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It always turns out to be a different way

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the last thing you expect him to do he does.

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Authors Note: 9 reviews woah lol thats the most i’ve ever gotten for a chapter. Thanks everyone so much for reviewing it means a lot that you guys like this story so much, you put a smile on my face with your reviews, so thank you for reading you are all truly awesome. And Jake* I’m sure you will find your boardshorts remember to check the fridge lol, maybe adam can help you look for them lol. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this next chapter.
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“I’m glad you decided to come Gee” Mikey said as they walked off the plane, Gerard sighed inwardly putting his sunglasses on as they walked to collect their bags. They eventually got them when their names were called.
“Gee Mikey!” Kyan called causing them to turn, a smile spread onto both Mikey and Gerard’s faces as Kyan strode over. He pulled both guys into a tight bear hug tiredness clearly etched on his face.

“Hey Ky how are you?” Mikey said with concern as they walked towards the exit.
“I’ve been better you know how shit just takes it out of you” he said as he popped the trunk to his rented range rover, he dropped Mikey and Gerard’s in the back closing the trunk with a loud thud before hopping in the drivers seat. Mikey nodded at Gerard who slipped into the front passengers seat beside Kyan as Mikey climbed in the back, he watched Kyan as he started the engine and pulled into traffic.
“So how are you guys? What’s been happening with you Gerard?” Kyan said not taking his eyes off the traffic. Gerard glanced over at Kyan as he lit a cigarette blowing the smoke out the open window.

“Not bad” he mumbled, he wasn’t really into talking right now; he just felt so weird as he hadn’t seen or spoken to Cami in months and now not only was he going to see her it was going to be in a hospital. With Needles. Gerard shuddered at the thought as he took a lengthy drag trying to concentrate his thoughts on something other than Cami at that moment in time.
“Gerard’s seeing someone” Mikey spoke up, Gerard turned around shooting a glare at Mikey who glared right back.
“Whats her name Gerard?” Kyan said as a smile crept onto his lips.
“His name is Bert McKracken” Gerard said dully in response noticing as Kyan’s jaw dropped slightly.

“Oh the lead singer of the Used, good band I love their album Lies for the Liars.” He said distractedly as he turned a corner where a large sign which read Hôpital de St Germaine on it. He pulled into the parking lot and the three boys got out silently not saying a word after the awkward at best car ride from the airport. They entered the hospital walking down the hallway before taking the elevator up to the 10th floor. They exited the elevator and continued to walk down the hall when Gerard stopped, Kyan and Mikey continued to walk a few more steps before the noticed Gerard wasn’t with them. Mikey turned and frowned at Gerard as Kyan looked at him in confusion.

“Is there a vending machine on this floor?” He asked Kyan who nodded, Kyan walked over to Gerard handing him a few foreign looking coins. Gerard muttered a thanks and walked off to find the machine, he eventually found it putting the few coins Kyan had given him in there before pressing the button for a coke zero. He grabbed the bottle and sat on the floor his back against the wall, he twisted off the cap taking a big swig from the bottle. He sighed inwardly thinking back to how Mikey had been acting on the plane.

Now he had time to actually think with his head clear and his mind open he realised Mikey had been acting cagey on the flight, not only on the flight but he had been acting that way for quite some. He racked his brain trying to remember when it all started, he twisted the cap back onto the bottle and stood up before making his way back down the hall. He walked down the long hall way his converses squeaking as they walked on the linoleum floor. He spotted a door slightly ajar and heard familiar voices coming from it. He stopped when he heard his name mentioned.

“So Gerard doesn’t know?” Adam said speaking up as Mikey sat on the edge of Cami’s bed staring at the baby in Cami’s arms. He’d been the one Cami had called after she’d gone to the doctor’s to confirm if she was really pregnant.
“He doesn’t know a thing, I figured it would be better if Cami told him herself” he said as he gently ran his hand over his niece’s soft head.

“He’s going to hate me” Cami muttered as she handed Blair to Mikey who began rocking her gently making soft cooing noises.
“He wont hate you” Mikey said looking at Cami who sighed looking at the patter on the hospital blanket to distract herself.

Gerard stood in silence outside the door, he peeked quietly through the crack shocked at what he saw. Cami was holding a baby in her arms, she looked so serene staring down at the young infant. Gerard turned away from the seen struggling to make sense in his head of what he was seeing. He slowly backed away from the door and walked off quickly down the hallway; he pressed the button for the elevator repeatedly willing for it to hurry up. He couldn’t believe Mikey had known Cami was pregnant and hadn’t told him, what really struck him was Cami had just run off and not even bothered to tell him about the child. The elevator finally arrived and he got in, it eventually arrived at the ground floor and he burst out of their feeling a rush of adrenalin fuelled by a need to get away from the hospital and all those people whom had kept the truth from him.

“It’s not like you can help it, I mean your young and you were scared I don’t really blame you for running off like you did” Mikey said later as he and Cami sat alone in the hospital roomas Kyan and Adam had gone off to eat.

“I feel so guilty though it’s like I ruined everyone’s lives. Im sorry I forced you to keep it a secret” Cami said biting her trembling lower lip as she rested her head on Mikey’s shoulder as he sat beside her on her bed. Mikey rested his head gently on top of Cami’s as she closed her eyes again falling asleep. Mikey pulled his phone from his pocket and flipped it open quickly typing a text to Gerard.

*Where the fuck are you Gee? U went to get Coke ages ago.
Fuck if ur upset u know u can tell me, I’m your bro *

He hit send and sat their resting his head back against the pillow, before his phone vibrated signalling he had a new message. Mikey flipped it open his eyes scanning it.

I’m not fucking in Paris anymore, And fuck yeah Im upset, Cami was pregnant and u couldn’t tell me. As far as Im concerned were not speaking anymore, were not even brothers
Mikey stared at the phone closing it in shock.
What had just happened?

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