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I've become so numb....

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Gerard isn't coping.

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“Is she okay?” Adam heard a breathless voice, he looked up to see Kyan who had bloodshot eyes and tear tracks covering his cheeks.

“She’s fine, she went into labour though” he said watching Kyan’s face that went grey. “Don’t worry the baby is okay now, it was having trouble breathing so it’s in some special incubator thing to help it breath, the bad news is that the baby has to stay in the hospital till the day it was actually meant to be born.” He finished as they continued to walk down the hallway together, they entered a small room and saw Cami sitting up looking exhausted.

“God sweetie are you ok?” Kyan said wandering over and sitting on the bed with his daughter. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to his body hugging her tightly.
“I’m ok, just worried about my daughter” she said watching Kyan’s face light up. “That’s right I had a little girl, your a grandpa now dad” she said smiling weakly as Kyan grinned ecstatically. “Blair Jade Walker” she said smiling.

“Why not Way?” he said curiously.

“I don’t know it just doesn’t seem right giving her that name seeing as he doesn’t know anything” Cami said sighing resting her head gently against her dad’s shoulder. Kyan nodded in understanding. “Besides it’s not like he’d want to see her anyway” she said closing her eyes in exhaustion and falling asleep on her dad’s shoulder. Kyan slowly moved away from Cami letting her come to rest gently on her bed. He walked out past Adam who was texting Jake to tell him what happened, he pulled his cell phone from his pocket and flipped it open scrolling through his contacts he found the one he wanted and hit the call button on his phone.

“Hey it’s me; I need you to come to Paris. Something happened with the baby. Just call me when you get here and I’ll pick you up from Charles De Gaulle. Bye.” He said before hanging up and putting the phone in his pocket. He sighed running a hand thru his hair and walked to the cafeteria to get a coffee.

“Gerard are you in here?” Mikey said looking around Gerard’s lounge, he slipped his key into his pocket scrunching his nose up at the smell of skunked beer in cans scattered across the coffee table. He moved around the lounge room picking up various articles of clothing. He hated that Gerard had gone back to his old ways, he knew what had tripped him to do it and he wanted to fix it.
He frowned in disgust at the residual coke left over from Gerard’s binge last night, he grabbed a wet cloth and wiped it off throwing the cloth in the bin. He journeyed his way into Gerard’s room to see Gerard sprawled across the bed asleep with Bert’s head resting on his chest. Mikey had never liked Bert since he’d been the one to turn Gerard to hard drugs like Cocaine. Mikey slammed the door behind him causing Gerard to open his eyes and Bob to roll over in his sleep.

“Hey Mikes what are you doing here?”Gerard sleepily spoke as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stretched. He slowly got up pulling a pair of plaid pyjama pants and a baggy grey t-shirt on he ruffled his hair and walked out of the room followed by Mikey into the kitchen, he poured himself a mug of coffee then one for Mikey. The boys sat at the counter slowly sipping their coffee’s in silence.

“So what are you doing here so early in the morning Mikes?” Gerard said as he yawned and placed his mug back on the counter, he picked up a pack of cigarettes from the counter and pulled one out sticking it between his lips before flicking his lighter and lighting it.

“What do you mean early? It’s 3 in the afternoon” Mikey said frowning slightly sipping his coffee. “You wouldn’t be asleep this late in the day if you didn’t stay up all night drinking beer and doing coke and pills” Mikey snapped slightly.
Gerard hung his head slightly. He was embarrassed over what was happening and he wasn’t dealing with what happened with Cami, as soon as he had read her letter it was like something switched off in his mind. He remembered that day after leaving Kyan’s buying the biggest bottle of Vodka and drinking himself into a miserable stupor in a dingy hotel somewhere in West Hollywood. Later that night he had gone out and bumped into Bert who was equally inebriated as Gerard had been, they had talked the night away in a bar and well one thing led to another next thing Gerard remembered waking up in the nude on Bert’s couch under Bert.

“It’s how I deal Mikey, Just let me do things my own way” he snapped slightly taking a long drag on his cigarette as Mikey eyed him dubiously.

“The Gerard I know doesn’t deal with his problems by numbing himself from his emotions” Mikey shot back as he finished his coffee and got up wandering over to the sink to rinse out his mug,
“Yeah well that Gerard doesn’t exist anymore” Gerard said frowning into his coffee as Mikey took his seat back beside Gerard.

“I got a call earlier” Mikey began tugging at the sleeve of his hoodie distractedly. “It was Kyan” he said looking a Gerard as he stubbed his cigarette out in his ashtray.
“He wants us to come to Paris” Mikey continued as Gerard poured himself a second mug of coffee.

“Paris, what’s he doing there?” Gerard questioned raising an eyebrow.
“Cami is in hospital” Mikey whispered watching as his brothers face went paler than before.
“Is she okay?” Gerard said as he felt his insides twist at the mention of her name.

“He didn’t say” Mikey said avoiding making eye contact with Gerard, Gerard nodded lighting another cigarette and taking a deep drag. “I’m catching a flight later do you want to come?” he said hoping his brother would say yes.
Gerard placed his mug on the counter staring at the black liquid which remained in the mug, he tore his eyes away from it to look at Mikey.

“No, why should I? She’s not my girlfriend anymore, she left and didn’t even tell me why” Gerard grumbled. A soft pattering of footsteps was heard by Gerard, he looked up to see Bert standing in the doorway rubbing his eyes.
“You coming back to bed Gee?” Bert said smirking at him ignoring Mikey. Mikey sighed in annoyance at his brother, he shot a dirty look at Bert. He walked over to the door, he stopped and looked over his shoulder at Gerard.

“If you change your mind meet me at gate 12 at Newark Liberty” Mikey said before walking out slamming the door behind him. Gerard sighed as his brother left, he stood up and followed Bert back into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed as Bert climbed under the covers again; falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Gerard opened his bedside table, he pulled the silver charm bracelet he’d given Cami from it he looked at it carefully. He sat there for ages just examining the intricate detail of it, he glanced over his shoulder at a motionless Bert.
He knew what he needed to do.

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