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Your Jealous Again

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Rumors abound

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Weeks went by and nothing but silence passed between Mikey and Gerard. It wasn’t that Mikey didn’t want to speak to Gerard it was that Gerard wouldn’t let him and didn’t want him around. Gerard had flown to New York City to stay in the apartment he owned there with Bert, he’d become more of a recluse over the past few weeks from the band but had become a more attentive boyfriend to Bert. This had created conflict within MCR as no one wanted to be the one to tell Gerard to cool it with Bert or to be the one to tell him he should man up and act as a father to Blair his baby girl.

Gerard frowned as he opened his eyes slowly to see the sunlight streaming into his bedroom; he slowly shifted himself to see Bert sitting out on the balcony. He pulled the sheets from the bed around his naked lower half and shuffled outside to sit on Bert’s lap, he nuzzled his boyfriend’s neck occasionally nipping at his ear in an attempt to gauge some kind of reaction from Bert who continued to read the paper as he smoked his pre-breakfast cigarette.
“Wow she doesn’t waste anytime does she?” Bert muttered to himself as he read page 6 raising an eyebrow. Gerard lifted his head from Bert’s chest where he had chosen to rest it and looked at the paper. There taking up half of page 6 was a giant colour photo of Cami walking down an L.A. street with the Rev pushing a stroller, his arm curved around her his hand resting gently on her shoulder protectively.

A new Love for The Rev?
Recently Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan (drummer for Avenged Sevenfold) was spotted in L.A. with a young girl reported to be Cameron Walker Roth daughter of Socialite Julia Roth and MCR Tour Manager Kyan walker. The two appeared cosy and were later spotted whispering in each others ears lovingly at an L.A. eatery. Cameron recently gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Blair Jade Walker, the father is unknown at this time but according to sources close to both Walker and Sullivan, they were believed to have been “close” with each other mid last year shortly before Miss Walker fell pregnant.

Gerard frowned slightly. He quickly snatched the paper from Bert’s hand throwing it over the balcony watching it flutter slowly to the pavement below in annoyance. He didn’t know what annoyed him more, the fact that the press was insinuating that his daughter was in fact the Rev’s or that Cami was looking at The Rev in the photo the way she had once looked at Gerard.

Cami scoffed at the newspaper throwing it back on the table as Jake walked into the kitchen walking over to the coffee machine and pouring himself a coffee, He walked over to the table and sat beside Cami picking up the paper his eyes scanning the article he chuckled slightly placing the newspaper .

“When will the stupid press realise men and women can be just friends?” she said as she tickled Blair’s little foot with her finger causing her to giggle.

When I grow a moustache and start taking ballroom dancing lessons” Jake said vaguely sipping his coffee, Cami glanced up at him giving him a weird look before shifting her gaze back to Blair who had grown quite a bit in just over 18 weeks.

“Whatever The Rev just wanted to hang out, he was there for me when I was preggers and we were just catching up and god he just had his arm around me because that’s what friends do” Cami said a little defensively causing Adam to raise his eyebrows.

“Okay Cami sweetie, I’ve known you since diapers and I’ve been living with you and Adam here in L.A. for just over a month. You are crushing on the Rev” Jake said simply.
“I am not!” Cami said whining with a pout causing Jake to bust out laughing as Adam walked into the kitchen sleepily, he placed a light kiss on Blair’s tiny forehead before pouring himself a mug of coffee.

“You’re not what?’ Adam questioned sitting beside Jake placing a soft kiss on his cheek.
“Cami likes the Rev!” Jake shouted jumping up and running over to the sink to rinse out his mug. Adam raised a sleepy eyebrow at Cami.
“You believe me don’t you?” she said giving Adam puppy dog eyes, he shrugged his shoulders.

“That look only works on me when Jake uses it” Adam said simply sipping at his coffee and picking up the paper. Cami groaned in frustration causing Adam and Jake to laugh; she stood picking up Blair and cradling her in his arms before walking off to her room. She walked into her room placing Blair gently in her crib, Cami took of her pyjamas and walked into her ensuite she quickly showered wandering back into her bedroom. She pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans along with a long sleeved grey and black sweater that was off the shoulders, she pulled her hair back into a messy ponytail tying it with a black ribbon. Suddenly Cami’s phone began to ring, she ignored it walking over Blair’s crib and picking her up in her arms. Her phone stopped ringing then started up again a few moments later. Cami sighed in frustration and wandered over to pick it it up.

“Hey It’s me, I think it’s time we talked,”

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