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Yay. School. Oh joy.

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It was nighttime when I arrived at Camblyn. I walked up the long drive slowly. Iron wrought gates stood towering above me once I had walked behind the wall of trees that obstructed the view from the road to the school. I pushed on them. They weren't locked. I went through them with the most peculiar feeling of dread following me. I knocked on the big double doors. The school was practically medeival. It was made of stone blocks and had ivy covering most of it. It was 3 stories tall and looked like it would have a basement. The very top of the roof was flat and had stairs coming out of it so you could stand on it. A chill wind passed through the trees and whipped my hair around my face. I shivered. I knocked on the door again, expecting an answer. The doors seemingly opened on their own, but the wind probably just blew them open. I looked around inside but all the lights were off. "Hello?" I called. My voice echoed throughout the halls. "Is anyone here?" I set my bags down by the door and started to walked forward with my hands out in front of me, I stumbled often. I stopped, about to go back outside because I think I would rather be outside where there is some light, unlike here where there is none. But I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw an orange glow that looked like firelight that was coming from down something that appeared to be a hallway. I stumbled towards it. Goodness!! What the dickens is on this bloody floor?! When did I start saying stuff like that? My foot plopped into a pool of some unseen liquid. "Ick!" I said and pulled my foot up and shook it. I started to get a bit frightened. I ran down the hall and just when I was going to see through the door it slammed shut. I banged on it. "Hey!! Let me in!!! I just got here!!! I'm a new student!!! Please!!!" I yelled, "Please," I said in desperation. A distant scream echoed down the hall. I turned to the sound of it. My eyes widened and my breathing quickened. Footsteps started sounding through the narrow hall. Screams came through the doors as a dark silhouette passed them. The silouette came closer and the screams got closer and louder! A man with black hair and frightening black eyes came into the minimal light from the bottom of the door. A wicked grin appeared on his face. "Boo!" he whispered. I jolted upright in my bed and screamed at the top of my lungs. Wait, how did I get here? I shuddered as I remembered what had happened when I arrived at Camblyn. I blinked and the man's face flashed behind my lids. I started to shake. Black eyes stared at me in my head. My breathing accelerated. An extra white set of teeth smiled at me. I threw the covers off of me and quickly got out of bed. I sighed with relief. The room was bright and cheery now. It was lavishly furnished. There were three other beds in my new room. The occupants of those beds were still sound asleep. I glanced up at the clock on the wall and it said 6:30. Classes start at 7:50. I got dressed, still scared silly. The man still haunting me. I sat down on my bed and pulled out a book that always calmed me. My favourite: Pride and Prejudice. I was at page 40 when my roomates started to wake up at 7:00. In fact they all woke up at the exact same time. Odd... "Good morning!" I said trying to sound cheery and make new friends. They walked past me and into the hallway in a straight line. The last girl closed the door behind them. "Alright then," I said to myself. I walked out into the hallway. Apparently I was in the Girls' Dormitory Wing. Girls walked to and fro from their rooms to the bathrooms and then back again. No one stopped to talk to each other. "Umm...could you tell me where 1st hour Biology is," I asked a girl that passed by me. She shook her head at me and went on her way. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw a fair-haired girl looking at me, concerned. "If you want to remain unnoticed, you should act like everyone else here," she warned me. "Wha-what do you mean?" I said but she just walked away. She turned just her head to me. She motioned me to follow her. I did. She stopped in front of a door. I came to her but she pulled my sleeve and whispered in my ear. "Don't say anything to me...I could be severely punished for helping you. Don't talk unless a teacher asks you a direct question. And always pay attention. Your welcome. If you need any other help come to room 103 at 1:00am," she said and then left without another word. I walked into the room. It was Biology. I took a seat at the back of the room. I kept my mouth sealed shut and stared straight ahead at the black board. The whole school seemed to be completely silent. The seats filled silently until the room was full. A woman entered the room and closed the door behind her. She was extremely beautiful. Her eyes were very dark blue but it was a strange blue. Almost fake. She walked to the chalkboard and wrote Miss Hardwicke on it. "I'm the headmistress, Miss Hardwicke. I also teach Biology and Chemistry. There will be no talking in my class, or laughing, the basement is strictly off limits and all of you will have the highest grades in England or you will be expelled from Camblyn Academy," she said curtly. The highest grades?! What?! That's madness!! "We expect nothing less than the best here at Camblyn!" she continued, firmly. Maybe I won't like it better here?
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