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And Everyone Shakes to the Beat With a Barrel Down Their Throat

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Pete and Patrick in third grade. Eventually Peterick, but not for a little while.

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The lights above blind my eyes, even though, against my mother’s wishes, I have them covered with the hood of my sweatshirt. That horrible woman that must be on happy pills if she can smile that big for that long keeps looking at me as if I don’t belong. Why is my mom forcing me to come here? I’m not like everyone else. I don’t know anyone; I think I might die here. I decide that I shouldn’t give Mrs. I Don’t Care What Her Name Is another reason to stare at me and get up when she calls us over. “Story Time!!!” I don’t care if some little girl was stupid enough to go inside some random house filled with bears. Wait… why does everyone look so interested? Isn’t she just gonna get eaten? She lived? Why would a bunch of bears not eat a little girl who just walked into their house? This is lame. I wish she died. I wish that teacher was the little girl and got eaten. Why do they still have story time in the third grade?! Why are we reading GOLDILOCKS in the THIRD grade?!?! Yea cause that makes sense.

tap ……………………………. tap ..…………….. tap


I turn around to see a little trembling boy with glasses and a hat “s-s-sorr-r-ry”
sigh “what?”

“I n-noticed you where alone, I don’t know anyone either, you want to be friends?”

“heh, I don’t need any, so go away and leave me alon” He looked heartbroken, Why does he care so much about me? No one has ever given me a second glance. I’m just some little kid with “social problems” Not even my mom cares. sniff

“You okay?” Why would he care if I was or not.

“I said go away, why do you care anyway?”

“Because……you’re the only person to say something after ‘what’…”

Thanks for the guilt trip, now I feel like I have to be your friend. That was the whole point, wasn’t it? “You don’t look like someone who would be alone”

“My mom thinks I have friends, I don’t get the point of friends. I’ve been fine on my own for awhile now”

“What about your mom? Doesn’t she notice no one comes to your house; or you don’t go to anyone’s house?”

“I just say I’m at someone’s house and sit alone at the park…”

“I used to do that…until my neighbor found me when I fell asleep on the bench… My mom barely lets me out of the house and probably wouldn’t believe me if I said I has a friend. I don’t get why though, she doesn’t care about me”

“Everyone’s mommy cares about them!”

“Ha mine doesn’t”

“…...I doubt it”

“well believe it”

“I wish she cared about you”

“No one does”

“………..I do”

No…….that’s never happened…no one’s ever cared. Does he really care? Is he only trying to make me feel better?

“are you serious?” He looked hurt at my question.

“of course, why would I lie”
“to make me feel better… that’s the only reason people have ever said that to me” He looks confused…what’s confusing about that? No. one. Cares. Not that hard to grasp.

“that’s a dumb reason”

“its dumb to try and make me feel better?!?!” oh no, he looks scared, I wish I didn’t snap like that.

“n-n-no!!! I just meant that people should say it if they mean it! It’s wrong to lie to make people feel better because then they feel worse in the end!” whoa, wise for 10 year old.

“sure you did. Hah, I’m kidding, I get what you mean now” wow, I didn’t think one sentence could cheer up someone so much.




“you realize that because of that I’m changing my mind right”


“Jesus Christ- I’m kidding, oh my god, relax”

“oh, I’m retarded aren’t I?”

“haha, maybe. How should I know, I’ve known you for 15 minutes”

Okay, I know that probably Im not sure if i can think of anything else at the moment. i have horrible writers block right now. and i cant figure out if this should be a one-shot or not.

continue? no? reviews? even if you hate it, tell me. i dont mind.
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