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chapter 40

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Monica's POV

Pulling away from him I sat up in the bed and stood up next to him after I got off, “Sit.” I told him.

Once he was sitted I kneeled in front of him in between his legs and once again took him into my mouth. The salty taste of his pre-cum hit my taste buds and I felt myself go hot. I swirled my tongue around his tip and took him into mouth further, deep throating him. I knew he liked it from the moans that he was making.

I wanted to take my time with him, but I guess Frank had another idea. He lifted my off of him and onto the bed. His lips crashed down on mine and now it was my turn to let out a moan. One of his arms was under my head as he kissed me and his free hand gone to caress my right breast. I loved the feel of his hands on me and I arched my back for him.

His hand was soon replaced with his mouth and I just sighed in pleasure. He removed his lips from me and asked, “Are you ready for me?” the hand that was just on my breast a moment before moved down between us until it found me.

I closed my eyes as the sensations that his hand was causing me sent heat through out my body. I was wet and he smiled down at me with satisfaction that I was wet and oh so ready for him. He brought his hand up to his lips and tasted them, “I always loved the way you tasted.” He told me. Then he kissed me again.

As he pushed his tongue into my mouth and separated my legs with his knee and settled himself in-between my legs. I could feel him throbbing against me and I couldn’t wait any longer for him to enter me. I wanted him so bad.

I gasped as he entered me. It had been so long since the rushed encounter that we had a few months ago. He filled me completely and I just loved the size of him, he was perfect, “Wrap your legs around me.” He commanded and once I did I felt him go even deeper since I was at a new angle.

He started to move at a slow pace that was making me go insane. I tried to urge him on, but he wouldn’t go, “Tell me what you want.” He said.

I arched my back to meet one of his thrusts, “You already know what I want, Frankie.” I whined to him. I was panting and I could feel the built up pressure, but it wasn’t enough.

“What, you want this?” He asked as he picked up his pace and when I closed my eyes and started to moan he slowed down again.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him, “Why did you slow down?”

And then he just stopped completely and I felt the pressure start to die, “Tell me Monica. Talk to me. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

We just looked at each other for a while, “Fuck me Frank, like you never fucked me before.”

And just like that he picked his pace back up and he fucked me like he never fucked me before. After a couple of rounds I just lay in bed with him like if we had done it everyday before and as if nothing bad ever happened to us. I laid across his chest and played with his shoulder length hair loving the silkiness of it.

I closed my eyes in contentment and just listened to the sound of his heartbeat and that’s the way I fell asleep. In his arms.
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