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Chapter 39

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Frank's POV

I woke to the sound of Anthony yelling mommy over the baby monitors that were setup in the rooms. Monica started to get up, but I stopped her and went to go get him.

When I walked into his room he was climbing out of his bed. When he saw me he jumped up and down and squealed, “Daddy,” and then ran over to me.

I scooped him up and carried him back to Monica’s room. She was just sitting up and bed and I climbed back in bed with her with our son in my arms. I never felt so complete.

I was Anthony look at his mother and smile as he said, “Food, food, food.” She laughed at him and all I could do was smile at the both of them. I couldn’t help, but smile at my family.

As we walked down the stairs I thought about the events that happened at the tour and in a way I was thankful that they did happen because they made me realize how much I wanted this time with Monica. It made me realize that I to be with her and Anthony for the rest of my life.

I sat Anthony down in the living room and turned on the TV to the educational cartoons that we let him watch and set up all the gates in the doorways and the stairs so that he couldn’t get out and hurt himself. After that was done I sat and watched TV for a while with him as Monica cooked us breakfast.

I was sitting down spending time with Anthony when I heard some one opening the door and I watched as Nonnie and Gerard made their way into the house. When Anthony saw them he got up and ran to them, “Ant No and Unkey Jiggy!” he said bring a smile to our faces. I couldn’t believe he still calls Gee by that name. It really was my fault since I said it in front of him and he never stopped calling Gee that even when we tried to correct him.

When they came further into the room Nonnie cut me a look, but I chose to ignore it and called out to Monica that her sister was here. Walking out Monica hugged her sister and the Gerard, “So are you guys ready for him?” she asked him.

Nonnie smiled down at her at Anthony, “Yep, we sure are and we are going to have fun aren’t we Tony?”

I watched as he jumped up and down as high as his little legs could jump, “Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!”

We all laughed at him, “Well, breakfast is cooked. So, ya’ll come on and eat and then when you three are done ya’ll can leave and have your day of fun.”

“Fun!” Anthony shouted again.

As we were walking into the dinning room me and gee talked, “Feeling rested since the trip last night?” I asked him because I sure and the hell wasn’t.

“hell no, but you know Nonnie.”

I smirked at him, “yeah I know.”

Breakfast went well and I didn’t have to hear any crap from Nonnie which was a plus. After everyone was done and Anthony was cleaned of and ready to go, we kissed him goodbye as he went to spend his day with Nonnie and Gerard.

As I was cleaning the dishes Monica turned to me, “I’m going up stairs. If you want to join me that’s were I’ll be.”

Before I could turn around and reply she was already gone. Taking the hint I walked up the stairs to her room or should I say our room and that’s where I found her. she was lying on the bed, leaning back on her elbows with a bent and looking up a me, “Like what you see?” she asked.

“Yeah I do.” I told her as my eyes roamed all over her beautiful body.

She laughed, “Then why aren’t you in the bed with me?”

I lifted an eyebrow at her, “Hell if I know.” I said and I stripped out of the T-shirt and sweats I was wearing and walked over to her. once in front of her I asked, “Do you like what you see?”

She got up on her knees and moved over to me, “You know I do.” And before I knew I felt her take me into her mouth. Man, I missed that feeling.
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