the window. Once a car engine pulled up she rushed to the door and saw Frank driving towards the house. She stood at the door waiting for him to get out. As he got out of the door she saw another figure in the car, sitting in the passengers seat.

It was Gerard.

Harper stomped down the driveway, angry as hell.

"What the fuck Frank?!" she shouted, pointing towards Gerard, "Why'd you bring him here?!"

"I, well, he asked me"

"So if he asked you to jump off a bridge would you?"


"Exactly, so you can piss off both of you, go on, go away!" she said as she pushed Frank backwards down the path.

Gerard saw the commotion going on so he pulled himself out of the car and attempted to approach Frank and Harper.

"Oh great" Harper rolled her eyes, "Now your both here"

"Harper it wasn't Franks fault that I'm here" Gerard said quietly.

"So did he not realise you were sitting next to him in the car?" she replied, still shouting.

"Harper I don't see what the big deal is about him being here anyway" Frank added, "You were the one who left with no real explanation"

She frowned, she knew he was right but she did not want to discuss it at that moment, especially in front of Gerard.

"So, why don't you want me here?" Gerard asked.

Harper just stared at him blankly.

"C'mon Harper, at least give him a reason" Frank said.

"Because I just don't want him here okay?"

Frank didn't like the way Harper was treating Gerard and so the argument began.

"That isn't a real reason"

"Well it's my reason"



"Just tell him"


"Why don't you want hime here?!"

"Im pregnant!"

She fell to the floor, pulling her knees up into her chest tightly and sobbed, "Im pregnant" she repeated in a whisper.

A/N-Okay I lied, maybe another chapter after this, but it is ending. Sequel MAYBE. Reviewwwww


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