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Potter's Surprise

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My take on the classic Harry goes back in time. This just covers his arrival not sure I want to re-write all seven books that everyone has already read.

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I was looking through some old stories I’d written and noticed I hadn’t posted this one. It’s a variation on Harry goes back. Nothing too original but it does have some interesting variations I believe. As it’s on FicWad it’s obviously H& Hr.

As always: All these Characters belong to JK Rowling The right to profit from them is hers alone. No harm or offense is intended. No profit is being made by me. But it is a fun world to play in.

In his new bedroom the smallest at Number 4 Privet drive Harry Potter awoke in a mind that was both his and not his. 'What the... am I going insane?' Harry thought as he realized there was another presence in his mind.

"No, I'm you but a few years older."

With a delight that Harry could never remember having his younger self replied, 'Cool so what is going on?'

Harry took his time relating the events that had led to his returning to his younger self intent on correcting past errors.

'No one should lose their loved ones like that if I can change things I will, do you need to take control?'

'No if I've timed this right you should have been to Diagon alley with Hagrid and are spending your last month at the Dursleys.'

'Yea I just went yesterday.'

'Good that gives us a month to merge.' Older Harry thought.

Vernon Dursley was the same bigoted bully this time around and was bringing his son, Dudley, up to be even more bigoted if that was possible. Ever since Hagrid had grown a pig's tail on Dudley's backside both of them took every opportunity to belittle him, like it wasn't bad enough that he learned his name from his kindergarten teacher. Harry still had vivid memories of a girl that was sitting beside him looking over as the teacher was taking attendance calling out Harry Potter and saying, "I think she means you. She's looking right at you."

Harry's reply of, "No my name is boy," formed the base for stories that Dudley had gotten great mileage out of... "My cousin's too stupid to even know his own name," was one of Dudley's milder cracks concerning that little episode.

Stilly by staying in Dudley's smaller room that they felt tricked into letting him use. Harry was able to spend most of his time until leaving for Hogwarts integrating the Harry that had returned from the future with the eleven year old Harry of the here and now.

On the first of September he got a ride to Kings Cross station from the Dursleys as they took Dudley into London to have his pig's tail removed. Several private hospitals as well as surgeons had vied for the task each one intending to write it up for a medical journal. Thus getting another feather in their cap and a reason to increase their billing rate. Harry's integration of the 11 year old boy who lived with the far more world weary Defeater of Voldemort had hit a snag. For whatever reason the two found it necessary to keep the majority of their memories separate. The result was the boy who lived had his older self residing in the back of his mind monitoring and advising. The 11 year old could ask his older self questions but he did not have direct access to those memories.

The older Harry made a point of having the Weasley's help him through the barrier during this time line also allowing things to progress as he remembered. Everything went according to his memories until Hermione appeared in their cabin's door. Seeing the love of his life again alive and bossy as ever caused him to suddenly take total control of his young self tears appearing in his eyes. Doing his best to hide his emotions he quickly wiped them away complaining of dust. That caused the first diversion of fate's path Hermione came over and touched his shoulder causing his eyes to lock on to hers.

Ron was unsure just what happened one moment he was sitting talking with a boy he and his family had just met then he was outside their cabin with the door sealed and the girl that had barged in was just standing there looking at the boy he'd been talking with. He was pretty sure it was the boy his mom had told him to befriend. Now it looked like he'd lost his chance for now. Deciding there was nothing to gain standing there watching the two of them he found his older twin brothers joining them in their cabin. When he told them what happened they ducked out for a while returning with an annoyed look on their faces. "Don't know what charm they used was but that door is sealed tight."

"And she's just seated across from him with holding hands. They didn't look up no matter how hard we banged on the windows."

Everyone disembarked from the express at Hogwarts with Harry and Hermione being the last of the first years off. Changing his call of "First years over here," to "Hey Harry over here," when he noticed they small black hair boy get off the train. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed a bushy haired girl seemingly attached to him at the hip.

"Hey Hagrid this is Hermione."

"Hello Hermione," Hagrid replied before doing a count of the students gathered around him. "Right everyone's here I think. It's time for all of you to get in the boats for the trip to Hogwarts. No more than four a boat please,"

Hagrid watched everyone carefully then with a wave of his hand he lowered his umbrella in to the water and the boats started their slow procession across the lake.

Deputy Headmistress McGonagall felt the magic pulse sent when Hagrid started the boats across and ran a quick check down the list she had in her hand. It simply wouldn't do to mispronounce any of the names like one of her predecessors had during her own fifth year. She automatically scanned the list for those muggle born student's she had personally visited. Stopping she looked at the list a second then a third time she knew Hermione Granger's name had been on this list the last time she'd checked just after eleven am when the train left Kings Cross Station. There was no way the girl could have gotten off the train since then. Mentally shaking herself she read the list one last time before bringing the problem to the Headmaster's attention. 'Ah there she is Hermione a very distinctive name for a very distinctive girl... What's this Hermione Potter! How could that be there must be some mistake.' She thought before going over every step she took creating the list. It had been magically copied from the list the addressing quill created when it sent out the invitations leaving off those that did not choose to attend, there were always a few of those every year. 'So the names are magically recorded and if there is a change... Oh, my I must tell Albus.' She thought heading off to find the headmaster.

Professor McGonagall had been unable to locate Headmaster Albus Dumbledore before it was time for her to meet the first years at the entrance to the Great Hall. Scanning the students while telling them the basic rules was automatic but she did note that unlike Albus' idea that he would be close to the Weasley boy for whatever reason he was standing next to the Granger girl while the youngest Weasley boy was standing in the back looking everywhere but where he should be. She didn't think much about different pairings putting it away to be thought about later there were other things that required her full attention.

Leading her charges into the hall she heard the quite mutterings as various students pointed out incoming relatives while others just wondered how many their own house would get.

Everything was going smoothly most students taking less than a minute to sort, she'd barely gotten the hat above Malfoy's head before the hat shouted "Slytherin."

Calling out "Harry Potter" caused the expected comments and straining of necks as the students further back tried to get a look at the 'Boy Who Lived.'

'Ah, Harry Potter I can see both your father's perchance for trouble and your mother's brains in you but what's that I sense... An older Harry one who's seen quite a lot of pain... Now what else is that I am detecting?"

'You put me in Gryffindor last time.' Older Harry thought speaking up.

'Perhaps I did but the plans I see in your portion of his mind are more worthy of Slytherin, the cunning of them worthy of Ravenclaw, and the loyalty to your friends show in them would suit Hufflepuff. Perhaps I should... yes I shall. Mr. Potter I know someone warned you to be careful with fate you are about to experience one of fate's little paybacks.' The hat replied and before he could ask what it meant the hat said, "Next"

McGonagall looked toward the headmaster confused. The hat had never refused to sort a child.

Albus was equally confused but not wanting to appear so motioned her to do as the hat requested. It was her call of "Hermione Potter," That brought his eyebrows up. He watched as a young girl that bore no resemblance to either of Harry's parents slowly approached, looking around nervously almost like she was expecting someone else to step forward and claim this spot before sitting down and watching as the lady who had visited her lowered the hat on her head.

Hermione started at the strange last name but given the events on her train ride here it wasn't that unexpected. She'd spent the boat ride over trying to adjust to all the information that had entered her mind while envisioning the conversation with her parents that was coming.

'Ah it is true what I see in your mind confirms it I must tell you I haven't seen something like this in centuries.' Hermione heard the hat say in her mind.

'Sorry what haven't you seen?'

'Two people bonded so young though given his history it is not that unexpected. Your acceptance of it is though.'

'We spent six hours communing.' Hermione explained.

'I hope you are ready for the storm I'm about to unleash.'

'I was noted for disrupting things in my old school too. Do have fun.' Hermione thought realizing that at her old school it was her knowledge and intolerance of teachers who knew less than her that was the major cause for disruption.

The hat's brim opened after another two minutes with McGonagall praying it didn't say next but what it did say had her wishing it had, "Both to Gryffindor, married student quarters."

"WHAT!" Sprang from numerous throats. As Dumbledore's calm exterior left and he hurried around the head table to the sorting hat quickly putting it on his head.

The buzz in the hall grew as the Headmaster sat on the short stool in obvious conversation with the sorting hat for several minutes. Minutes the rest of the students spent talking while openly pointing at the two first years standing together.

Albus finally took off the hat looking towards Professor McGonagall he nodded before retaking his seat with what dignity he could manage having been soundly chastised by the Sorting hat for questioning its decision.

As she called out the next name the two first years made their way to the Gryffindor table and the questioning that awaited them there.

"You two are married?" A first year girl that had been sorted earlier asked the question on everyone's mind just as they were sitting down.

"No the hat said we were bonded... not sure what that all means. I'm Hermione," she replied holding out her hand.

"Lavender Brown, So how long have you know Harry?"

"Oh not long, we met on the train."

"And you bonded?" asked a tall black third year girl.

"Yes I came into his cabin looking for a toad and as soon as our eyes met... well the next thing I remember is getting off the train at Hogwarts," Hermione said not wanting to discuss all that happened when their eyes met. She knew more about her 'husband' than most wives ever learned. Her only concern was telling her folks. She was sure they would pull her from Hogwarts and away from Harry the moment they found out.


"Yes Harry?"

"Can you look at the head table and see who is staring at me?"

Hermione slowly turned and took in the head table. "Looks like the professor who thinks he's a vampire is staring at you."

"Oh, that is Professor Snape he teaches potions. A real nasty piece of work if you ask me," The girl that asked about their bonding said.

"Right time for him to pay," Harry said then sent a mental probe to Professor Snape, 'Stay out of my and my friends minds.'

"What ever you did it worked his eyes unfocused for a moment now he's looking else where," Hermione replied just before she felt pressure again the shields he had taught her on the train ride here. "I'm feeling pressure on my shields," she said looking at Harry the pain obvious in her eyes.

"Right now he gets knocked around," Harry said before closing his own eyes for a moment then looking right at the Professor.

Snape had heard the message when he was trying to probe that Potter boy breaking off his attack deciding to focus on the girl instead. She was also had shields but they were weakening under his probe. That was until he felt his own shield being shredded it didn't take much for him to note the glare he was getting from Potter. He stopped his probe to reinforce his own shield but was not successful as, for the first time in decades, he felt someone rummaging through his mind unimpeded. 'I can do this any time I want so back off,' he heard Potter say in his mind. Shaken he looked towards the headmaster and gave a slight negative shake of his head in reply to the raised eyebrow question from the headmaster.

Harry took Hermione's hand as the feast ended heeding the call of Ron's older brother Percy who was gathering up the Gryffindor first years to lead them towards their new home for the next nine months. Leaning towards Ron who was walking slightly in front and to the side of him Harry asked, "Is your brother always this stuck up?" all ready knowing the answer.

Ron looked offended at the description of his brother it was all right for him to think it but he wasn't sure he liked hearing it from anyone but family, "Well Percy has always been one for strict rule following," Ron replied.

'Ron's a little cool to me that's another change,' Harry thought looking forward to seeing what happened when they reached the common room.

Boy's dormitories are on the stairs to the left and Girls are to the right. The doors are labeled with your year, you things should be on or at the foot of your bed," Percy said pointing watching the first years make their way up the stairs until only two stood before him.

"Well go on up with the rest of your classmates," Percy said officiously trying to copy Professor McGonagall's style.

"Sorry but according to the hat we are suppose to be in the married students quarters," Harry said holding Hermione's hand.

"There is no such thing," Percy replied pumping himself up to look more intimidating.

Hermione looked up at him thinking to herself how much he resembled a peacock before replying, "According to, Hogwarts a History, there were married students living in all four houses centuries ago. I suspect the quarters are still there if the hat said they were."

"You are correct Miss Granger but the hat did not choose to inform us just where these quarters are," Professor McGonagall said entering the room.

"Excuse me for interrupting but is this the couple Alastor was speaking of," a portrait called out from the left side wall.

"I don't believe you've talked in all my years here," McGonagall said looking at the painting.

The young couple depicted in the portrait turned to face her as the woman said, "Minerva McQuinn we've been watching over your house longer than you have and that includes your prefect years. We are well aware of what you and young Mr. McGonagall got up to during your last year here. Now if you two would leave us alone with the Potters I'll be showing them their rooms."

"I am their head of house I will need to..."

"You need to butt out. At any time you desire entrance talk to us. If the Potters are willing at that time we will allow you entrance. Be aware it will be a one time pass. They are a young married couple and some of the things they might or might not get up to are shall we say not for your nor anyone else's eyes."

"Well I never,"

"Want to bet, Mrs. McGonagall? After all we know a lot more than the date, time and place of Mr. McGonagall's proposal."

Professor McGonagall did something beyond the memory of any current Gryffindor. Blushing clear to her hair line before turning on her heel and leaving.

"Can I help you Mr. Clearwater?" the man called out looking at Ron's older brother causing him to bolt up the stairs.

Hermione was still processing the Mr. Clearwater comment when the portrait in front of them swung aside revealing a room with a couch and a long sturdy table with a seat on each side of it. Two doors lead off from this comfortable looking room.

Meanwhile back at the Granger residence. "Good evening Mr. Granger might I come in for a few moments?"

"Mrs. Tonks isn't it? Is Hermione all right?" Dan Granger asked stepping aside to allow her entrance.

"Yes she is, the school asked me to visit you and appraise you of an astonishing development in your daughter's life," Andromeda Tonks said smiling while hoping to Merlin that tonight would not turn out to be the royal muck up she suspected.

"Is Hermione all right?" Hermione's mother asked when she recognized their guest.

"As I just told your husband Hermione is fine. It's just we've had something happen that hasn't happened in over two hundred years."

Dan and Emma Granger exchanged looks before turning to face Mrs. Tonks. "Perhaps you should explain," Emma said

Andromeda looked between the two knowing there was no good way to say it squaring her shoulders she said, "Much to everyone's astonishment when your daughter was sorted tonight it was discovered that your daughter had soul bonded with a classmate during the ride to Hogwarts," She could see both parents mouth the words soul bonded at each other before turning back to her.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Tonks...."

"Call me Andy, I guess I need to explain it better. In the wizarding world there are various levels of commitment between couples. Most mirror what you are familiar with. Soul Bonded is one exception, there is no higher level of union between two people."

"Surely married people," Emma Granger said hesitantly.

"Actually no. Most married people are not bonded in fact marriage is considered to be less of a commitment than soul bonding."

"Wait just one minute are you trying to tell me my eleven year old daughter is married!" Dan asked his voice rising as he spoke.

Andy Tonks rested her hand on her wand and looked him straight in the eye replying, "Unfortunately that is exactly what I am telling you. In the wizarding world a soul bonded couple are considered to be married," She watched as Dan tensed up his hands balling into fists and his arm muscles bulging as he stood immobile.

Emma came over and put a hand on his shoulder before turning to look at their guest saying, "I take it you have a way to take us to Hogwarts," Her tone indicating there was only one right answer.

"I can check. If you don't mind waiting for, let's see give me twenty minutes. I've got to walk part way," Getting a nod of agreement Andy quickly disapparated to Hogsmeade quickly walking to the castle and it's headmaster.

Twenty minutes later she returned with a feather that she held up. "Once you are ready all we need to do is have everyone touch this feather and I'll give it a tap. It will take us right to the Headmaster's office."

"We are ready," Dan said. Both he and his wife had spent the intervening time getting dressed and discussing their options.

"Mrs. Potter your head of house is requesting your presence," The portrait on their door said interrupting the two pre-teens discussion.

Hermione got up and walked to the door, which opened to reveal a frustrated Professor McGonagall. "Good come with me," she said heading off.

"What about Harry?"

"It's best he stays here."

Harry suspected just what was going on and didn't want Hermione to take the heat alone. "I will go with her," he said following along.

McGonagall shook her head but as her husband he did have that right. "Very well I suspect this won't turn out right tonight not matter what we do."

"What's going on?"

"The headmaster saw fit to have Andromeda Tonks visit your parents and inform them of your bonding."

Down in Dumbledore's office Dan Granger was staring at the headmaster saying, "I would like the option to leave when I chose."

"That is reasonable," Dumbledore replied waiving his wand over the feather before announcing, "Everyone touching it will be transported to your home when you or your wife say "home" while holding it."

Dan nodded his head in acceptance of the action pleased that the one obstacle they had in their hastily concocted plan was taken care off.

Just then the door opened and in walked the Professor that had visited followed by their daughter and a boy of the same age. "Professor McGonagall what is Mr. Potter doing here?"

"He insisted on coming."

Dan looked the boy over carefully, he was undersized and scrawny not at all like the boy he expected. Nor did he look like his vision of a son in law. "I take it you are the boy who bewitched my only daughter," Dan said doing his best to avoid trying to kill the boy.

Harry just smiled saying, "Actually Sir it just happened. It was not my intent to do anything beyond talking with her."

Emma ignored the interaction calling her daughter over once she had Hermione beside her she grabbed her daughter's hand bringing it over to touch the feather in her other hand just as she called out her husband's name. He responded as planned and as he touched the feather Emma called out "Home," Leaving the Headmaster's room three people short.

Harry looked at the empty space where Hermione had been in shock Her parents hadn't said anything really just taken their daughter and left. Still in shock he let Professor McGonagall guide him back to the Gryffindor tower and up the boys stairs to an empty bed in the first year's room.

At the Granger's things where slightly different, "Mom, you and dad just can't kidnap me away from school like that!" Hermione bellowed at her parents.

"Actually we can and did," Her father said firmly.

"But Harry and I are bonded,"

"I don't care what you two call it I am not letting my eleven year old daughter spend the night in some pervert's bed no matter what the excuse is," Emma said firmly.


"Don't mother me, when you have a daughter of your own you will understand why this was done and I don't plan on becoming a grandmother until several years after you've graduated from college. Give it a year and you won't remember what's his name at all."

"His name is Harry Potter and I am Mrs. Harry Potter."

"You are not married no matter what those idiots say. I'd better not catch you answering to that name either. You are a Granger and that is what you will stay until a man of the cloth says otherwise," Dan said firmly looking his daughter in the eye.

"You are just two old spiteful prunes," Hermione said tears running down her cheeks before heading up to her room to finish her cry.

"Emma," Dan said looking at his wife.

"No we did the right thing, we needed to nip this in the bud before something did happen between those two kids," Emma assured him.

That night her parents took turns sitting in the hall way just outside her room checking occasionally to insure she was still in there either reading her normal school books or sleeping. The next morning it took the promise of continuing her dance classes before she would even talk with them. Then they informed her they were registering her in the local comprehensive school. If she behaved while she was there and gave them the proper assurances they would consider sending her to a public school of their choice for the rest of her schooling possibly as early as Christmas vacation.

At the end of the following week the local school called the Grangers at their practice and requested they have Hermione checked out by a doctor. Hermione was falling asleep in class and the school nurse could find nothing wrong. Emma quickly assured them they would deal with it setting up an appointment with Greg Hanson, Hermione's normal pediatrician.

"I'm sorry Doctor Granger, I can not find anything wrong with your daughter. I've requested some blood tests that will take a few days for the results to come back on to check for some of the more exotic causes but I don't think we will find the cause there. Now are you sure she's eating and sleeping fine?"

"Yes she eats at the table with us and her father and I make it a point to check on her several times a night," Seeing the Doctor's raised eyebrow at her statement Emma added, "She got tangled up with a boy at boarding school so we brought her home. We are keeping a close eye on her until we are sure she's not going to run off to meet him."

The Pediatrician nodded understandingly similar things had occurred with other patients of his.

Up at Hogwarts Harry Potter was in a similar state the only benefit he had was Madam Pomfrey, Hogwarts healer extraordinary, while not having first hand experience with the problem of a newly bonded pair forced apart did have the best magical medical library that existed in England.

"What's your opinion Poppy?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"According to what I've read if they are not reunited there are two possible out comes. In a few days they both should fall into a light coma should they wake up within a day everything will be fine and the bond will be broken with only minor side effects. If they don't awake, and this is the more likely case given what I learned for talking with the sorting hat and others about the two, they will fall into a prolonged coma then they will die within hours of each other."

"Oh my."

"Oh my indeed," Poppy confirmed.

McGonagall looked towards her long time friend asking, "Is there nothing we can do?"

Poppy Pomfrey inclined her head slightly replying, "Possibly, I've contacted a squib doctor of my acquaintance. He is well regarded in Hermione's world. I am hoping he can contact the doctor treating her and advise him not to try anything too drastic in her treatment."

True to Madam Pomfrey's prediction four days later Hermione fell into a light coma. "Doctor Hanson is there any thing we can do?"

"Mrs. Granger I am afraid not. Doctor Smith who offered to consult free of charge suggested this might happen I recall him saying if it lasted over a day or so it wasn't good. "I'm going to call him and I'll let you know what he says."

"Could you ask him to come talk with my husband and I?"

"Of course," Doctor Hanson said taking one last look at Hermione lying unmoving in her hospital bed. When they realized they weren't sure what was going on they'd put her in this isolation room she'd been here since.

"You are one of them!" Dan Granger exclaimed looking at Doctor Smith after he'd suggested bringing the boy his daughter was involved with into the room with her.

"The correct statement Doctors Granger is my parents possess the same abilities your daughter does. I however do not. When this was realized I was sent to live with another family with my parents paying all my expenses including college. I assure you I am a fully qualified medical Doctor. Even went to school with Greg here."

Dan turned to see Greg nodding his affirmation. "But how are you aware of our daughter's condition?"

When there is an individual from our world that crosses the..., boundary if you will allow me to use that term, I am occasionally consulted and asked to insure the Doctors involved do no harm."

"If we agree to it how can we be sure some one just doesn't come in and wave a wand over her to bring her back," Emma asked concerned.

"If that was all that was needed trust me it would have all ready been done. How about this I have Harry brought here and placed in an adjacent room. Doctor Hanson and any other medical professional you desire check him out. Once he is deemed to be carrying nothing we place him in a swim suit doing the same to your daughter. Her's being a two piece preferably."

"Why?" Doctor Hanson asked honestly confused.

"The young couple has bonded. Each needs to know the other is there as they are in a coma there needs to be skin to skin contact."

Emma looked to Dan with a plea in her eyes. Dan for his part could think of nothing that would bring his daughter back to him, but still he wasn't sure. "Wouldn't this work if her mother climbed in and held her?" Dan asked hoping.

"No it must be the bond mate," Doctor Smith replied trying to be sympathetic to the parents of the young girl.

"Very well but we want to observe them being placed together," Dan said giving in.

"There doesn't need to be anything well... you know between them, does there?" Emma asked blushing.

"Ah no, there is no need for sexual contact. Just close physical contact," Doctor Smith replied.

"Good," Dan said with an emotional release that every father or potential father recognized.

Four hours later Harry had arrived and been checked out by both Doctor Hanson and Smith while the Grangers waited in Hermione's room. The door opened and in walked Doctor Smith with an older woman who was wearing a doctor's robe as she pulled a wand out of an inner pocket Dan quickly stood only to stop at Doctor Smith's words, "This is Madam Pomfrey she is the school healer at Hogwarts and is recognized as the top healer in Europe when it comes to children's problems."

"Healer?" Emma asked concerned that someone with less training was going to be taking over.

"Doctor Emma Granger, I assure you I am qualified to treat this problem," Madam Pomfrey said.

A chuckle for Doctor Smith drew Emma's eyes. "She's right, what she didn't say is she teaches at their medical school during the summer months. Her level of training exceeds both Doctor Hanson and myself."

"Enough now if I may continue?" Madam Pomfrey asked turning back and running her wand slowly up and down Hermione. "She's just starting to enter the deeper coma that Mr. Potter is already in the sooner we get them together the better," She said turning to face the Grangers.

"Do it," Dan said after a glance towards Emma.

Harry's bed was wheeled in and the nurses excused while Madam Pomfrey and the doctors worked to remove both sets of bed covers and move Harry in to Hermione's bed. Dan watched carefully as Madam Pomfrey's wand stayed in her pocket. Madam Pomfrey pulled the covers around them by hand insuring the two youngsters were touching to the extent practical for two people laying on their backs. "I'll give it a few hours and see what happens."

"What do you think will happen?" Emma asked.

"If the text books are correct Mrs. Potter should awaken first as she is in the lighter coma. Before she awakes there might be some hand holding or re-arranging of positions to improve contact with her bond mate," Pomfrey replied clinically.

"Mrs. Potter?" Dan asked.

"I was told you both were aware of just what their bond meant in our world."

Dan nodded replying, "We were it is just... well she isn't even a teenager yet," the pain obvious on his face.

"While I sympathize with you it is a reality. It is not all bad, according to the records concerning previous bonded couples they are destined to live a life full of love."

"But they are so young," Emma Granger protested.

Madam Pomfrey nodded saying, "That does not mean they will be intimate anytime soon. I suspect that portion of their relationship might even be delayed beyond what it would have been had they not bonded."

"I hope you are right," Emma replied with a look towards Dan before sitting back and watching the two youngsters in the bed.

It was close to two hours later that Emma heard a mumbled "Harry," When she looked up she could see her daughter shifting her position putting an arm around Harry as she laid her head on his chest.

Madam Pomfrey stood and walked over looking at the couple before again waiving her wand slowly over them. "Things are progressing well," She announced returning to her seat.

It took an additional three hours before Hermione raised her head looking around the room before asking, "What's going on?" causing her mother to rush the bed breaking into full blow sobs with accompanying tears as she wrapped her arms around her daughter.

"How do you feel Mrs. Potter?" Madam Pomfrey asked approaching the bed as Dan rushed to hold his wife and daughter having been catnapping at the moment of her awaking.

"Tired and slightly hungry," Hermione replied then looked at Harry asking, "Is he asleep?"

"No dear he's in a coma, just like you were," Emma managed to say.

"So what woke me up?"

"It seems that the records were right you and Harry need to be in close physical contact for a while."

"Physical contact?"

"Actually skin contact works the best," Madam Pomfrey said as she finished waiving her wand over Hermione.

"So that's why the swimsuits," Hermione asked getting nods of agreement from several people.

Doctor Hanson had arrived during this conversation and spoke up asking, "What would you like to eat?"

Hermione looked towards Harry saying, "Nothing," then she asked, "If we had more skin contact would it help him wake up faster?"

Every one of the adults looked at each other but it was Madam Pomfrey who spoke first, "Possible but this is as far as your parents were willing to go."

"Right, Dad you might want to look the other way," Hermione said reaching behind her.

"Hermione!" Emma exclaimed.

"Mother, it's no more than he'd see if he accompanied us on vacation to Europe. If there is the slightest chance it will bring him around quicker I'm doing it," she replied tossing her top towards the table beside her bed before laying back down and pulling Harry's head onto her chest where she kissed his head whispering quietly, "Come on my husband it's time to meet your in-laws." Hermione had spent the almost two weeks since being separated from Harry analyzing and incorporating the information he'd implanted in her mind during the train ride and the short time they'd spent in their room at Hogwarts. She now knew far more about the history and customs of the wizarding world and magic in general. Well aware of just what their bond meant she waited for her husband to awaken knowing it would signal the start of several frantic days.

Harry didn't respond or move in any way for the next eight hours. Hermione held him to her except for a few moments when she used the room's facilities. Even after giving in to hunger she ate her first two meals with one arm around Harry holding him to her. Finally late that evening she felt his head turn and he took one of her nipples in his mouth suckling like a baby. Her exclamation of surprise awoke her mother who'd stayed in her room while her father went home to check on things and insure the practice was covered for another day.

Emma looked up to see her daughter looking down at a nursing Harry Potter. "Well I did warn you to keep your top on," She said trying to keep her comments light.

"Mum I... This feels so... Oh my..." Hermione said looking lovingly at Harry the entire time.

Emma knew just what her daughter meant. "Good thing your father went home. If that one gets sore you might try switching him to the other one," Emma replied not knowing what else to say.

A chuckle from the side drew both individuals attention. "His mother always said he was quite enthusiastic when it came time to feed him," Madam Pomfrey said a smile on her face.

"I take it this is good news," Emma remarked.

"Oh my yes, I'm sure he'll be awake in a short while and quite embarrassed if he is aware we've seen this. Perhaps you and I should go get something to drink while you daughter deals with his awaking."

"Alright," Emma said looking at her daughter with a look that said 'you are pushing the boundary of what I will accept don't let this go any further.'

A few minutes later Hermione felt Harry in her mind as he woke up. Suddenly he stopped what he was doing practically bolting away from her. Luckily the side rails were up on the hospital bed and those stopped him from falling on the floor.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Harry said in apology over and over again.

Hermione giggled slightly then reminded herself she never giggled before she replied, "Harry stop apologizing all ready. If I hadn't felt comfortable with you doing that you would have known it right off. I thought it was rather sweet, after all there isn't much there."

Harry started to say there was more than enough but suddenly he realized he was in bed with Hermione. "What's going on? Last I knew you were back home and I was in the hospital wing."

Hermione nodded "I'm not totally sure myself I just woke up a few hours ago. From what I've been able to gather we were both in a coma from being separated so soon after bonding. It must have been really bad for my folks to allow you to be placed in my bed after everything they said once I was home."

"Uh Hermione you might want to..." Harry said gesturing toward her bare chest.

"Pass me my top please, it's on the table right behind you."

Harry turned and after a moment's fumbling passed the garment to Hermione who quickly slipped it over her head before turning her back to Harry asking, "Tie me up please."

His fingers fumbled several times but he finally managed a respectable bow knot. Feeling him stop she turned around and gave him a quick kiss just as the door to their room opened and Emma and Madam Pomfrey entered. "Finally awake I see Mr. Potter. Mrs. Potter if you wouldn't mind shifting to the side while Mr. Potter lays down so I can examine him."

"Will I need to take anything off?" Harry asked concerned.

"No need at all Mr. Potter there are advantages to magical medicine," Madam Pomfrey responded as she passed her wand slowly over Harry.

A few wand passes later she said, "Mr. Potter you are rather weak and in need of some proper potions to fix a number of problems I found. Would you care to tell me how a boy your age managed so many broken bones and other damage."

"I have been told I am rather clumsy," Harry stated but everyone in the room knew he was covering up for someone.

"No matter I will insure you receive a number of potions starting tomorrow when we are back at Hogwarts."

"So everything is all right now?" Emma asked.

"As long as these two do not spent anymore time apart than necessary they should be fine from here on,"

"How long will they need to spend time in each other's company?" Emma asked thinking it would be better to learn this without Dan around.

Madam Pomfrey looked at Emma knowing what she was asking then she looked at the two Potters asking, "It is your medical condition we are discussing do you mind me telling her?"

Hermione looked at Harry then turned and nodded as Harry did the same. "Very well. Mrs. Granger until their bond stabilizes the most time they can spent apart is on the order of half an hour once a day along with a few shorter separations, for bathroom use and the like."

"I can't believe they need to be together that much," Emma exclaimed thinking how Dan would react to having his only child around a boy that much.

"It would be better for the bond if their separations were as short as possible. What I gave was the maximum they could be separated without problems until their bond stabilizes."

"You mean Harry and I really have to sleep together? I thought we would have separate beds or something," Hermione asked concerned more about her parents reaction than anything else.

"I take it you didn't make it to the bedroom of your quarters at school."

"No Madam, Hermione and I were just sitting in the first room talking when Professor McGonagall dragged her away."

"There is only one bed there and yes you two need to sleep together. I do mean just sleep together anything else should be avoided given your ages."

Emma did not like what she was hearing but there was more to find out, "What about after the bond is stable?"

"When the bond is stable and all of you should be aware that might take quite awhile given their ages. They should be able to spend up to a week or possibly two apart. They've managed this one quite well actually I suspect any future separation that causes uncomfortable reactions their bond will almost force them into acts you would rather not happen for quite a while yet," Madam Pomfrey said with as much empathy as she could project.

Emma sat back in her chair a blank look on her face for a few moments before she shook her head saying, "I will need you with me when I discuss this with her father. He is not going to be happy."

"I suspect he is not the only one. This will be quite hard on Mr. and Mrs. Potter as well."

"I thought he said his parents were dead," Emma replied.

"I was speaking of your daughter and her bond mate."

"Oh, that's something I need to get used to."

"When do you expect your husband to arrive?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

Emma looked at the clock on the wall before replying, "In about four hours he said he would catch a nap before he returned. Then I was going to go home and change."

"Very good, if I might suggest why don't you delay going home when he arrives. It will be late and I can have someone from the teaching staff accompany me when I return to talk to both of you. Your daughter has missed the first week and part of the second while Harry has missed everything since last Thursday. Perhaps some agreement can be reached about their schooling," Madam Pomfrey replied before leaving the room with a nod towards the couple still in bed.

Harry had only three complaints while the healer was gone, the food at this hospital wasn't that good, there wasn't enough of it, and his mother in law didn't leave the room.

Dan Granger arrived right on time and gave his daughter a hug as soon as he'd entered the room glaring at Harry all the while. Emma took him out in the hall for a discussion that was still going on when Madam Pomfrey returned with Professor McGonagall and everyone returned to the room. "The head master wanted to be here also but he didn't feel it would be right if both of us were away from the school while it was in session. As you are acquainted with me we felt it was better if I accompanied Madam Pomfrey. I understand it is time to talk about schooling and accommodations for both of them."

Dan looked like a man hanging over canyon at the end of his rope who just realized it was slowly being worn away on the rocks above. "As I understand things if I want my daughter alive she needs to... to live with this boy. A boy I know nothing about who appears to be...," Dan said stopping at the touch of his wife's hand on his arm.

"What would you like to know about me Mr. Granger?" Harry asked from the bed.

"Everything and nothing. I don't think there is anything you can say at the moment that would stop the feelings I have," Dan replied to any annoyed glance from his wife.

"Mr. Granger," Professor McGonagall said sharply.

"No Professor he is right. If he checked with my relatives they would tell him I am a delinquent who is always getting in trouble even though that describes their son far better than me. Dr. Granger I was orphaned at one and sent to live with my mother's sister. They do not like me at all. Since my arrival I have not wore a single article of clothing that was not passed down from my larger cousin after he'd out grown it. My meals were spotty at best as I was punished constantly for my mistakes. Which could include getting out of the way of my cousin's fist or getting better grades than him. Until I started school I thought my name was "Boy". All I am aware of is when I met your daughter she like me. Despite clothes big enough for two of me, despite the fact there where other boys around she talked to me like I was somebody it was worth knowing. All I can say is I would never hurt my first true friend," Harry said then sat back and hugged the now crying girl beside him. Praying that he'd let enough out for them to accept him at least until he could prove himself.

"I have a plan for their studies if you would like to hear it," Professor McGonagall said trying to change the topic.

Emma caught on quickly asking, "I hope it's not right back to school tomorrow," recalling that was just what the healer had suggested.

"No Professor Dumbledore and I think it would be best for them to spend at least the rest of this week and possible next staying with you while being tutored to bring them up to the level of most of their classmates."

Emma thought she saw a slight nod of agreement from Dan so she continued, "Who would be doing the tutoring? One of the school's teachers?"

"No I was going to suggest Andromeda Tonks. She is someone you know and can move in the muggle world better than most of our professors."

"Muggle world?"

"That is what we call the non-magical world."

"That sounds fine once they are released."

"Actually I can help there," Madam Pomfrey said standing and stepping out the door for a while before returning with Doctor Smith.

"Doctor Hanson has agreed that if I feel these two are all right I can discharge them right now," He informed the group.

"Good work Doctor Hanson, they will be staying with the Grangers for a short time before returning to school," Madam Pomfrey explained then turned to Emma Granger, "I will send a few potions and instructions on dosages with Mrs. Tonks."

"Thank you," Emma replied trying to keep what she thought of the idea of administering potions instead of real medicine to someone off her face.

Harry looked around as Mrs. Granger removed Hermione's clothes from the hospital room's closet. "Mr. Potter if you will allow me I will transfigure you some clothing for the trip home."

"That would be great," Harry said watching Madam Pomfrey waive her wand and change his swimsuit back into a pair of Hogwarts hospital pajama's.

Professor McGonagall seldom allowed herself to show off but given the conditions she indulged her creative side. Harry James Potter left the hospital room wearing a three-piece suit of very dark green that set off his eyes combined with a midnight black shirt and tie. The disposable hospital slippers were now matching green socks and black boots with a high shine. Even Madam Pomfrey had raised an eyebrow when she had finished her work. "Those should last you a week or so Mr. Potter. I will keep both you and Mrs. Potter's school robes at school if you don't mind. Mrs. Tonks will have your school books when she comes over. Would two days be enough time for you to get acquainted before they start makeup classes?" she asked looking at the Grangers.

"That's sounds like a good idea. We will take Harry shopping tomorrow for some acceptable clothes including pajama's," Emma replied with a smile.

"If we visit Diagon Alley I can get some money to pay for everything," Harry said speaking up.

Dan looked at the boy and figured he'd better step up. "There's no need to spend what little your parents have left you Harry. Emma and I can cover what little you will need before you return to school."

The adult side of Harry Potter wasn't going to allow that. "I'll make you a deal Mr. Granger come with me to Gringotts and help me find out what I have in my vault. I don't know how much is in there but after we find out if it will be a hardship I'll let you buy me what I need. If it won't be you let me change some money and buy my own."

Dan looked at the boy in front of him wondering rather it was a misplace independence streak causing this reaction or something else but he gave in and agreed that first thing tomorrow they would go to Gringotts.

The arrival at the Granger's home went quietly with Emma passing Harry a pair of hospital pajama's she'd liberated for his use tonight while she worked hard to ignore just where he would be spending the night. Next morning Hermione was ecstatic she'd finally slept with Harry and it was easily the best sleep she'd had in months. Harry had confessed the same on waking up before automatically going down stairs and making breakfast for the household something his older self didn't interfere with.

"Harry where did you learn how..." Emma asked as she sat down to a table laden with food.

"Cooking for my relatives since I was five," Harry said quietly while insuring Dan received hot sausages right out of the pan.

"But at five you couldn't have reached the stove," Dan said looking at the still short individual working in his wife's kitchen.

"Stepstool," was Harry's reply as he filled a plate for himself before joining them at the table.

Emma considered her next statement for a moment before deciding it was necessary, "Harry this is my kitchen no one uses it without my permission."

Harry looked like she'd slapped his face, "I'm sorry Mrs. Granger I will ask next time," he said quietly before turning to his breakfast.

Realized she'd struck far hard than intended Emma added, "No Harry I didn't mean it that way. I don't want you thinking you have to do things to make us like you. Obviously you will be in our lives from here on. Both your Professor and the... What do you call your doctor or whatever she is...?"

"Healer," Hermione supplied.

"Both your Professor and Healer told us that what you two have is a life time bond. Dan and I expected to have several years and a series of boys before it was time to open our hearts to accept a son in law. You've thrown that out the window through no fault of your own. We want to get to know the remarkable individual that our daughter has bonded with just please be patient with us.

Harry nodded his agreement and breakfast progressed quietly. Before long everyone was in the car heading for the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley behind it. Without robes to blend in they attracted a few unfriendly looks as they walked down Diagon Alley and into Gringotts the wizarding bank. Everyone's total experience of this bank had been one visit each earlier for the Grangers it was when they exchanged money so Hermione could buy her school supplies and for Harry it was when Hagrid had taken him to his vault to get money to buy his school supplies. Luckily older Harry had spent the ride to London coaching Harry on just what he needed to do. Entering the bank Harry strolled up to the goblin sitting at a desk where he could oversee the entire lobby stating, "I wish to see the goblin responsible for my accounts."

After a look of pure distain from the goblin Harry added, "I am Harry Potter and arrangements need to be made that are not for discussion in such a public forum."

The goblin looked annoyed but without any perceptible movement on his part a goblin appeared at his side and he spoke a few quick words in Gobbledegook, the goblin language. The second goblin started off waiving the humans to follow. He led them down a passage for a short distance before opening a door and ushering them inside. The goblin seated behind the desk looked up asking, "What do you require?"

"A key to my vault for my bond mate," Harry said formally.

"I should just take your word for this?"

The older Harry sighed he realized all the work he'd put in over his lifetime had been lost. It was time to build those bridges all over again. 'Let me take control.' He thought to younger Harry.

'Don't cause problems.'

'I won't, well not many,' older Harry thought back.

"Naturally I would expect the guardian of my gold to both verify my identity and circumstances are as I have stated. To do less would dishonor both of us," he said the formal tone sounding out of place coming out of an eleven year olds mouth.

"This is your first visit? I would have thought you'd come earlier for school supplies," The goblin stated.

Harry shook his head replying, "No this is my second visit. I have visited my vault once all ready this year."

"You should have been brought to me on your first visit. I will insure the responsible individual is punished. I suppose it would be foolish to ask if you remember who took you to them."

This was the key moment Harry realized the goblin had used the plural. That mean he was recognizing the bonding. Smiling Harry replied, "A goblin named Griphook took me to the only vault I was aware of having. my escort handed him my key and after use it was returned to my escort."

"You were not in possession of your own key? Most unusual."

"That's the way my life is... unusual," Harry said smiling to show the goblin he was not mad at the goblins.

"Very well a few drops of blood if you don't mind Mr. Potter," The goblin asked holding out a knife and a vial to collect the requested blood.

Emma Granger looked on with her husband as Harry quickly made a slight cut on his thumb with then knife then collected the blood as it dripped handing the goblin a half full vial. The goblin quickly healed the cut. Before removing two vials from the desk one blood red and the other an odd slightly glowing clear liquid. Taking what appeared to be nothing more than a glass stir rod he dipped it in the blood vial from the desk using it to move several drops of blood to the glowing vial which took on a red tinge a new rod was used to remove blood from Harry's vial dropping it into the same glowing vial which over the course of several very long seconds shifted from red to a golden glow. "You identity is confirmed Mr. Potter. May I keep the rest of this vial for your heirs?"

"Of course," Harry replied watching the goblin cap then place both blood vials into his drawer. Harry then looked pointedly at Hermione.

"Ah yes, If you don't mind I will call our ritual expert to confirm your bonding."

Harry merely nodded his agreement before turning to Emma and Dan saying, "Things are progressing nicely."

"I'm amazed Harry. You appear to be quite knowledgeable about this," Emma said speaking up for the first time since they entered the office.

"Not at all. I asked a few questions at school of a pureblood who is a friend but the rest is pure bluff," Harry replied.

Hermione looked over saying, "I take it the pureblood wasn't the individual you were with when we met."

"No actually you met him first Neville Longbottom."

"Neville Longbottom?"

Harry smiled and quoted her first words to him back to her, "A boy named Neville lost his toad."

Hermione blushed prettily at the recollection his words caused. Further conversation was interrupted when three goblins returned.

"Mr. Potter may I introduce our ritual expert Chadrack and senior goblin Ragnok who wishes to observe the ritual," The goblin who had verified Harry's identity said.

"Thank you for your indulgence Chadrack. Senior goblin Ragnok you presence honors us," Harry replied drawing raised eyebrows from the Grangers and a look of interest from Ragnok.

Several incantations and waiving of fingers later Hermione and Harry had glowed several times together and a few separately. "You have not been intimate with your bond mate?" Chadrack asked.

Hermione blushed as did her mother while Harry replied, "No Chadrack. It is our desire to wait a few years for that to happen."

"Unusual but you are wizards," Chadrack said in an obviously dismissive tone before turning and making a obviously formal announcement in Gobbledegook to the other two goblins. Chadrack then left while the goblin that had been waiting on them turned and spoke with the one introduced as Ragnok for a moment before Ragnok also left.

"Mr. Potter if you wish we will re-key your vaults issuing you new keys for you and your bond mate for all of them. This normally is quite costly but it appears the keys for your vault leaving the family are our fault. Those holding the old keys will have discussions with Gringotts security should they try to use them," The goblin stated.

"That would be excellent. I had planned to remove sufficient galleons to convert to ten thousand pounds as well as an additional thousand galleons from my trust vault today. I was also hoping their might be a set of rings in the family vault that would be appropriate for my bond mate and I to wear, But I would need your help in recognizing them. Would all of it be that be a problem?" Harry said.

"Not at all I will have that taken care of including having the rings brought to my office unless you and yours wish to visit the vaults?"

Harry looked at the other members of his party before replying, "No need we need to be on our way."

"Very good give me a few moments to get everything," The goblin said exiting.

Dan looked towards his wife but seeing as she was stunned he asked, "Harry aren't you withdrawing a lot of money? You might want to leave some in this bank."

Harry smiled then said simply, "Wait."

The goblin returned in less than two minutes with a box, a bag with the Gringotts seal on it, and a stack of notes. "As you requested Mr. Potter and here are your new keys," the goblin said handing over two sets of three keys each.

"Three keys?" Hermione asked before she could stop herself.

"Yes, Mr. Potter's trust vault, the Potter family vault, and Mrs. Potter had her own vault. The family formal rings are in the box."

"Thank you... I'm sorry I didn't catch your name," Harry said with a grin.

"I don't believe I gave it. I am called Barknog by Wizards."

"Thank you Barknog," Harry said opening the box and seeing several matched pair of rings he waived Hermione over motioning for her to pick one.

"Harry I can't."

"To protect your self you must we are bonded. These rings are the Potter family rings you wear one, I wear a matching one. Neville said it was quite important for you to be wearing one at Hogwarts. Something about a change in your status."

Hermione had protested as an automatic reaction to being offered something for nothing but she realized as his bond mate she might want something to warn off other females. She decided picking out a ring with a green stone that had a silver stylized P inserted in it. Harry took the matching male ring placing it on his left hand ring finger before removing the female ring and kneeling placing it on Hermione's left ring finger to accompanying tears from both Hermione and Emma. After rising he turned to face Barknog. "I have one last request my bond mate's parents are concerned that I might have reduced my deposits to unacceptable levels. Would you please inform them in general terms of my trust vault," Harry replied a grin on his face.

The goblin looked at Harry for a moment then looking at the named individuals Barknog said, "What Mr. Potter has withdrawn from his trust vault so far this year will be replaced with in a reasonable period from the revenue his trust holdings are generating."

Dan started to do the math in his head quickly realizing Harry was better off than he was. Harry knew what Dan was doing and said, "Time to get us some clothes," distracting the women.

Three hours later they were in one of London's pubs discussing their Diagon alley adventure. "I couldn't believe how quickly that woman's attitude turned around when she saw your ring," Emma said to her daughter.

The older Harry would have smiled if he'd been in charge. Once they'd left Gringotts he'd relinquished control back to the younger Harry watching to insure he didn't make any severe errors. Both Harry's had initially enjoyed clothes shopping at Madam Malkin's but as with any male both the older and younger Harry were soon worn down. Taking a seat beside Dan Granger he just watched Hermione and Emma as robes were selected for Hermione. The incident Emma had referred to occurred shortly after their entrance. Madam Malkin had allowed one of the shops newest employees approach Hermione. It had been a bad mistake. Wendy, the employee in question had looked at Hermione's muggle clothing and pulled a second hand robe off a nearby rack saying, "This should suffice for someone like you."

"And just what does that mean," Hermione had replied in full indignation.

"Nothing, Mud...Muggle," the girl replied sharply.

Hermione turned on the spot saying, "We're leaving."

"Good riddance," the girl muttered under her breath not noticing she'd attracted the owner's attention well actually Madam Malkin had noticed Harry Potter. Heading over to greet him she head the girls last comment noting Harry was rising to leave with the young bushy haired girl.

Walking up to the girl Madam Malkin nearly stumbled. She made it a point to always check her client's hands, especially if they were female. Rings told many things about a woman not the least of which was how much disposable money they had. But it wasn't the size of the ring that caused her concern it was what the ring meant. The slight girl probably in her first or second year at Hogwarts was wearing a Potter family ring, indicating she was in a bridal contract with the Potter family at the least. Or more to the point as a shop owner this young girl had access now or would have access in the future to more than enough money to buy out her entire store.

"Wendy is there a problem?" Madam Malkin asked.

Wendy shook her head stopping when Madam Malkin asked, "Did you notice the young lady's left hand?"

Wendy looked surprised to be asked such a question about an obvious mudblood but such was the question her eyes were seeking out the hand even as she tried to puzzle out why it was asked. Suddenly the silver P caught her eye and she quickly looked at the group of people accompanying the girl recognizing Harry Potter from the photo that had been published of his arrival at the train station for his first trip to Hogwarts. it was still posted on her sister's wall where she'd put it when she was hoping he end up in Slytherin so she'd have a good chance to hook him as her mother was suggesting. Realizing she'd just insulted the future Lady Potter, Wendy went over and started apologizing profusely.

Seeing her clerk wasn't going to succeed Madam Malkin approached and dismissed Wendy taking care of the future Lady Potter herself as Hermione and her mother selected several robes for the school year.
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