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It Kills Me Seeing Your Face [Sequel to Brought Together, Torn Apart]

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"Daaaad" Charli whined, "I don't wanna hear this story again"

"Aw c'mon, I always tell you it on thanksgiving Charli"

She rolled her eyes and sat at the table supporting her head with her hands, "Fine let's hear it for the billionth time"

Gerard smiled and sat down, putting a box on the table in front of him. He opened it up and pulled out a photo of him with five other guys.

"So you remember these?" he asked, showing Charli the photo.

"How could I forget, we visit them every year dad" she said pointing them all out, "Frank, Bob, Ray, Worm and of course Uncle Mikey"

Gerard leaned back in his chair and pulled out his smokes, lighting up and taking a drag. He held the photo up in front of his face and smiled, then he frowned. The last time the band was together hadn't been very pleasant and had caused the break up.


"I still can't believe your doing this" Gerard said scowling at Frank.

"Just drop it Gee, please" Frank replied, stubbing out his smoke

Gerard followed him onto the bus, "How the fuck can I drop it. Your leaving tour to go and help bring up my fucking child"

"Well, maybe if you weren't such a dick and actually wanted that child you wouldn't be in this situation would you?"

"Frank that's not your business, I have my reasons for that"

"Yeah? Well I have my reasons for this" he said, waving the plane ticket in Gerard's face.

He didn't say anything but glared at Frank and sat down at the table. Frank sat opposite him and folded his arms.

"Y'know you didn't seem all that bothered when I first told you about this"

Gerard leaned closer to him, "That's because I thought you would have come to your senses and bailed out"

Frank leaned even closer, "That's the difference between you and me, when I make a promise I keep it"

"I made no promise to her, she could have easily got rid of it and came back to me"

Frank totally ignored that statement and sat back for a moment before speaking again, "Someone once said anyone can look after someone elses kid, but it takes a real man to be a dad. That's what Im gunna be, a dad."

"Whatever, just don't come crawling back when you get bored" Gerard spat.

"Even if I did get bored, which I wont, I wouldn't come to you of all people"

"I have an even better idea, why don't you just not come back at all?"

Frank got up from his chair, "That's the best idea you have had all day" he grabbed the plane ticket and headed to his room.


Although they were on speaking terms now things had never been the same as before and Gerard doubted they ever would be the same again. His thoughts were broken as Charli waved her hand in front of his face.

"C'mon dad, we need to get over to Frank's everyone will be waiting" she said as she tugged on his arm.

"Yeah I'm coming, go get your coat on sweety"

He watched as she ran into the porch and out of sight. She was so bright for 6 and looked so much like Gerard each day. He was so glad he had her, without her he would have nothing to live for.

In the car he turned on the radio and heard Karma Police by Radiohead. They both sang along as they drove. Charli was so into music and had the same tastes as Gerard, most were influenced by him but she still loved them. As soon as they pulled up Charli dashed out and ran around to Gerard's door, grabbing his hand as soon as he got out.

"Come on, come on" she said as she tugged him up the path, "Hurrrryyyy"

They reached the door and Charli jumped up, ringing the doorbell numerous times. After about five minutes the door opened revealing Frank with a small child in his arms.

"Hey guys, come on in" he said, stepping aside to let them through.

Charli jumped up, kissing Frank on the cheek along with the small infant in his arms.

"Hey man" Frank said to Gerard who enveloped him in a hug, "Bob and the rest are through in the kitchen"

"Cool, Harper cooking something nice?"

"As always"

The child Frank was holding started wriggling around and screaming. He rolled his eyes and headed upstairs, "Dirty nappies"

Gerard grinned, "I remember them well"

He sighed deeply and readied himself to go into the kitchen, this was the first time he would have seen Harper since there last 'encounter'


"Gerard, we can't, not here" Harper moaned between kisses.

He stripped off his jacket and moved back to kissing Harper's neck, "Why not?" he asked breathlessley

"Someone might catch us"

"Right now that doesn't bother me" he said, sliding Harper's shirt above her head.

She rolled over so she was now straddling Gerard, "Who knew we would get back to this ey?"

Gerard grinned at her and moved downwards, planting kisses all over her body

She became serious for a moment, "But what about Frank? And the baby? If he ever found out it would just complicate things"

"We would figure something out" Gerard replied, wriggling at the tightness of his pants.

Harper nodded and put her arms around Gerard's neck, "I love you" she whispered in his ear as he entered her. She inhaled sharply and tried not to make too much noise

"" he said between thrusts.

Harper kissed him again and once they had finished she slept in Gerard's arms


The fact they had both been drunk did not help and the morning after she woke up alone, not even a sorry or a note. Gerard just wanted to forget, he knew it was a mistake, a drunken one and was already mad enough that he had drank never mind slept with Harper. He didn't know how he was going to be able to look her in the eye today, but he had to do it for Charli and for Frank, sort of.

"Rawrrrrrr" Bob's two year old son ran up to Gerard and tugged his trouser leg.

"Hey there sport" he said as he made his way over to the table where Bob was sitting with Charli already on his knee.

"Whats up Bob" Gerard said greeting his old friend.

"Hey Gee, not much, same old. Yourself?"

"The usual, trying to sort out school's and shit" he said, smiling at Charli, ", where's Harper?"

"Getting some food out of the garage or something"

"I'll go see if she needs a hand" he said getting out of his chair and making his way out into the garden.

Sure enough she was there, coming up the garden path with a handful of boxes. She wobbled slightly as the tower of items leaned to one side.

"I got those" Gerard said as he rushed forward and took some from her.

She picked up one that had fallen on the ground and smiled, "Thanks.." she looked up at Gerard, "..oh, it's you"

He felt his heart fell into the pit of his stomach ten times over, "Yup, just me" he turned and walked briskly up the path and into the house again where everyone was gathered around the table.

Gerard approached it, "What's going on hon?" he asked Charli.

She turned around and clapped her hands, "The baby said it's first word" she said pointing back to the table.

Gerard looked over and his heart sunk again, even further, knowing that child was his and he could never be it's dad.

"Say it again" Frank said enthusiastically.

Everyone smiled waiting patiently.


Gerard's heart sunk so deep it almost felt out of his butt.

A/N- *sings* I have nooooooooooo fucking ideaaaaaaaa where Im going with thissssssss! BUT I want you guy's to choose zee sex of new babyyyyyy, thats why for this chapter it has been an "IT"

Incase ur all confused-

Charli is now 6 and a half.
The baby is like 2 and a half if my maths is correct? (give or take nine months for it to grow inside of Harper) (its three and a half years later BTW)
Bob has a son, Ray, who knows? Any preferences?

And yeah thats it ATM.

Hope I didnt spoil it, if I have tell me and I'll wrap it up ASAP!!!!!!!


dondon xo.
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