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Tea Party

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After the end Hermione throws a tea party for a the girls. The topic? That would be telling.

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It's been so long I'm not sure where this came from. I found it on my hard drive If I've stepped on anyone's story forgive me it was not intentional. Point me to your story and if it's a direct rip off naturally I will delete this one.

Having said that I do not own the rights to Harry Potter there all JKR's and whoever she signed them over to.

Hermione looked over the group of female classmates and others that had gathered at her and Harry's home for afternoon tea. The days topic of discussion hadn't been brought up yet despite everyone conversing for the last half hour. Clearing her throat she said, "Ladies I believe we need to stop dancing around the obvious and hold a forth right discussion."

"That's fine for you to say you've got Harry all tied down." Dauphine Greengrass said from across the room.

"That's not as comfortable a position as you might think. Allow me to bring everyone up to date on a bill that is currently making its way through the back aisles of the Wizengamot. As it currently is written the "Bill to preserve Wizarding Heritage" will require those who have ended an Wizarding family line that has been in existence for over four hundred years to take the name of that line as their own and insure its continued existence."


"How did you find out?"

"Who blabbed?"

Once everyone started to calm down Hermione said, "Given that my husband has ended several lines you might understand where my discomfort is coming from."

"What do you mean?" One of the less bright Hufflepuff's asked.

"As it currently stands my husband is Harry James Potter Black. Under this bill he would be Harry James Potter Black Malfoy Nott.

"What about Riddle?" A voice called out.

"Thankfully the family line was not long enough though they might try for the Gaunt family line. I've put in a suggestion with my source that might cause major problems with Harry. Hopefully they'll listen.

"What about Neville and the others?"

"I'm sure if we all put our heads together we can figure this out. But the main reason I asked everyone here was to try and avoid problems." Hermione said looking at Luna who nodded at her.

"What problems?"

Hermione held up her hand then said, "I am Mrs. Harry Potter. My husband, with my consent I must add, has asked Luna Lovegood to be Mrs. Harry Black. Our children will be Potters and Blacks respectively thus continuing the family lines."

The room went silent as the rest pondered this Harry Potter would have two wives... wait a minute he had four family names.

"I see the rest of you are starting to understand. Yes there is a lack of eligible men our age but when this bill becomes law, and given the preponderance of old men on the Wizengamot I believe it will, there will be several men looking for multiple wives that can get along. For example; Neville Longbottom who was mentioned moments ago will be Neville Longbottom Lestrange Goyle, I suspect one of the Weasley twins will get the Crabbe family name,"

"Oh my." Several of the ladies said stopping when Susan Bones cleared her throat. "I have also been told of this bill but for me as well as several others here there is a kicker that Hermione might not be aware of. No matter who I marry as I am the last Bones I will be Mrs. 'what ever his name is' Bones and my children will all be Bones. I will not be able to take another family name.

"I guess that applies to me also," Dauphine Greengrass said with a sigh.

"Sorry Dauph," Susan said with a commiserating look.

"I guess it's time to invoke the old rules then." Padma Parvati said with a hint of a sigh.

"What ones?" Lavender Brown asked.

"Say you were interested in being Mrs. Harry Nott, not that you are of course, first you would contact Luna as she is Harry's defacto second wife marrying him after Hermione. If she agrees you are suitable she approaches Hermione and if Hermione agrees they both approach Harry for you."

"What if Harry gets the idea he wants to marry someone else?"

"Hopefully Hermione has indoctrinated him that he needs her and now Luna's agreement before saying anything." Padma finished. The look on Hermione's face told everyone that she had definitely indoctrinated Harry about making sure his current wives liked his future wife.

As the conversation turned to who was interested in who Hermione was debating rather she should put a stop to it or not when Luna touched her arm saying, "Let the preliminary discussions go on. They need to find out who is interested in who and what combinations would work."

"Still this isn't what..."

"Let it go. Many things are beyond your direct control. We should discuss who the other two wives will be. I personally was hoping that Susan could be one but given what she's said that's not a possibility now."

"I am concerned about Gabrielle Delacour I know she would like to be one of the two," Hermione said looking at her future sister wife.

Luna nodded saying, "A Veela would be an excellent choice. It would deflect some of the attention from us allowing us more freedom."

Hermione looked at Luna a shocked expression on her face, "You wouldn't feel threatened?"

"By Gabrielle... not at all. If there is anyone alive that would do her best to insure everything worked smoothly in our relationship it would be a Veela and Gabrielle possesses far more Veela traits than her sister."

In the group Padma looked at her sister asking, "Neville?"

Parvati Patil looked back at her sister nodding, "We'll decide who's Mrs. Longbottom later. But what about Susan she's sweet on him?"

"I can get along with her. Besides she stays a Bones."

"Right then." Raising her voice Parvati asked, "Is there anyone else interested in Neville?" Seeing Susan's downcast eyes she added, "Other that the one that wants to be Mrs. Neville Bones?" Seeing a few interested looks she added, "Get with us later. Susan come over here a moment."

Over at the Longbottom Manor Harry and Neville were hanging out with a few other "Hero's of the Dark Lord's demise" everyone was drinking butterbeer a few of the older ones were following theirs with Firewhisky chasers.

"Any idea what's going on over at your place Harry?" Neville asked as he took another sip while listening to the London Lions game on Wizarding Wireless.

"Not really she came home a few days ago after a visit to insure our marriage to Luna wouldn't cause problems at the ministry with her dander up. Next thing I know I'm told to be out of the house today and not to come back until I'm told to."

"Don't suppose Dobby would tell us what's going on," Shamus asked being one of the recent arrivals.

"She threw him out too. That is a total hen party boys."

Neville looked over asking, "How did you know to come here Shamus?"

"Oh, Lavender said the men are gathering at Neville's just as she popped out to attend the conclave."

Harry chuckled and when everyone looked at him he explained, "Shamus has is right, if ever there was a witches conclave there is one at my home right now. I suggest we be afraid, very afraid."

"So their mostly young witches. Can't be any worse that the Dark Dork can it?" Justin asked looking around.

Neville chuckled to himself before replying, "Mate Hermione's the one who figured out how to kill the Dark Dork."

"Oh crap."

"You got that right."
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