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The Cauldron II

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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Jott and Kurtty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with the help of ...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 21: The Cauldron II

This chapter is based on the same episode of Evo, however it's a bit different then the actual episode, so please bear with me.


"Professor, Storm, Jean?! What have you done?!" yelled Scott as he entered the room just in time to see the Professor, Ororo, and Jean unconscious in some strange containment tubes.

"Easy Cyclops, they are fine...For now," responded Magneto calmly.

"Let them go!" demanded Scott as he put his hands on his glasses.

"I wouldn't do that," warned Magneto as he sensed what Scott was up to. "Those tubes are treated to the point where if you break them, the rapid change in pressure would kill them in the blink of an eye."

Scott then backed off, but he remained vigilant. He still did not trust Magneto in the slightest, but then his brother put a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down Scott, I'm sure Magneto has his reasons," said Alex.

Slowly, Scott backed off a bit. He may not have trusted Magneto, but he did trust Alex.

"Well said Alex...Now, shall we get down to business?" said Magneto with a grin as he saw Scott stand down.

"What do you mean? What's the point of all this?" asked Scott trying not to sound too hostile.

Magneto responded by using his powers to turn on a strange-looking computer located to the side. Soon, images of DNA and outside views of the complex came in to focus.

"As Alex may have already told you, I bought you here to extend an offer...An offer that Charles Xavier could never provide. You see, this complex, which I call Asteroid M, is a part of my life's work. For years now, I have dedicated myself towards the advancement of mutants everywhere and planned for the eventual overthrow of humanity."

Scott felt unnerved by Magneto's words, but Alex did not seem to show any discontent thus far. It must have been the promise to relieve the pain in his hands that had him sold from the start.

"Wait...Overthrow? You want to wipe out humanity?" said Scott in disbelief that somebody could ever seriously contemplate something that grand.

"It is only a matter of time now," replied Magneto casually as if it wasn't a big deal. "Mutants are the future...They are the evolution of a species. And evolution cannot happen effectively, if the world is still run by weak, simple-minded homo sapians."

"But why wipe them out?" replied Scott sternly. "Why choose bloodshed?"

"Because mankind is SICK!" said Magneto with a hint of anger in his voice. "I have experienced first hand the intolerance, bigotry, and hate that permeates throughout this pitiful world. Mankind has long bought pain and suffering to those whom they vilify because they don't understand. That kind of hate has cost me my parents, my wife, and any hope I ever had at being a 'normal' member of society. They can stick me in concentration camps and burn numbers on to my skin...But in the end it will not deter me from fulfilling the destiny of the human race."

There was a lot of angst, hate, and vengeance brewing in Magneto's tone. They were feelings that Scott was no stranger to, for he too had seen all too much of the dark side of humanity. He didn't want to let himself get sucked in to this madman's hate, but knowing what he knew about the world and what he had seen that was hard. But whenever he felt such feelings he simply glanced back over at Jean and his friends to let himself know that while there was some truth in Magneto's words, there were many lies as well.

"You're not the only one to have experienced the dark side to humanity, Magneto. I too have suffered at the hands of hate, but this is no way to deal with it!" said Scott.

"You've say you've suffered too?" stated Magneto, "I am aware of some parts of your past Cyclops. There is no hiding from that. I know the anger you must feel for what's happened to you. And I know that you did not deserve any of it. That is why I wish to help you and your friends out by taking part in my grandest plan."

"What plan?" asked Scott.

"My plan for evolution..."

Suddenly a large steel door opened behind them and a huge machine came in to focus. Centered at floor level appeared to be a chamber large enough for a small group of people. Numerous lights and fixtures littered the machine that looked like something out of a dream. Scott began to grow more curious as the machine almost put a hypnotic spell on him with its grandeur. Now, the young leader's concern grew, for now the dye had been cast for something big to happen...Something very big.


Back out in the cold arctic air, a mysterious craft sped through the sky at great speeds. The craft was known as the Velocity, and it was the latest addition to the X-men's arsenal.

"So vhat's the deal with this Magneto guy? Vhy did he kidnap the Professor?" asked Kurt as Logan piloted the craft.

"Anything goes with Magneto. He's pretty much old-school crazy. But whatever he's got planned, we've got to stop it because it can't be good!" said Logan.

"What do ya mean by old-school crazy?" asked Rogue.

Logan took a deep breath, knowing that the students he helped raise were about to put their skills to the test.

"Mags and the Professor use to be friends back in the day. They started off working together to form a place for mutants to learn to control their powers. But Magneto's view towards mutants in the future was a bit more...Aggressive to say the least. He has a grudge against the whole human race and has plans that are borderline genocidal. It's because of him the Brotherhood was formed in the first place."

"So Magneto is basically the big bad guy. Well, what does he want with the Professor and Scott? And what about Scott's brother?" asked Kitty.

"That's the million dollar question half-pint, but when it involves Magneto...Be ready for anything and everything."

The Velocity continued on course towards the source of the magnetic trail left by Magneto. Nobody, not even Wolverine, knew what to expect.


"This...Is my mutant enhancement machine," said Magneto with excitement as he unveiled the grand device to Scott and Alex. "It uses the power of an ancient stone said to have enormous mystical properties. With my power, I found a way to unleash it's full potential for mutants of all kind. This machine uses the power generated from the stone to accelerate and fully enhance those who posses the X-gene. This means no more hiding behind those ruby quartz glass and no more incessant pain in the hands. It also wipes clean the human attributes that make us all weak. It makes one devoid of the emotion and feelings that plague and weaken us from true evolution. And I am offering you both the opportunity to be one of the first who will partake in this marvelous machine."

It was an offer that was almost too enticing to pass up. Scott had lost his eyes eight years ago and they had caused him a great deal of pain. Now this...Man was saying that he had a way to cure him of that. But the price he was telling him seemed more than he made it out to be. He made emotion sound like something of a burden.

"But...Why destroy emotion?" demanded Scott not seeing the reasons for such an act.

"Because emotion makes you weak. I know it...And from what little I've learned about parts of your past Cyclops...So do you. Wouldn't you give anything not to have to feel that kind of pain?"

Magneto had played an unexpected card. He was using something that Scott had struggled with for years. No matter how much he had tried in to forget about the terrible years that happened after the plight that killed his parents, he could never forget get past it. Some part of him wanted to believe this man when he said he could lift the burdens that weighed so heavily on his soul, but deep down inside he knew it wasn't true. He could feel it in his presence that Magneto was not being sincere. But then he felt his brother put his hand on his shoulder.

"Well Scott...What do you think?" said Alex.

"I don't know...What about you Magneto? Have you gone through it?" asked Scott.

"Indeed I have. This machine has made my powers grow to unimaginable levels. With this power I created this complex from an iron asteroid from space. And it shall be the centerpiece in the future world order that awaits us," said Magneto ominously.

There was brief pause after those words were spoken. Alex continued to look his brother in the eye, trying to decipher what was running through his brothers' mind.

"I think we should do it Scott. I think it can help us and every other mutant out there," said Alex.

"But what about the Professor and the rest of my friends?" said Scott.

"They too shall go through the machine. I promise you that. The reason I contained them is because I wanted to show you my point of view without Charles tainting them. I want you to make the decision...Not him."

Scott was now seriously debating what to do now. Alex seemed to push him towards trying it and it was getting hard not to give in.

"I don't know...I just don't," said Scott to Alex.

"Look...I'm not going if you're not. I want us to be in this together bro," said Alex in response.

Scott looked in to the eyes of the brother he thought he had lost so long ago. There was truth in his eyes and he believed what he saw. It was unclear whether there was more good in Magneto's offer than bad, but a choice had to be made. Finally, Scott felt compelled to follow his brother.

"Okay...We'll go together," said Scott after some initial hesitation.

"Thanks Scott," said Alex with a smile.

"Then step forth and accept the glorious fate of all mutants," said Magneto as he opened the large steel door leading in to the core of his machine.

Scott slowly began to make his way towards the machine alongside Alex, but unknown to either of them Magneto had started to equalized the pressure in the containment tubes and Jean, Ororo, and the Professor were just about to regain consciousness. Suddenly, Scott stopped cold in his tracks only a few feet from entering the machine. Then, he heard a soft voice in his head.

'Scott...Is that you?'

It was Jean, and she was almost awake from her unconscious state. Something in her voice made Scott stop and think again about what he was doing. He looked back at Magneto and then back at Jean and his friends. Suddenly, it occurred to him that this wasn't right. This whole thing was all wrong. Magneto wanted to drain off emotion and feeling with his machine. Scott realized that he didn't want to lose something that grand. They did cause a great deal of pain in his life, but when he looked at Jean he knew that there was still some feelings that made it all worth it.

"Wait..." said Scott as he stopped.

"What's wrong Scott?" asked Alex.

"This isn't right. This is all wrong. I'm sorry Alex...But I can't do this," said Scott.

The Professor seemed to sense Scott's decision and felt relieved that he hadn't been tainted by Magneto. Alex's expression didn't change as he saw his brother stop moments before they entered the machine. Magneto on the other hand, didn't look too concerned for some strange reason. Xavier noticed this and began to grow worried.

"Are you sure Scott?" asked Alex.


There was a brief pause after Scott's answer. Then, Alex looked back in to Scott's eyes.

"Then I'm sorry it has to be this way...Cyclops."

Suddenly, Alex's eyes shifted in to a strange golden color and his voice changed to resemble a chillingly familiar voice. Before Scott could react he was shoved in to the machine and the doors slammed shut behind him.

"NO!" yelled Jean as she saw this happen from her containment tube.

Then, the Professor watched in horror as the form of Mystique replaced Alex. She looked stronger and bigger than before and had a snide smile on her face upon seeing the reaction of the three prisoners.

"Mystique?!" yelled the Professor in disbelief.

Then, as the machine began to fire up and unleash it's power on Scott, the master of magnetism only laughed at the looks on their faces.

"You really are a fool Charles. You should have done more research. If you had then you would have known that the dead body of Alex Summers was found in a lake three days after that plane crash along with his parents. It only took the power of this machine, the enhanced deception of Mystique, and a little forgery to make you and Scott believe whatever I wanted you to believe."

Charles looked upon his old friend with a mixture of shock and anger. While this was happening, Jean was frantically trying to get through to Scott through the heavily shielded walls around the chamber.

"You lose Xavier. With my powers I fooled you, I fooled Cyclops, and I fooled Cerebro. I am now truly a master of deception thanks to this machine and there is nothing you can do to save your leader," taunted Mystique as she approached the containment tubes.

Jean was still desperately trying to reach Scott, for she could feel the pain the machine was causing him and how badly he was trying to fight it. However, he was quickly loosing that battle.

"Don't bother trying to contact him Miss Grey. Those walls have thick psionic shields that can foil any telepath. By the time this is done, Cyclops will be a fully evolved mutant, devoid of feelings and emotion," said Magneto noticing Jean trying desperately to make contact with Scott.

"I...Don't...Care! I won't...Let...You...Hurt him!" said Jean with determination as she pushed her powers beyond their limits.

The Professor grew even more concerned, but Magneto and Mystique remained calm feeling that they had won for sure.

'Scott! Scott can you hear me?!' yelled Jean through her mind as the glow behind the door of the machine grew more intense.

She couldn't hear anything, for the shielding seemed too powerful. But Jean pushed herself even farther and was starting to feel the strain of her powers...Until finally she heard something. It was a sound of great pain. It was the pain of Scott desperately trying to fight the effects of the machine, but it appeared that he was losing that fight.

'Scott, fight it! Come on I know you can!' yelled Jean, hoping he was still himself.

'Jean...Can't...Stop it,' replied a weak voice.

'Yes you can Scott! I know you can!'

'I'm...Sorry...Jean...But...' Scott's thoughts were getting weaker as the strain on his body and mind grew almost too great to handle.

'Don't say that Scott...Don't even think it! You can do this, I know you can! You helped me when I thought I couldn't do it now let me do the same!'

'Jean...' but there were no more words after that and Jean felt tears welling up in her eyes.

'Please Scott! I don't want to lose you! I can't lose you! Please!'

Then, she could feel nothing more. She nearly collapsed in her containment tube from mental strain. When she opened her eyes the machine was nearly done and Mystique and Magneto were still standing before her.

"I told you it was useless to try and contact him. But you didn't listen...Now watch as the final phase of Cyclops' transformation begins!" said Magneto.

But in hearing his words, Jean realized that she had contacted him through all the shielding. Magneto was wrong about one thing at least, but she didn't say anything. She was still too concerned for Scott. She didn't want him to walk out of that machine and end up nothing like the boy she had found herself so in love with for years now. But as despair nearly overwhelmed her, she heard one last voice in her head from Scott.

'Don't worry Jean...You've done your part. It'll be okay...Thank you.'

Scott's words didn't seemed pained anymore for some reason, but she didn't know why. Had she succeeded? Was Scott okay? Her mind began to race, but then the machine stopped and the process was complete.

"It's done," said Magneto as he opened the doors.

A small cloud of mist then came billowing out and a new figure began to take shape. Jean, Ororo, and the Professor watched anxiously as a new image of Scott came in to view. He was bigger, he looked a lot stronger, and had white hair now. In addition, he gave off a more commanding presence. Slowly, he approached Mystique and Magneto.

"Congratulations Cyclops, you have become a truly advanced being and all weaknesses from before are hereby gone. Now, dispose of those unsightly glasses and let us see your eyes," said Magneto in triumph.

Scott then proceeded to remove the ruby quartz glasses that he always had to wear and threw them away near the three containment tubes. Jean, Ororo, and the Professor let out a light gasp as they looked upon Scott's deep brown eyes for the first time. Jean's gaze was particularly strong, for she had only seen them before in psychic connections. She wanted to try and communicate with his mind again, but the words he spoke earlier stopped her before she could try.

"Now do you see it Charles? Now do you see the power of my plan? With this machine and a new generation of mutants, the human race will fall and a new world order shall unfold," said Magneto ominously as he felt that he had ultimately triumphed.

Just then, a strange alarm went off and lights began to flash. Startled, the master of magnetism looked to his monitor to see a strange looking helicopter flying over them.

"You're wrong Magnus, it isn't over yet," said Xavier.

Then, a loud explosion shook the huge complex to its core as a gaping hole was blown in to the roof.

"All right team, let's show Magneto what X-men are made of!" commanded Logan as the helicopter descended.

Magneto let out a magnetic shock wave to tear the craft apart...But nothing happened.

"What? Plastic!?"

Magneto looked over at Charles, who simply shrugged his shoulders innocently. It only made Magneto's temper boil even more as he turned to Scott.

"Cyclops! Take them down NOW!" commanded the master of magnetism.

But Scott didn't respond. He simply stood there as if he hadn't even heard him.

"Well, what are you waiting for?!" said the impatient mutant as the helicopter drew closer.

Scott's head then turned towards Mystique and Magneto.

"You say we are the future...And we are to be a part of your new order. Well if that is the future...I don't want any part of it...And I won't let it happen," said Scott sternly.

Then, the young mutant let forth a powerful optic blast and destroyed the central computer terminals that had powered the machine. Then he unleashed another powerful blast that sent Magneto flying back. The two captors grew shocked as they watched the scene unfold before them, while Jean, Ororo, and the Professor grew more hopeful by the second.

"You fool!" yelled Mystique, "What have you done!?"

"Ended you're plans for good."

"ERR! YOU WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THIS!" yelled Mystique as she pushed a button on a small, hand-held device.

Then, a door off to the side opened and the five members of the Brotherhood stepped out prepared for battle. Mystique was about to attack Scott, when a loud, familiar growl was heard. It was Wolverine.

"Give it up Mystique! Or you'll be messing with a Wolverine!" yelled Logan as he started to attack her.

"I don't have time for this now! That's why we took 'special' precautions for you," replied Mystique as she opened another doorway.

Then his arch-foe Sabertooth tackled Logan to the ground and they began to fight it out.

"Sabertooth, I didn't expect you to be one of Magneto's lackeys!" taunted Logan as he began to swipe his claws as the cat-like mutant.

"Anything for the chance to fight you Logan!" growled Sabertooth in response.

The Brotherhood then took to fighting the other four X-men that had arrived. Wanda immediately went after Rogue, Lance attacked Kurt, Pietro fought Evan, and Blob and Toad were double-teaming Kitty. While Mystique went to revive Magneto, Scott made his way over to the containment tubes holding the rest of his family. With three quick optic blasts, he shattered the tubes like glass.

"Hurry up and get the Professor out of here," said Scott upon freeing them.

"Wait, what about you Scott?" asked Jean as she ran up to him.

Scott responded by gently putting each hand on Jean's shoulders.

"I have to destroy the machine core and make sure this place never becomes what Magneto wants it to be," said Scott gently.

"Then let us help," replied Jean.

"You've already helped more than I could ever thank you for Jean. Now you have to get everybody out of here and let me do what I have to," said Scott.

Jean looked in to Scott's eyes...The eyes she had never seen outside the use of her powers. The machine had truly failed in eliminating what Magneto considered weaknesses. And Scott owed all that to Jean.

"But what about you?" said Jean wearily, not liking what he was hinting.

"I'll be okay...I promise. I just need you to trust me Jean," said Scott.

Jean didn't have time to think about Scott's words, the battle in the room was getting too intense.

"Okay...I trust you..." said Jean as she helped Ororo get the Professor in to the Velocity.

Then, Scott ran towards the entrance of the machine and with his enhanced power, blasted a hole through the metal floor and leaped in. Upon seeing this, Jean knew they had to get out soon...But the Brotherhood wasn't going to make that easy. Each one of them was locked in a bitter stalemate with the other. Then, she saw Pietro taunting Evan as he literally ran circles around him.

"Too slow Daniels! You won't win this time!" yelled Pietro as he dodged another one of Evan's spike barrages.

"Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before Quicksilver!" replied Evan as he watched his projectiles miss.

"Oh and you think you're gonna beat me?" asked Pietro snidely.

"No...She is," smirked Evan seeing Jean approach behind him.

Before the speed demon could react, he found himself flung across the room towards the fight between Wanda and Rogue. Taking in the new opportunity, Rogue used her powers to absorb the speedy mutant and knock him out cold.

"Time to end this," said Rogue.

Then, with Pietro's speed, she took down Wanda and knocked her out cold just like she did with her brother. Then, with Wanda's powers in hand, she neutralized the rest of the Brotherhood including Sabertooth. However, Mystique and Magneto were nowhere to be found. Suddenly, the entire complex shook violently.

"We have to get out of here now!" bellowed Logan.

"But what about Scott?" said Kitty.

"Don't worry," assured Jean, "He said he'll be okay."

There was no time for debate, the rest of the X-men rushed in to the Velocity and lifted off away from Asteroid M. Meanwhile the Brotherhood felt another shake and began to feel that the battle was lost.

"I don't like the feel of that yo! I think we'd better make our escape!" said Toad as he arose from being knocked across the room from Rogue's attack.

"But what about Mystique? What about Magneto and all he promised us?" said Blob.

"It's over Blob...If they want to stay here and get crushed then let em! Let's just get the fuck out of here!" replied Lance as he and his teammates gathered Wanda and Pietro and fled towards the escape pods.

Down in the core of the massive Asteroid, Scott was blasting his way through every mechanism in sight. He was determined to bring Magneto's insane dream down for good. He already had destroyed the hover mechanisms and the stabilization systems. Now all that was left was the glowing energy core that stood before him. But before he could destroy it with one last optic blast, two familiar figures stepped forth and stopped him. Mystique tried to do a flying kick to knock him out, but the enhanced body and attributes that Magneto had given him helped him counter it and knock her across the room with an optic blast.

"WHY!? Why did you throw it all away Cyclops?!" yelled Magneto as he used the metal around him to try and encase Scott. "I gave you a free ticket on my glorious machine! I gave you the chance to be a part of a great future, but you chose to destroy it! You chose to end it before it could even began without knowing who was right and who was wrong! Why?! Why did you do it?!"

Magneto tightened the metal he had encased around Scott. But, the hold wasn't tight enough.

"I did it...For Alex."

Then, a blinding ruby colored light engulfed the surrounding area and then Scott unleashed a massive blast of energy that shattered the core.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" yelled Magneto as his dream went up in smoke.

From outside the Asteroid, the X-men watched the huge complex start to fall to earth and saw a brilliant red beam of light shoot out of the top. Around the surface of the Asteroid, balls of fire began to erupt outward and then...In one blinding burst of light, the once great base exploded in a brilliant flash. The flash was so bright that the X-men had to shield their eyes. After the explosion, two metal orbs came flying out of the fire at fantastic speeds and a single presence was still unaccounted for.

"Scott..." said Jean wearily as she frantically searched for his presence.

Then, suddenly Logan saw something with his acute sense of sight.

"LOOK! I see him!" yelled Logan as he pointed to a small figure falling away from the Asteroid.

It was Scott and he looked like his old self again, but he was unconscious.

"We have to go back for him!" said Ororo as she urged Logan to take the ship down.

"I'm trying but this thing ain't fast enough!"

"Then I'll save him..." said Jean as she used her telekinesis to blast the door open and leap in to the cold arctic air.

"Jean!" yelled Professor Xavier, but he was already too late.

With her powers, Jean made herself go ever faster towards the falling Scott. The cold air of the Arctic stung as blew against her, but she still kept going. She would not lose her best friend. The ground grew ever closer and Jean reached for Scott. Suddenly, he was awakened by the cold air and slowly reached out for Jean's hand. He was still part unconscious, but he kept trying. With the ground almost there, Jean finally grabbed on to Scott's hand and held it tight. With her powers she then slammed on the breaks and slowed their decent. Finally, the two friends reached the ground and landed softly. Scott immediately collapsed in to the soft snow.

"Jean...Jean is that you?" said Scott who still had his eyes closed.

"I'm here Scott," said Jean as she put his glasses back his face, "Everything is going to be all right."

Upon hearing those words...Those very same words that he had heard in that dream he had so long ago...Scott couldn't help but smile warmly at her even in the frigid cold. When he opened his eyes and saw Jean's face with the beautiful aurora borealis in the sky, he felt that this girl truly was the angel he had seen in that fateful dream he had all those years ago.

"Thank you Jean," said Scott finally as she helped him to his feet. "I owe you big time. If it wasn't for you...I may still be alive, but everything about me would've be dead. And you saved me from that terrible fate..."

"Hey...You said it yourself Scott. What are friends for?" smiled Jean.

Even though she couldn't see his eyes anymore, Jean felt she didn't need to as her eyes locked with Scott's. She would always remember them for that brief moment she did see them, but for now she had everything she needed. Then, as they found their faces drifting ever closer, they were interrupted by the sound of the X-copter landing besides them. Snapping back to reality, Jean took Scott's hand.

"Come on Slim, let's go home," said Jean.

As Scott walked in to the Velocity, he took one look back at the now fallen asteroid that was up in flames and the brilliance of the aurora lights in the sky. He had found his brother and lost him all over again...And it hurt. But the feelings of inner pain that Scott felt were momentarily overshadowed by what he had accomplished with his friends.

'That was for you Alex...Wherever you are. I still miss you bro and I always will. Hopefully one day I'll see you, mom, and dad again...And until that time comes I'll be missing you.'

As Scott finished his silent prayer towards his parents and brother, he took a seat in the Velocity next to Jean.

"Are you okay Scott?" asked Evan as he noticed the look on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine," said Scott with a small smile.

That relieved his friends, but the Professor felt he had one last thing to tell him. Something important as his expression turned to one of sorrow.

"Scott...I believe I owe you an apology for all this. I...Shouldn't have gotten your hopes up so much when I said I had found Alex. I had no idea that Mystique could trick us like that and I had no idea Magneto's plans would go so far. I don't know how to express how sorry I am for making you feel the loss of your family all over again."

The Professor's tone was solemn and full of regret, but Scott wouldn't let that remain because there was some aspects of his words that were untrue.

"It's not your fault Professor. You said it yourself; Mystique's deception runs deep. And while it does hurt to lose Alex all over again...That doesn't mean that I've lost my family," said Scott with a smile.

The Professor couldn't help but smile back along with the rest of the team. As smart a man as Charles Xavier was, he too sometimes forgot that family isn't always dependent on blood.

As the Velocity sped off in to sky under the lights of the aurora borealis, Scott held on to Jean's hand...With a newfound feeling of peace.


AN: Sorry for all you Alex fans out there, but he really is dead in this story. I know it may seem harsh, but remember this is AU. I just thought it would have more of an impact if Scott really did lose his entire family in that plane crash, but I did it purely for the sake of the story. Please don't hate me. This isn't the end. There are still a lot of things in this story left to tell. Stay tuned for the next chapter as all the Scott/Jean issues come to a head! So what did you think of my little twist? Like it? Hate it? Send me your thoughts at or post them on I hope you all liked the story thus far and best wishes to you all!

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