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Life's Lush Lips

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The perfect gift arrives.

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Chapter 1~ Life’s Lush Lips

June 9th, Cate’s birthday. She turned eighteen that day, every year making her a bit more of a woman. She had a wonderful boyfriend, Richard, and he was going to pick her up in an hour. He had told her that he had a huge surprise waiting for her, and she was guessing items like small pieces of jewelry, but she had no idea.
“CATE! GET DOWN HERE! GUESTS ARE WAITING!” Her mother’s shrill voice rang out in Cate’s ears. Then she turned to her full-length mirror. Her light brown hair had been straightened, flowing down past her shoulders. Her face was pale white, just the way she liked it, and her sharp blue eyes stood out with the help of her dark brown eye-liner and mascara, along with the silver eye-shadow. She had her silver hoops and diamond earrings in, each in their respective holes, and her outfit. My God, her outfit. Cate’s blue shirt was layered with a gray long-sleeved one, and her dark blue jeans gave an edgy look. The finishing touch: black and white Converse shoes. She smiled at herself.
“CAITLYN HOLLY!” Her mother’s screams startled her, and Cate lost her smile.
“Coming, Mom!” She grabbed her phone and wallet and stuffed them in her pockets. Before she left, she glanced at the two pictures on her mirror. One was of Richard, but the other was of her favorite singer, Patrick Stump. She knew he was twenty-one now, but she always wanted to go see him and all of Fall Out Boy play live. Cate kissed both pictures and left her room.

Forty-five minutes later, her family cake had been devoured, and gifts were all opened. Most were gift cards to her favorite stores, but only three were actually wrapped: Pete Wentz’s book, the Release The Bats DVD, and a Clandestine Industries bartskull necklace, which she put on immediately. Cate thanked everyone, and gave hugs good-bye as they left one by one. She was hugging her mother as she heard Richard’s car horn honk outside.
“Bye, Mom. I’ll be back before eleven.” Cate kissed her mom’s cheek, and ran out the door.

Cate opened the black door, and sat in the leather seat. Richard gave her a peck on the cheek. She grinned.
“Hey, babe. Happy birthday.” He kissed her again, this time on her lips. They broke after a few moments. Richard drove on from there, and the couple shared some conversation. Eventually, they pulled up in front of an abandoned mattress store that was far from home. Cate checked her phone for the time, and the front screen said 9:40. Her head throbbed from excitement. Richard reached behind his seat, and grabbed a small gift bag.
“Come on.” he whispered, a smile across his face. “You can open it when we get inside.” Cate smiled back and followed him around. His bright red hair had been straightened, she noticed, and he had some sort of smell about him. Whatever it was, though, she liked it. He led her to the back, where a door was unlocked and waiting to be penetrated. The second she walked in, a smell of must filled her lungs. Richard grabbed her hand, and pulled Cate aside to one of the mattresses. He sat and she followed his action. He gave her the bag.
“I think you’ll like it. Your mom helped a little, though.” Cate smiled.
“Well, I think the fact that you gave me a gift at all is nice enough.” And she punched him lightly on his arm. Richard grabbed her hand and kissed it.
“Just open the bag, okay.” She waved him off, and began to tear out the tissue paper. At the very bottom of the bag, there was an envelope. Cate reached for it, and pulled it out. She sliced the top, and pulled out the contents. The minute she realized what they were, Cate burst into tears. Inside the envelope were two plane tickets to Chicago, two Fall Out Boy concert tickets, and a single backstage pass.

Cate turned to Richard and fell into his arms.
“Ric, I love it. Really, I do.” She looked over the items in her hands. “So we’re going to Chicago to see Fall Out Boy perform?” He kissed her cheek.
“Yep.” Then he pointed to the backstage pass. “And there was enough money left over to get a meet and greet pass for you.” Cate turned herself in Richard’s grip to press her lips to his.
“This is the best present I’ve gotten all day. Thank you so much.” Richard kissed her back, and continued to hold her. A few minutes later, he turned Cate to face him.
“So it’s my birthday tomorrow…” he grinned at her. She did the same.
“I know. What would you like?“ Keeping his smile, Richard moved his hand from Cate’s waist to the bottom of her shirt.
“ I hope it’s okay I want my gift early.”
“ Again, what do you want?” Cate giggled out the question, as she had a pretty good idea of the answer.
“You.” And he attacked her lips with his, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Minutes went by, and it turned into a half hour. In that half hour, all that remained on their bodies was, well, nothing. Every piece of clothing had been stripped off their bodies and were all on the old wooden floor of the mattress store. Cate laid in Richard’s arms, enjoying his warmth. Soon, she noticed, she became exhausted. Getting up, she reached into the pocket of her jeans for her phone. The time said 10:30. Cate sighed, and nudged Richard out of bed.
“Sweetie, I know we just slept together, but I need to be home in a half hour, and if I’m not there on time, my mom will go insane.” He smiled up at her, and rolled off the mattress. Richard pulled on all his clothes, as did Cate, and then they had to fix their hair. They rushed out of the store anyway, and slammed the car doors behind them.

Twenty minutes later, they pulled up to Cate’s home. Her hair went back to straight, thanks to Richard’s brush, and she was content and peaceful. Richard took her hand and kissed it lightly.
“Remember, the flight leaves in three days and the concert is this Saturday.” Cate flashed a smile and squeezed his hand.
“ I will.” She sat in the seat for a moment, and then asked, “I forget; did we use protection or not?” Richard laughed.
“We did; don’t worry.” He turned her face and they kissed tenderly. Cate opened the car door, waved good-bye to Richard, and slowly walked to her front door. After that night, she knew she wanted to be with Richard forever. Too bad she didn’t know what was coming in Chicago.
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