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The room swam back in focus just as soon as it had faded. Gerard was gulping noisily, like a fresh divorcee in need of a pick-me-up. Evil lady stroked his hair as he drank, watching with a smirk on her dark lips.
Give in to the night....
Sadly, I realised that we were her pets. That's all. She'd keep us to amuse her, perhaps let us toy with the blood, and then, when she got tired of us,would dispose of us in the easiest way possible.Heads first. Against the wall. I shuddered. She seemed to notice this sign of life in me, and I felt her metal gaze on me.
"I am the countess"
I could tell she expected me to answer her. I could hardly, but I gasped out an answer.
"The??" then, the heoine in me took over. I can tell you, it didn't feel brave, it felt stupid. Struggling to get up i locked her gaze into mine
Wall, cheeks, all red
"Of course," She carried on, as if we were some snobby-accented family discussing the weather "You must have heard of me"
I gaped.
"I am the countess Bathory"
Stay alive, Frankie Muniz
"Ezbereth Bathory"
Oh , because knowing the name of a midevil witch is really gonna help
Bye-Bye room.

Note: I just got the Bathory idea.From the movie "stay alive"(with yup, you guessed it, Frankie Muniz). But the idea of the countess was so...ensnaring. I had to use it. Look her up. She's one nasty bitch.
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