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Chapter 38

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Frank Comes Homes

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When he got to the house he used the spare key that was hidden in the little flower pot that sat of to the side. Frank let himself in quietly and dropped his bag to the floor by the door. Locking the door and then taking off his coat he made his way up stairs.

Opening his son’s door he crept into the room to lay eyes on him. it had been so long since he seen him that he couldn’t help, but to kiss his soft curly topped hair. He watched as he stirred a little, but then stelled back into a peaceful sleep.

He stood there just watching him for a moment and just took in all the changes that happened to his son since he had been on tour. He looked liked he had grown so much, he looked bigger. He stayed there a few more mintues just looking at his boy and he realized just how hard it was to tour with a family at home.

Walking out the room he shut the door with out making a sound and made his way to her room. He knew that she would be sleeping since it was only six in the morning so he opened the door just as he did with his son’s and shut the door behind him.

He saw her lying in the bed sleeping peacefully on her side. She had a pillow tucked underneath her and she was in the fetal position. Since the last time he saw her, her hair had grown and it now splayed across her face and when she breathed some of it moved with her breathing.

While he watched her he slowly took off his shoes, then his socks, fallowed by his pants, then jacket and shirt. Walking over to the bed in just his boxers he pulled the cover back and climbed in the bed beside her. he wrapped his arms around her and brought her body to his own.

She fit so nicely against him that all he could do was sigh. He really did love her, he just had to find the guts to tell her and to stop living in the past. Seeing Amanda just made him realize just how much he was hurting Monica and how he needed to stop treating her the way that he did.

He knew that she loved him. she was always by his side, even when he did things to hurt her and drive her away. She loved him and she had proven that over the years and now was the time for him to give her what she deserved.

As he spooned her he let like he should have just let her go and find someone too love her, but deep down he knew he really couldn’t so that was why he had asked for another chance and if it couldn’t work he would let her coul.

He wanted to be the man that she needs, but he was such a pansy sometimes that he never was. In his heart he prayed and thanked God for the opportunity to just be able to hold her in his arms again and call her his.

He didn’t realize until it was to late that he had tightened his hold on her and that she had woken up. Turning around she looked at him still sleepy and said, “Frankie welcome home.” And snuggled up to him and wrapped her arms around him as she fell back to sleep.

He could feel his breath tickled his neck as she breathed in and out and he felt for the first time in years tears prickle the backs of his eyes. A long time ago he had vowed that he would never cry over a woman again, but he couldn’t help it. The woman that he loved with all his heart had told him welcome home and his home was where he was, in her arms.
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