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Lying On Top in the Dark

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Landing on a runway in Chicago...

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Chapter 2~ Lying On Top In The Dark

June 12th, the trip to Chicago. Cate and Richard arranged for a taxi service to pick them up just to save money from airline parking. They sat together, Cate beginning to nod off on Richard’s shoulder. Soon he turned his mouth to her ear.
“Excited yet?” he whispered. She kissed his neck lightly.
“Yeah. I just can’t believe this is happening. Finally I’m going to be able to meet Patrick Stump.” Richard laughed and kissed her forehead.
“Just don’t do anything crazy, okay?”
“Well, like what?”
“Something like kissing or sleeping with anyone.” He said, as Richard knew of her infatuation with Patrick. Cate laughed.
“Don’t worry, sweetie. I save all my kisses and sex for you.” And she kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. They broke, and smiled to themselves the rest of the way.
An hour later, Richard and Cate were sitting in front of their boarding station waiting for the announcement to get on the plane. Cate had her head on Richard’s shoulder, thinking about the concert the next day. She hoped that they would play some of the material on their new album, even though it hadn’t been released yet. Cate had seen some of the album artwork and photos online, and noticed that Patrick looked cuter than ever. She blinked hard to forget the thought. After all, she and Richard weren’t even in Chicago yet and she was thinking of Patrick Stump. Ten minutes after, their boarding group was called. With his arm around Cate’s waist, Richard took her things along with his own items in one hand to take on the plane.

The trip to Chicago was an hour and a half long, and Richard was relieved when the Chicago lights came into view. Cate lifted her head from his shoulder to see out the window, seeing the bright city lights. Getting their things together, the couple headed off the airplane and out of the airport to an awaiting cab, which would take them to their hotel.
“Wow,” said Cate. “The city is so beautiful. How long are we here after the concert tomorrow?”
“We go back,” Richard checked his phone calendar. “next Friday.”
“That long? Really?”
“Yeah. Is that okay with you?”
“Of course it is.” And then she placed her head on his shoulder. Richard smiled.
“That’s good.” He put his arm around her and watched the buildings rush by the window. Eventually the yellow checkered car pulled in front of the Hilton hotel. Cate took the bags while Richard checked them in. She stood by the elevator, and soon he was coming up to her with two room keys.
“Okay, we have a room on the third floor.” Cate looked at Richard and kissed him.
“That means no bed banging. I’d hate for the other guests to hear us.” Richard laughed and got into the waiting elevator, pressing the 3 button and taking the suitcases. He pulled them to his left with one hand and wrapped his right arm around Cate’s waist as the doors closed.
“Just wait until later.” He whispered into her ear. She smiled as the shiny metal doors opened.
A few hours after checking in, the sun had set under the city’s skyscraper horizon. The couple was walking hand in hand on a trail in Hyde Park; a romantic evening before the concert. As the sky grew with speckled bits of stars, Cate was becoming growingly exhausted. Sensing her slowing speed, Richard checked the time on his Juke: 10:25 PM, making it 11:25 PM back home. He sighed.
“Baby, we should get back to the hotel. It’ll be a long day tomorrow.” Cate smiled, a barely detectable motion on her face as the time grew later and the sky darker.
“Alright. Let’s get going.” Before they turned around, Richard whipped his girl around and pressed his lips to hers. Cate quietly moaned as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She broke the attachment.
“On second thought,” she started, barely audible. “let’s run back. The sooner we get there…”
“The more fun we’ll have.” Richard finished for her. He kissed her cheek and ran off, Cate following close behind and laughing all the way.
Later that night, after they slept together and getting yelled at by the couple in the next room, Richard started to doze off and Cate was in bed thinking about the concert and meeting Patrick. Letting her mind wander, she could see herself in his arms, in his bed, with his children… she pinched herself. She was with Richard, not Patrick. Cate hadn’t even met the guy and yet she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Turning her attention to Richard, she kissed his neck and dug deeper in his arms. Underneath his hair, she finally found his ear.
“I love you.” she whispered into it.
“Love you, too.” And then they both fell into a deep sleep.

-Across Town-

A tour bus pulled into a driveway for a brick home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house was vacant very often, as the four occupants weren’t in Chicago all the time, what with touring and promotion trips taking up a good portion of every year. A woman from across the street ran inside her home to tell her brother that Fall Out Boy was home. Andy Hurley stepped off the bus with his blue duffel bag and drumstick holder, followed by Pete Wentz carrying his bass guitar and black shoulder bag. Joe Trohman, wiping the cocaine dust off his nose, ran onto the street with his Washburn Idol and red suitcase, and nearly ran into the others. Pete breathed in the Chicago air around him.
“Oh, it feels great to be home!” He screamed, and then he ran to the door. Joe and Andy followed him, careful to not break the guitar or crush the drumsticks. After the three were inside, Patrick Stump slowly walked onto the street with his silver Gibson SG Special and gray backpack. He waved to the driver of the bus and fixed his ever-present hat. Alone on the street, he put on his black framed glasses and began to hate the fact of him being home without having to work for three months and no distractions. Patrick didn’t want to take time off from music, as it was his passion and went insane without it. He hoisted the backpack over his shoulder again to stop it from slipping, and started towards the wooden door. At least I have the concert and meet-and-greet tomorrow night. He thought. Maybe I’ll meet someone new. He laughed as he opened the door.
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