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"You're so beautiful when you're cold." he whispered. [Fluffy Frerard one-shot]

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The sky was grey.So grey and still.The faded puffs of vapor just sit there in the sky because they have nothing better to do.They got lazy and stopped raining the white fluff so now it seems like they're just sitting up,looking out at the peice of earth they covered in a sheet of soft ice.Watching it freeze.Rather than watching children come out and run and play in this crime ridden area,they get to watch the others that would rather lay down and suffer in the cold.Taunting and laughing at what they have made and watching as I give them exactly what they want.
I don't know what exactly made me love laying in the thick blanket of white,even when I'm freezing to the point of insanity.I always kept my composure.-still and quiet.
There is something that the snow holds on me.I knew why I had loved the weather,but I never figured why I would sometimes torture myself with it.There was the simple love of the contrast as soon as you walk inside a house and the change of temperature hit your face and frozen toes painfully,quickly dissipating into a pleasurable warmth.Wrapping yourself in numerous blankets,drinking hot chocolate and watching as bright yellow and orange tonges lick the air just above a pile of wood,emenating a warmth that feels alien everytime you experince it in such a vaguely familiar way.You can remember the last time you felt the contrast,but can never exactly pinpoint the actual feeling until it is felt again.
Then there is that other contrast that I always loved to feel.When I can be warm without the crackling fire in a fireplace.To be infused with a satisying taste and warmth on my my lips and in my gut.To have something wrapped around me and cling tight to me without an unnecassary amount of flanel or fake fur.
But this feeling is quite rare.The root and the source of these feelings hates the cold.Hates the greyness of the atmosphere that hung in the air like a still ,lead-colored sheet...or something lighter.Feathery almost.A grey softness suspending in space all around.The only thing that contrasted was the ground.It was white,but it didn't help.It just made the grey seem slightly less dark.
There were times when the source would come to me,just because he was aware of my habbit.He knew exactly why I had started this habbit,but doesn't know exactly why I almost use it masochisticly.I don't even know...

"Mikey stop it!" my 10-year-old self laughed as my best friend tackled me into the snow.I giggled,childishly."Nevvvverrrr!" Mikey yelled.He got up and ran away,retreiving more snowballs,aiming them all at me."Okay! Okay! You win this time!"
"That's what I thought." I looked up at him.His rounded glasses were held at the tip of his blushing nose.He was looking off at a distance at something.
"What are y-"I began.
"Hi Gee!" he yelled.
"Hey Mikes."
A boy that looked older than Mikey walked up.He had skin almost as pale as the snow around his feet.His blackish-brown hair was shaggy and hung a little past his ears.He was dressed in tight black clothes,head-to-toe.I had never really seen someone wear so much black.I was intrigued by it.I had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.I didn't know what it meant.It was an odd feeling.I tried to brush it off.
"Gerard,this is my new best friend,Frankie.Frankie,this is my big brother,Gerard."
I looked up at him and saw the interesting color of his eyes.They were so light,like honey.Almost golden.They seemed to stand out against everything.It made everything seem so...grey.They shone so brightly against his insanely pale skin and his dull colored hair clouds do look pretty grey...

I sighed and grinned to myself.
That was a great day.Although nothing really happened except an exchange of greetings and Gerard running inside to warm up,it changed my life.
On rare occasions,Gerard will come and find me laying in the snow of my front yard.
I only hoped I would be lucky today.
As of now,Gerard and I are in a strong relationship.I am now 16 and he is 19.He's still stuck in his basement,trying to make something of his life.I hate it,but I wish he would always be stuck down there.We've made amazing memories down there.

The dullness was eating at me.
I heard faint footsteps.They sounded so far away.
I layed there.The steps were getting louder.It felt like I sat there for a full hour until the steps increased in volume noticably.

I soon heard the crispness of the snow,crunching beneath feet.
They stopped.
I looked to the side and saw him.God did he look like an angel.He was wearing amazingly tight,dark skinny jeans with 3 or 4 layers of shirts and sweaters.
A smile pulled at my lips.
"Hi."I said.It was quiet.
"Now how did I know I would find you here?"he asked.He looked down at me and grinned sweetly.
He looked into my eyes and smiled.
"Lay down with me."I said to him.
Next thing I knew,there he was.He was laying at my side.We layed there wordlessly.
He shifted to his side and rolled on top of me.I looked up at his gorgeous face.It was flushed of it's rosy color.He honestly looked like he was carved by angels out of some form of perfection.
"You're so beautiful when you're cold." he whispered.
He leaned down and pressed a pair of warm,chapped lips on mine.They had a rough texture but almost a soft undertone.His face was pressed against mine.The feeling was such a sweet feeling.His lips held a firm,but gentle stance against mine.He exhaled deeply.His breath was warm and sweet.I was completely relaxed at this point,trying not to let my stupid teenage excitement ruin the delicate gesture of intimacy.I felt an icy finger trace my jawline.I gasped into his lips.He pulled away,much to my dismay,and chuckled lowly.He looked into my eyes.The honey color was sparkiling like diamonds.He leaned down and kissed me softly,but quickly and slid off onto the other side of me.
I looked into the sky and blinked stupidly.
I don't understand.To many,that litte moment is close to nothing in a commited relationsip,but by God did it take the breath right out of me.Every small thing this man does just takes over me for that moment.
I can't get anough of it.I love him so much.
He was know very close to my side,with his cheek bone rested against my shoulder.
"Frankie,what are you thinking about?"
"You wouldn't believe me."
"Sure I would."
I glanced down at him.He was looking up at me with childish eyes.
I let out a breath.
"About how lucky I am."
"You are lucky."
Gerard smiled at me.
"Not everyone gets to be the most beautiful thing in the world."
I slipped an arm over and around his hip,pulling my body to rest one top of his,like how he had me moments ago.I flickered my eyes over the perfect features of his face.My legs rested on the outsides of his,forming some subtle form of a straddle-while our chests were pressed together.The insides of my thighs were pressed firmly to the outsides of his.I ran my hands up his arms that lay above his head until my hands clasped his.The skin was cold to the touch,but warmed me nonetheless.I had his hands pinned above his head.
"I know..." I told him."and look at me.I have him right here with me and I love him more than anything in the world."
His head was pressed to the ground.I moved my head down and pressed my lips to the milky white skin on the base of his throat.
He let out a breathy moan.I squeezed my eyes shut.God he is too perfect.I pulled my lips away and then went back down,kissing the rise of the middle of is neck softly again.I parted my lips.I moved them over the skin and sucked his throat subtly.I let my tongue slip out and move over his skin delicately.
He gasped and then tried his best to stiffle his moans and grunts.I mumbled into him."Please.Let it out."
He inhaled sharply.
I licked over the smooth,soft skin again.
"A-ah"he let out the short syllable and it sounded like angels singing,only better.
"mmm...uhh..."The vibrations of the sounds beneath my lips encouraged me.I let my teeth graze over the precious skin and bit as gently as I could.
"Ohhhh."he breathed.
God I wish I could explain how much this was.I can't explain the feeling of being privelidged to taste him this way or to hear those precious sounds glide off of his sickly sweet tongue.
I marked a soft kiss on the throat.I planted these firm kisses up the middle of his neck,moving to the side,making my way up his jaw line and then kissing just beind his ear.I stopped and sighed right behind his ear.I couldn't resist so I pressed another peck on this peice of his skin.I slowly released his hands and started to slip off of him,but his hands quickly made their way around my waist,preventing me to move.I giggled into the crook of his neck.
"G-God F-Frankie."he let the words out in a breathy whisper.
I felt a hand move to the back of my neck.He caressed the skin there,just underneath my disheveled brown locks with icy fingers.His other arm was encircled around my waist.
"I-I love you s-so much Frankie."he said.It almost sounded like some sort of small plea."I-I just...fuck."
I smiled.I leaned up,leaning my elbows on either side of his head for support.I looked into his eyes."You are such an angel.I can't even describe it.You're skin tastes as sweet as it looks.I am so lucky."
He looked at me with sad,hopeful eyes."I wish you knew..."
"I do know."I told him sternly.
He sighed and glanced away from me for a minute.He looked back up at me.
He leaned his head up and pressed against the back of my neck with the hand that was still residing there and pecked my lips and giggled.I chuckled with him.He was so sweet and adorable.
"So do you wanna go in your place?In your bed?...where it's warm?...and not covered in snow?"
I was terribly comfortable and the cold had become a small,insignificant factor-but I would never go against Gerard's wishes.Not if it killed me.
"I guess." I smiled at him.
I got off of him,stood up and stretched my arms into the air.When I went to bring my arms back down,he encircled my waist in his.Mine came down and hugged his neck tightly to me.I kissed his cheek.
"Come on.sweetheart." I grabbed his hand and held it tightly in mine.
"Let's go inside."

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