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They set off for the hospital and Gerard talks to Harper

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Harper was tapping her foot and biting her nails as they sped along the road to the hospital Gerard was being taken to.

"Stop worrying, he will be fine" Frank said from the drivers seat.

She just nodded and crossed her legs, looking out of the window to try and take her mind off it but it wasn't working, all she could think about was apologising to him. Gerard was the best thing to happen to her in a long time and she wasn't going to let him go for one of her stupid mistakes. Tears creeped into her eyes and slowly down her cheeks as they neared the hospital and searched around for a parking lot.

"Stop!" she cried and Frank slammed onto the breaks.

"What is it? What's wrong?" he asked but Harper was already un doing her seatbelt and getting out of the car door.

She didn't even bother shutting it as she headed for the hospital doors.

"Women" Frank tutted as he shook his head.

Mikey reached over and closed the door as they parked up and tried to catch Harper.


Inside the reception desk was empty and Harper was getting impatient waiting for someone to come and help her. A doctor walked by and she tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

"Excuse me I'm looking for Gerard Way"

"Sorry you will have to wait for a receptionist"

"But there is no sign of one and I need to see him"

"I'm afraid you will have to wait like everyone else"

She got a hold of his arm and pulled it, bringing him towards her, "Just tell me where he is, please"

"Miss if you don't let go I will have to call security" he said, looking down at his arm.

"Well then call fucking security, they can't be any worse help than you!" she shouted, gaining some strange looks from people.

Just then Mikey, Frank and Bob came rushing in and spotted her.

"Harper what the hell are you doing?" Frank asked, going towards her and removing the doctor from her grasp.

"Thank you" he said rubbing his arm, "She is very distressed I suggest you calm her down"

Frank nodded, "We will, sorry"

He walked away, and Harper flipped him off before stomping down the corridor, looking in all the rooms to see if she could spot Gerard.

Frank went to go after her but Mikey stopped him, "Best just leave her to find him, they will need to talk"

The guys sat down and waited for some news or for Harper to be thrown out by security, whichever came first.


"Stupid useless fucking hospital" she mumbled under her breath as she went down the corridor looking for Gerard's room.

"Yes Mr.Way we have let them know the situation"

Harper could hear a nurse's voice in the next room and she went to the doorway where Gerard was lying on a bed, hooked up to a drip. She let the tears fall again as she rushed towards him.

"I'm sorry Gerard, I'm sorry. I shouldn't of got myself involved and I regret it, I'm stupid and dumb and...and just sorry."

The nurse announced she would be back later, aware that she was in the way. Gerard nodded and thanked her then turned back to Harper who was standing at his bedside.

"No Harper" he croaked as he tried to sit up, "It's me who should be sorry"

She looked puzzled and took his hand in hers which was shaking so much.

"Whatever you did, no matter how bad, I should never of reacted the way I did"

Harper shook her head, "I deserved it. Nothing I did was right and it wasn't my business"

"My business is your business, your my girlfriend and I know you were only trying to help, shame I realised that a bit too late"

"But what about Charli?"

"Don't worry, the hospital called Worm and he is going to pick her up as we speak. Just forget about it let's start again."

She smiled, "I would like that"

He leaned over to her and stroked his hand over her cheek which was still marked. She flinched slightly but closed her eyes as he kissed it, then moved onto her lips. When he pulled away she was smiling and had stopped crying.

There was a soft knock at the door behind them and Mikey appeared.

"Is it okay if I come in?"

They both nodded and welcomed him, Frank and Bob to enter.

"So what's the verdict then?" Frank asked.

"Well they are pretty sure I ave a greenstick fracture in my ankle. There going to have to operate"

"Shit, that will eat up some tour time" Mikey said, resulting in Frank's fist nudging him in the arm.

"Mikey your brother is lying in hospital, broken ankle about to be operated on and all you can think about is the tour?" he said shaking his head, "You worry me sometimes"

They all laughed, secretly thankful Mikey was always there to lighten the mood. Frank, Bob and Mikey left to get coffee and call Ray who still didn't know what was going on. This left Harper and Gerard alone again.

"So when are they operating on you?"

"Hopefully in about an hour"

"Woah, that's really quick"

"Cause I'm a sexy rockstar that's why"

Harper laughed, "They just want to get rid of you quick that's all"

"Sit with me" Gerard said.

"I am sitting with you Gerard"

"Up here" he said, patting the bed beside him.

She climbed up to the left side of him, away from his ankle and snuggled into the crook of his arm as he hugged her close. She drew small circles on his chest with her fingers and he hummed to her, stroking her hair softly. Harper was drifting into her own little world as Gerard's voice lulled her to sleep. She yawned and moved closer to him, finally closing her eyes. Gerard looked down and saw she had her eyes closed. He leaned his head back and sighed deeply, kissed her on the head and closed his eyes too.

"I think I love you" he whispered, thinking she was alseep.

Her heartbeat increased as she wondered if she had heard him right. That thought was pushed aside by a more important one.

Did she feel the same way?

A/N- I didn't want him to definitley tell her he loved her especially when she was awake because I think that may be moving them along too fast. Do you think I would be? I really don't

wanna loose readers cause it is too cliche or stupid or fast y'know?

Hope you are enjoying.

More soon =)

dondon xo.
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