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chapter 9

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Chapter 9

It had been a week since Harry had gotten back from school. His uncle had put a lock on Hedwig's cage so that he couldn't send letters to all his freaky little friends. Harry waited until his family went on one of their outings that they never included him in, and then he made a call to Hermione. She asked him why he hadn't replied to her letter, and he explained that he hadn't gotten it. They talked for a while, but Harry had to go incase his family got back.

At the end of the month, Harry still had not gotten any letters. He knew Hermione had sent at least one. It was his birthday, and he was saddened to not get nothing.

That night, his uncle was having a client over to discuss a deal. Harry was to stay in his room, making no noise, and pretending not to exist. 'I always stay in my room and make no noise. What do they think I will do?' However, when he got up to his room, there was a creature sitting on his bed. It took a little while to connect the creature with the description of a house elf that he had read.

"Can I help you?" That was the wrong thing to say. The elf started bawling and exclaiming how kind and wonderful Harry Potter was. Harry was doing everything he could to get the little thing to shut up.

"Listen, you have to be quiet. My aunt and uncle will be very upset if they hear anything from up here. Now what are you here for?"

"Dobby comes to warn you sir. Yous must not go back to Hogwarts."

"What? Why?"

"Terrible things are planned for Hogwarts. Harry Potter would be in great danger if he went back." Harry smirked.

"I am okay with danger, Dobby. I had a good deal of it last semester."
"Dobby heard, sir. Dobby hears tell that Harry Potter faced the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named a second time, sir, and escaped again!"

"No, he escaped. I was winning."

"But sir cannot face this danger! It is more powerful by far than Harry Potter." Harry realized that the creature could sense his power level. Harry took off the arm band he was wearing. As soon as it was off, an aura of grey, silver, black, and white filled the room, before settling. Dobby's eyes were as big as saucers. "Oh, sir! Dobby is sorry! Dobby did not realize that sir was hiding his true power! But still, Dobby must warn! Danger comes to Hogwarts that has not been seen for fifty years. Harry Potter must be cautious!" He snapped his fingers, and disappeared.

Harry put his arm band back on, and looked up.

In the door way, was Dudley.

Two nights later, Harry was laying on his bed reading and recalling what happened. His uncle had been furious that Harry had invited one of his freaky creatures to his nice normal house. He had yelled and screamed and locked Harry in his room. Harry was now fed though a cat-flap, and only let to leave to use the bathroom. Harry didn't mind, he didn't really need much to eat, now that he was living off of magic. 'I suppose that I'm not tired because of the Philosopher's stone. Plenty of energy now.' The only thing that he didn't like about the new situation what that Hedwig couldn't get through the bars on the window to get outside. Harry had picked the lock on her cage, but the bars were still to narrow for her. He decided to use magic. 'Surely they would not expel me for my first offense. I'll even try to do it wandlessly so that I can say it was an accident.'

Harry put his full concentration into vanishing the bars, and put enough magic into it that he was sure it should work. It did. Ten minutes later, he received a warning from the ministry to not do any more magic.

He went back to his reading. He had just finished third year charms, and was about to start third year transfiguration. He hadn't gotten four pages in before it mentioned animagi. 'Now that is something I will have to learn. But I will have to wait until I get to school. It is sure to be in the restricted section of the library.'
Just as he decided this, a bright light filled his room from the window. Shielding his eyes, Harry realized that it came from headlights. From a car. Parked right outside his window. His second story window. "What the hell?" Then Ron stuck his head in the window.

"Hey, mate. Why didn't you answer any of my letters?"

"I didn't get any mail at all this summer." At this, there was a loud crack and Dobby reappeared.

"Dobby is very sorry, master Harry Potter, sir! Dobby forgot to mention before that he had stopped all Harry Potter's mail so that he would not think he had friends at Hogwarts and would not want to return! Dobby is a bad elf! Please forgive poor Dobby!" He said all this so fast that Harry was still trying to work out what he said when he dropped a pile of letters and disappeared, apparently to avoid being punished.

The three Weasleys (Ron, Fred, and George) were, needless to say, curious. Harry just loaded up his stuff in the boot, and explained it on the way to the Burrow, as the Weasley home was called.

When they got there, they found an angry Mrs. Weasley standing in the doorway. She yelled for about five minutes before she pulled a complete one-eighty and started coddling Harry. She fussed several times that he was far thin, and that he seemed to be growing like a weed from how short his pants were for him. That confused him. He knew he was at least two inches shorter last month. 'I guess maybe I'm growing to have room for the power the stone gave me.' Without thinking, he reached out and made his clothes grow with wandless magic. 'Oh, crap. I'm going to be expelled. They won't let me go just after they gave me a warning.'

"Harry, dear? Did you just make your pants legs grow?"

"I think I did. Man, now they are going to expel me."

"No, they won't dear. The ministry has no idea that it was you, and not me that did that transfiguration. But you shouldn't use magic outside of school. It's against the law, and you have not got the proper training to bare a responsibility like that.

"Yes, ma'am." 'YES! I can practice here, and they can't do a damn thing about it!'

A while later, they were eating breakfast (Harry was just putting it in his mouth and vanishing it) when Ron's little sister showed up. She took one look at Harry and ran back to her room. Harry asked the twins if there was something on his face, and they acted like there was, of course. Ron decided to ignore the attempts at humor coming from Harry, Fred, and George and just explain that his sister had a crush on the Boy-Who-Lived. 'Well, that makes sense, I guess. You're not really famous unless you have a couple of excitable fan-girls.

Right then, Weasley Senior showed up. After he greeted Harry in the usual way (Harry Potter? Are you really? Wow, nice to meet you!), he started badgering Harry to explain everything about the muggle world. He was interrupted, thankfully, by the arrival of the Hogwarts letters.

Later, after a surprisingly fun game of Who Can Throw the Gnome the Farthest, they were on their way to Diagon Alley. After a visit to Gringots, where they met with Hermione, Harry was rather looking forward to getting some more books on the mind magics, and seeing if they had any on animagi, when saw the line for the book shop. Apparently, Gilderoy Lockheart (the person who wrote most of the books on the book list) was signing copies for readers. At first, Harry was intrigued at the prospect, but upon noticing that the line consisted of middle-aged witches and the occasional reluctant husband, Harry decided it would not be very fun. He collected all the books that he needed and wanted, and headed to the counter. Lockheart noticed his scar.

He jumped up and shouted, "It can't be Harry Potter!" Harry pretended to be looking around for himself like everyone else. Lockheart wasn't buying it though. He reached out and pulled Harry to him while posing for the camera. Harry, thoroughly pissed, forced his magic to make Lockheart feel as though he had been kicked in the shin. He placed a Notice-Me charm on Lockheart, and a Notice-Me-Not on himself. Then, he allowed the cashier to notice him, paid for his books, and left. The Weasleys and Hermione met with him in the lobby, and were about to go when Draco showed up.

"I bet you loved that, eh Potter? Can't even go into a book shop without making the front page."

"Not nearly as much as I am going to love this Draco," said Harry, who was noticeably drawing his wand. Mrs. Weasley's scolding was interrupted by what sounded like an adult Draco. Mr. Malfoy walked though the door, and Harry felt magic that was surprisingly similar to the magic he felt from Quirrell last year, only much weaker.

"Now, now, Draco. Play nice." Then he noticed Mr. Weasley. "Ah, Arthur how are things at the ministry? All those raids? I hope they are paying you extra." He picked up one of Ginny's new used books. "Clearly, though, they are not. Tell me what is the use of disgracing the name of wizard if they don't even pay you well for it?"

"We have a very different idea of what disgraces the name of wizard, Lucius." Harry could tell that Mr. Weasley was barely holding himself back.

"Obviously." He glanced at the Grangers. "Consorting with muggles. And I thought you could sink no lower." Mr. Weasley lost it. He started beating the crap out of Mr. Malfoy. Harry, Fred, and George were cheering him on, when Hagrid, who had heard the commotion from outside, split them up. Mr. Malfoy left, with all his pureblood poise, but Harry noticed that the distorted magic that came in with him remained. He couldn't pinpoint it, but it followed them back to the burrow where Harry lost it in the spontaneous, cheerful magic of the Weasleys.
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