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Bet you didn't see this coming.

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Once Gerard's eyes were definetley closed and his chest rose and fell steadily, Harper climbed out of the bed and headed to the hospital shop. She was trying to block out what had just happened, it was all confusing her way too much. There was no way Gerard could even think he loved her, not in this short space of time. She actually refused to believe it and was slowly convincing herself it was just the drugs or pain relief making him delusional.

"Pack of 20 Marlboro please" she said to the lady behind the counter.

A voice from behind caught her off guard, "You don't smoke"

She took the cigarettes from the woman, handed her the money and turned to leave the shop. Frank followed her outside and only then did she speak.

"Well I do now"

She placed a cigarette in her mouth and lit it up, taking a long and slow drag. It wasn't the first time she had smoked but she just hadn't done it in a long time.

"So, what's up?" Frank asked, pulling out a cigarette of his own.

"Nothing" she lied.

Frank let out a small laugh, "Harper if you don't want to tell me that's fine, but at least come up with a better excuse"

She smiled, Frank was a good guy. He always knew what to say even if sometimes it was at the wrong moment, he was still a good person and she told him.

"I heard Gerard say he thinks he loves me"

She looked at Frank trying to read his expression but he didn't seem to show one.

He shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe he does"

"Frank don't joke, it hasn't even been two weeks. I have only been his girlfriend for 12 days"

"So? That's enough time isn't it?" he took another long drag before continuing, "I fell in love in less time than that"

"Yeah, with food or something"

Frank shook his head, dead serious look on his face.

"Her name was Alex"

Harper knew where this was going, it was the girl Gerard had told her about. The one that has Frank's baby and he was about to tell her it all over again, she wasn't sure she could hear the sad story again but she listened anyway.

"We went to school together and basically we started dating. About four days into the relationship we had sex and things just seemed to get better, the two of us were inseperable and I was falling for her hard and faster each day. Then a few weeks later she told me we needed to talk, I honestly thought she was going to break up with me. Instead she told me that she was pregnant, and I was going to be a dad. News like that when your so young doesn't go down well so I told her to get an...I told her to.."

Frank was tearing up although trying not to show it. He took another drag from his cigarette which was held in shaking hands. Harper moved closer to him and put her arm around his back, resting her head on his shoulder.

"It's okay Frank, we all make mistakes. Just tell me, I promise I wont judge you on it"

"..I told her to get an abortion. She was having none of it so I threatned to leave her but she didn't budge so I went, I just left her and she had to have that baby all alone. My son, without a father. Afterwards I regretted it so much I went back and told her I was sorry and that I wanted to help, be a part of his life but she wouldn't let me. She told me she had someone else to care for him now and that I better stay away, then she hung up. And that was the last I ever heard from her."

Harper felt as though she understood more when Frank told it because he included more details. She stubbed out her half smoked cigarette on the seat and sat up straight, still keeping her arm around Frank.

"So here I am 29 years old crying and telling a story of something that happened 16 fucking years ago. How much worse can it get?"

Harper did the math in her head and was quite shocked when she got her answer.

"Frank, that means you were only thirteen when you got a girl pregnant?"

He half laughed and half cringed, "Yeah I was a bit young I guess"

"I don't know what to say, I can't imagine how hard it is for you"

He shook his head while taking the last drag of his cigarette, "I have learned to live with it. Some things aren't meant to be I guess" he stood up, stubbing his cigarette out on the ground and walked towards the doors.

He turned back to see Harper still sitting on the seat, "You not coming?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming" she said, quickly catching up with him.

They walked into the hopsital together and back to Gerard's room. Bob was going to head back for Ray so Frank said he would join him, Mikey and Harper stayed with Gerard as he was moments away from going under the knife.

"Im scared Mikes" he whispered to his brother who was sitting by the bed.

"Don't be, you will be fine. I promise"

Harper was next to Mikey and was deep in thought. She was snapped out of her daydream by the nurse who walked in.

"Okay Mr.Way I'm afraid you can only have one person in with you before we take you to theatre" she said looking at Harper and Mikey.

"I'll go" Mikey said, standing up, "Good luck bro. I will see you in a couple of hours when you wake up"

He leaned down to hug his brother who seemed like he didn't want to let go.

"I love you Mikey"

"Love you too Gee"

Harper hugged Mikey before he left, "Thank you" she said in his ear.

He smiled, nodded and left the room.

"Right would you like me to explain the procedure to you Mr.Way?"

Gerard sighed, "Might as well"

The nurse held up an x-ray of his ankle which looked fine but she pointed out a small part of bone that was not in place properly. She explained that he had a greenstick fracture which was worse than a broken bone because it did not snap, it bent almost to snapping point but stayed in a painful arch position. The doctor, Mr.Mayfair, was going to cut an incision into Gerard's ankle and pin the bone back into place with a surgical screw. She then said there were some dangers of going under anesthetic like death or allergic reactions to the gas but they were highly unlikley.

"So how long until I can walk again after the operation"

"About 6-7 weeks but you will gradually learn how to use crutches"

Gerard let out a frustrated sigh. How could he peform to his best ability on one leg?

"I know what your thinking and it's not your fault" Harper said as she took his hand.

"What am I thinking then?"

"How you will perform like that, you don't want to dissapoint the fans, I can tell."

He rolled his eyes, how did women always know everything? The truth was he was really scared of having the operation incase he didn't wake up, after all he wasn't the healthiest man alive, he smoked about 100 cigarettes a day and drank bucket loads of caffine.

"Okay then, we will get you along to theatre and all set to go. Would you like to stay with him until he goes to sleep?" the nurse asked Harper.

She looked at Gerard who nodded, "Yeah I would"

The nurse smiled and they started to wheel Gerard down to theatre. He was wringing his hands together and tapping his healthy foot on the edge of the bed. Once they were into a small white room with double doors ahead of them they stopped and applied the brakes to the bed.

"Hello Mr.Way, I am Ben the anaesthetist" said a tall dark haired man who shook Gerard's hand.

"If you are all set to go we can put you to sleep. It may take a few minutes for you to be completley knocked out, but that is totally normal"

"I wont wake up in the middle of the operation will I?"

The man let out a small chuckle, "Nah I can give you my word"

"Ok then, I'm ready"

The nurse turned to Harper, "Miss I'm afraid you will have to leave now"

She nodded and looked at Gerard who was really nervous by this point. She hugged him and kissed his lips lightly.

"You'll be fine"

"Promise me you will be out there when I wake up"

She smiled and patted his hand, "I gotta go, like I said you will be fine"


Harper headed out of the small room and back towards the waiting area. She had no clue why but she didn't feel as though she was going to wait for Gerard, something inisde her was pushing her to leave and get out of this mess before she caused anymore pain and trouble. As she neared the reception she could hear a slight commotion.

"There she is, wait till I get my hands on her"

Donna was coming towards Harper angry as hell but Mikey held her back.

"Ma stop it please, it's nobodys fault"

"Yes it is, it's her fault! If she hadn't of gotten invloved with my boy this would never of happened to him"

Harper didn't feel sad, guilty or angry about anything said to her. She felt right, because she agreed. If she hadn't of gotten invloved with Gerard and Charli then they all would be fine, or at least better than they were now.

"Your right Donna and I'm sorry that you are but it can't be changed now"

She stopped struggling to get out of Mikey's grip, "What?"

"I said your right, it is my fault and I'm sorry. I should have left Gerard alone and not gotten involved with him but I did, and nothing you do or say can change that now. So go on, hit me or shout abuse at me if it makes you feel better. It can do just about anything but change what has already been done."

Mikey looked at her, proud that someone had stood up to his mom whereas Donna looked more and more angry but just stormed off.

"Charli is out there with Worm if you want to wait with them" Mikey told her.

She shook her head, walking over to the reception which was still empty and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote something on the paper which seemed to take a while and folded it, placing it in Mikey's hand.

"Can you give this to Gerard please, I will be back later okay?"

He nodded and watched her walk out of the hospital.


Ray, Bob and Frank were now in the car on the way back from the bus. They had gotten stuck in traffic and then taken a wrong turn but where almost there now.

"Gerard will just be coming out about now I think" Bob said looking at his watch.

"Man, I can't believe I didn't know any of this was going on" Ray said, chuckling to himself.

They finally arrived in the parking lot and headed inside where they found Mikey and Charli in the waiting room.

"Hey Mikey, were's Worm and Harper?" Bob asked sitting down.

"Well Worm went to get coffee and Harper left over two hours ago, she said she would be back later" he was fiddling with the note in his pocket, "Anyways Gerard is just coming around and we can go see him"

They all headed over to the PACU where Gerard was lying on a bed with an IV injection still in his hand. They sat around the bed and waited for him to speak first. His eyes opened very slowly and he blinked a few times before being able to focus properly. He could taste stale plastic in his mouth from the tubes and his throat felt sore. He cleared it just to make sure.

"Hey baby" he managed to choke out when he saw Charli.

She didn't say anything but kept on staring at him, not even sure who he was. Gerard reached out for her but she cowered backwards into Mikey's arms. Gerard sighed and pulled himself upwards.

"Where's Harper?"

Mikey pulled the note out and played with it in his hands.

"She said she would be back later but wanted you to have this"

He passed Gerard the little piece of paper.

Don't blame yourself because everything is my fault and I know that. I'm sorry this happened and I'm sorry I got involved in your life, it was a mistake that almost ruined you. Look at the people around you, they are all you will ever need. I am not leaving because of you, it's just nothing felt real the last few days. And when I heard you say you thought you loved me I knew this was going no where, because you didn't mean any of it and I'm okay with that. Charli needs you more than anyone. Look after yourself and maybe we will meet again someday.
P.S. Tell the guy's I said bye and give Charli and extra hug from me at night.

So she was gone. Gerard closed his eyes and let tears leak from them, he didn't know just why he was crying but all he knew was that this shouldn't be happening. After he read the note, he showed it to the rest of them who were all really shocked at her departure. After that things moved in a fast blur.

The next day Gerard was allowed out and they headed back, Charli cried for Harper the whole journey. When they got back her things were gone and it was as if she never exsisted. She didn't even quit her job, she just didn't show up. Everyone was slowly getting back to normal but they all still wondered the same thing.


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