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Eyes Closed, Fingers Crossed

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They have a run-in

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Chapter 3~ Eyes Closed, Fingers Crossed

Saturday, June 13th, the concert day. Cate woke up alone in the hotel bed with Chicago sunlight in her eyes. She smiled and rolled out of bed to find her robe. Tying the knot, she realized that the shower water was running. Cate searched for her phone, the digital time saying it was 11:30 in the morning. Looking at the backstage pass next to the charger, the start time was typed out 3:00 PM. Hurriedly, Cate grabbed a pair of dark jeans, a long-sleeved blue shirt, and her make up out of her suitcase. After getting dressed, she pulled her hair into a high ponytail and put on her light foundation, brown mascara, and brown eyeliner. Using the hotel stationary and pen, she wrote Richard a note:
I went out on the town for an hour or so. I’ll be back at 1:30. Have my cell..
Love you!!!

She kissed the end, put her phone in her pocket (along with her room key), and taped the note to the door as she walked out.

-Across Town-

“Pete, I’m going out. I’ll be back at one to practice. I have my phone!” And Patrick slammed the front door on his way into town. He had to get out; the others were driving him insane. Checking the time on his phone, Patrick set on course for Guitar Center, the only place in Chicago he felt at ease. He had an hour alone.

-Back to Cate-

Twenty minutes after she left the hotel, Cate found herself wanting to buy Richard a guitar that she thought he would like. While his birthday had passed, there was always Christmas. So after getting directions from several people, Cate finally found Chicago’s own Guitar Center.
Cate thought he’d like an Epiphone SG Special, all ebony. Looking through prices, and completely unaware of what direction she was going, Cate walked into somebody.
“Sorry.” They both said. When the person turned around, Cate realized that she had just walked into Patrick Stump.

Patrick couldn’t believe that he walked into a girl, let alone one in Guitar Center. In his eyes, she was immaculate: light brown hair, beautiful smile, but he thought the most wonderful thing about her was her eyes. They were a sharp, piercing blue. Normally, Patrick would have just shuffled away from a girl that shocking, but this time he really wanted to talk to her.
“So, what brings a girl into Guitar Center?” Cate was speechless. Why would Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy be talking to her? She wanted to tell him about Richard, but in the end she didn’t.
“Actually, I’m looking for me. Kind of a late birthday present to myself.” Patrick loved her voice.
“Oh really? When was the party?”
“Four days ago. It was the big eighteen.” Patrick smiled at Cate. Now he knew that he could legally date her. He put out his hand.
“Congratulations. I’m Patrick, by the way.” Cate laughed and shook his hand.
“Yeah, I know. I’m Cate. Well, my full first name is Caitlyn, but it was too girly for me. So Cate is preferred.” They stared at each other.
“So then. I assume that since you knew my name you have listened to Fall Out Boy and may possibly come to the show tonight.”
“Yes, and I have a pass for the meet and greet session.” He smiled at her, his green eyes sparkling. He knew Cate for all of five minutes and he already felt an attraction between them. He needed to find a way to get to know her better. A moment passed and an idea came to him.
“Let’s go for a walk, shall we?” Patrick held out his arm. Cate hesitated, as she thought about what Richard would say, but her thoughts from the previous night consumed her. She took hold of his arm.
“Alright.” They walked out of Guitar Center together.

Ten minutes later, Cate was still walking with Patrick when her phone rang, Looking at the image blinking on her phone, she knew it was Richard. She excused herself from Patrick and he waited for her.
“Hey, babe. You coming back soon?” Cate looked over at Patrick and he smiled the most sweet and seductive smile at her. She tried her hardest not to moan with Richard on the line.
“Uh, yeah. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes, okay?”
“Yeah. Love you, Cate.”
“Love you, too.” And then she closed the phone. Cate walked over to Patrick, regretting what was about to come out of her mouth.
“So that was my boyfriend.” Patrick looked down at his feet; hurt.
“He’s the one that paid for our plane tickets, concert tickets, and the pass for backstage. He’s here with me, actually. We’re staying at the Hilton.” The two kept walking, silent in conversation.
“Do you want me to take you back to the hotel?”
“No, not yet.”
“Alright.” There was more quiet, and then Patrick had another idea. His phone said that the time was 12:50PM. “Hey, do you wanna see where the others and I live when we’re not touring?” Cate looked up at him.
“Sure.” Grabbing her hand, Patrick turned around and ran towards the Glenview home.

“Wow. This is it?”
“It’s really nice.” Patrick had dragged Cate by her hand to his home. He took her hand again, making sure their fingers were twined together. She looked down at their hands, blushing slightly. Patrick caught a glimpse of her face and smiled at her, causing Cate to smile as well. He took her to the front door and unlocked it. He pulled her inside.
“Now,” he began, whispering “ we have to be very quiet if you want to pass through here untouched by the others. I’m going to take you to my room so they won’t know I’m here. After all, I’m late for practice.” Cate laughed softly, and Patrick put a finger to her lips. Moving his hand from her hand to her waist, Patrick showed her his bedroom. He let Cate in first so he could close the door and lock it, just to ensure complete privacy. Cate looked around, taking in the new surroundings. The bed was unmade, and his guitar laid in a stand in the far right corner.
“Sorry for the mess.” Patrick said, turning to her. “Usually I’m the only one that ever comes in here.” She laughed.
“It’s alright.” Patrick stared at her. In his mind, he was picturing her in his arms, in his bed, with his children. He shook the thought away.
“Would you like to sit?” He motioned to the bedside.
“Would you mind if I sat next to you?”
“Go right ahead.” They both sat together on the unmade bed.

In the next twenty minutes, they were talking about everything and anything. Where they were from (Tampa for Cate, Chicago for Patrick), what they liked to do (listen to music and write, writing music) and even their favorite colors (light blue and black, green or red). They each had said enough for them to feel that they had known each other since childhood. As the talking stopped, Patrick sprawled out across the bed. Cate shivered, and thought about how warm he must’ve been compared to her.
“Do you mind if I lay next to you?” They smiled.
“No, but won’t that boyfriend of yours care what happens?”
“Ric doesn’t have to know what goes on between us.”
“Okay, then.” And she got real close to him. She had been right; he was much warmer than she was. When Cate’s arm touched his arm, he shivered from the temperature difference. Sensing her shivers, he wrapped his arms around her. Cate calmed after a few minutes, and Patrick began to notice how much he liked her, and wondered if she felt the same way (she did). Here she is, he thought. She has a boyfriend with her in the city and she would rather be here with me. Patrick was growing to love Cate.
“Cate, can I ask you a question?” She turned in his arms.
“Sure; go ahead.” He took off his hat and ran his fingers through his hair, then put the hat back on. Cate tried not to let out a moan.
“Is it alright if I kissed you? I know you have a boyfriend and that we just met, but I think you’re,” Cate pressed her lips to his. “amazing.” They smiled at each other, and Patrick kissed her back, putting his tongue in enough to touch hers. He rolled on top of Cate, and then she got on top of him. Eventually their lips detached, and she sat on Patrick’s lap. He began kissing her neck, sucking lightly, and she felt free to let out a light moan. He thought the way she moaned was cute and seductive. Cate looked over at the clock on Patrick’s nightstand, the red numbers clearly reading 1:25PM.
“Crap.” Patrick stopped kissing her neck.
“What’s wrong?”
“Well, I’m supposed to be back in my hotel room in five minutes. It’s 1:25.” Patrick got her off his lap and opened his door to see Pete, who was fuming.
“Patrick,” he started “you said we would start practice at-”
“I know, Pete. I’ve got to drive Cate here back to her hotel first.” Pete held up his hands.
“Oh no, you don’t. You’ve missed a half hour of practice because of her.”
“Hey!” Patrick placed his hand over her mouth. Pete looked at Cate.
“And I’m not going to let her make you miss anymore. I’ll get her there. I just need your keys.” Patrick dug in his pockets and gave Pete the keys.
“Bye, Cate. I’ll see you tonight.”
“Bye, Patrick.” She got to kiss his cheek before Pete dragged her out to Patrick’s Civic.

In the car, Cate had her arms crossed in the passenger seat. Pete was trying to make conversation, or at least come up with an explanation.
“Look, girl-”
“It’s Cate.”
“Whatever! We have a show tonight and we really need to practice our setlist. There’s a meet and greet before, and all four of us need to be completely ready by then. I’m glad Pattycakes found a girl, but music needs to come first. Understand?”
“Yeah, yeah.” Cate looked out the window and thought about her feelings for Patrick and Richard. How could she have cheated on Richard with a guy she just met? She added in the fact that this was Patrick Stump she was talking about, but then she counted the part where he knew about her boyfriend. Cate’s head started to spin and she gave up. Pete turned to her at a stoplight.
“Look, I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot. It’s just that this band has just gotten started and I really don’t want it to crash early.”
“It’s okay. If it helps to know this, Fall Out Boy is my favorite band.”
“I guess that helps.” Pete chuckled lightly and Cate smiled. “So, where are you staying?”
“At the Hilton. My boyfriend bought me tickets for us to get here and to the show tonight. Only I have a backstage pass, though”
“So let me get this straight: you have a boyfriend who took you to Chicago for a concert and only gave you a backstage pass? He must really care about you.”
“I guess so.”
“And yet, today you find Patrick and start making out.”
“Technically, Trick and I ran into each other.” Pete grinned.
“True.” After a minute, he started conversing again. “So you and Patrick are going to see each other at the meet and greet?”
“Well, yeah.”
“Do you plan to see him again after tonight?” Cate looked over at Pete, giving him her signature “you did not just ask me that” look.
“Of course I do. Just because I’m only in Chicago until next Friday and with Richard doesn’t mean I won’t see Patrick again.”
“Okay, okay. Just checking. I don’t need to see Pattyboy hurt again.”
“I wouldn’t be responsible for that, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz.” He pulled up to the Hilton drop-off, looking at Cate weirdly.
“How do you-”
“I’m a Fall Out Boy fanatic, Pete. I know everything. Thanks for dropping me off.”
“Anytime. See you later.”
“See you.” She shut the door and he drove off smiling to himself.

Cate got back to the room and opened the door. Richard was lying on the bed. She walked over to him and laid next to him.
“Hey Cate. Where have you been all day?” She bit her lip; she couldn’t say where she really had been and who she had really been with, let alone what had happened.
“I went to Guitar Center for awhile and then I decided to go over to Borders for books and music. The traffic was crazy coming back here.”
“Well, I’m glad to have you back.” He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to him.
“I’m glad to be back.” And she kissed his lips, his tongue attacking hers. They made out for awhile, Richard constantly wanting to rip her shirt over her head, and then Cate broke them apart.
“Ric, I need to get ready for the greeting session.”
“Oh, alright.” He slapped her behind as she got off the bed. Cate threw a pillow at him as she tried to find her blue-black ripped skinny jeans, gray tank top, and light blue hoodie. She changed as Richard went to use the bathroom. Cate touched up her make up, put on her seductive pefume (Richard couldn’t keep his hands off of her when she had it on), and grabbed her phone. As Richard came out, she found her pass and concert ticket. As she walked out the door, she gave Richard a kiss good-bye.
“I’ll be at the seats, alright?” He wrapped his arms around her, but her eyes were darting all around the room. All she was thinking about was getting to Patrick.
“Okay. Love you, bye.” She ran out the door and closed it behind her. At that moment, she wanted to be with Patrick more than anything. Cate wanted to feel him in her. Badly. Little did she know her precious Patrick wanted the same exact thing.
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