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The Day of the Funeral

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The past two days had gone over in a total blur for everyone. Harper had locked herself away in her room not even coming out to eat or drink, Mikey had taken Charli home with him until after the funeral when they decided what to do and everyone else was pretty much still in shock.

Today was the day of the funeral.


"Harper you nearly done in there?" Frank asked as he knocked on the bathroom door again.

She opened it slowly and came out in her pyjamas, "I told you I'm not coming"

"I didn't think you meant it"

"Well I did, now go on your going to be late" she said hugging Frank.

He shook his head and headed downstairs. Harper walked over to James' crib and took him out, holding him close.

"Why did you have to look like him?"

James looked up at her with his big brown eyes and gurgled in response, smiling a silly smile.

"I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing" she said, placing him back down for a nap.

She climbed into her own bed and wrapped the covers tightly around her body, crying herself to sleep.


Frank pulled up to the church and got out, approaching Ray and Mikey who were already there.

"Hey" he said as they waved to him, "So when do we carry him in?"

Mikey looked at his watch, "About ten minutes"

Bob arrived with Finley in arms and walked over to the rest of them. He set his son down who toddled over to Charli.

"Hey guys"

They all nodded in acknowledgement and returned to their small talk.

Charli took Finley's hand and led him over to Frank's car which was parked near by. She sat down behind it and he copied her.

After a few minutes of silence she spoke, "My dad's dead you know"

Finley just looked up at her, "Dada"

"Yeah that's right, dada, dead"

Some footsteps grew louder as Bob appeared in front of the two children. He picked Finley up and took Charli by the hand, "Don't run off like that again okay?"

The two nodded and followed him inside the church where they were left with the vicar as the guys readied themselves out back.

After about five minutes music played and Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob carried the coffin along with the help of Brian and Worm. It was the hardest thing any of them had to do, but they knew they needed to be strong for eachother, for Gerard. The song was "I Know it's Over" by The Smiths, only a handful of people showed up to the funeral as it hadn't been properly announced the front-man was dead.

As the vicar came to the end of the ceremony everyone was told to head outside where the coffin would be buried. As Gerard was lowered into the ground people were asked to say a few words. Mikey was too emotional so Bob said he would say something.

"Well, I don't know where to start. Gerard was one of my best friends, one of my brothers. He was a special guy who's life was tragically cut short for some reason, he was an amazing singer and gave hope to hundreds of thousands of kids out there with his creative lyrics and positive advice. Most importantly he was the father to a beautiful daughter Charli who he loved very much and a new son James who he unfortunatley didn't have much time to spend with. You will be with us always Gee, we could never forget you even if we tried. Love you man"

Bob scattered some dirt on top of the coffin as it was lowered even more.

"Thank you for that Robert" said the vicar.

Charli stepped forward and scattered some dirt on the coffin too, "I'll miss you more every day daddy"

"Come on sweety" said Mikey as they all left the churchyard.


Harper buttoned up her black blouse and patted her hair down one last time.

"Come on then you" she said as she picked James up and carried him downstairs.

After dropping James off at a neighbours house Harper called a cab over to her house.

"Thank you" she said as she handed over her money and headed up the path and around the back of the church.

"Wow, it's still open" she said as she kneeled in front of Gerard's grave which had still not been covered over.

She threw down a flower she had brought, "I know it's not much" she said, wiping her eyes "But I just needed to say goodbye when I was alone"

Harper waited a moment, enjoying the silence, "There's not much I can say Gerard, mainly cause you can't hear me but because it's hard for me. I'm sorry this is the way things turned out, I hope I don't fail our son like I failed you."

She got up and walked away from the grave, not looking back in fear she broke down completley. She silently cried as she waited for her cab, making sure nobody from the funeral saw her.


"Well that went over fast" said Frank as they walked down the front path of the church.

A woman appeared in front of them.

"Hello, which of you is the late Mr.Way's brother?"

Mikey raised his hand slightly, approaching the woman.

"I'am Georgia Spennywell from the local social services, I believe your brother had spoken with my colleague Tori a few years back"

Mikey nodded, "Yeah he did, why are you here?"

"I know this isn't the ideal place for this type of news Mr.Way but I'm afraid it couldn't wait"

"Can you just tell me what you want?" he said, getting slightly frustrated.

"It's about Charli, Gerard's daughter. There is no easy way to say this but, we have no other choice"

Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth Mikey managed to ask one more question calmly, "Choice about what?"

The woman sighed, "She will have to be taken into care"

Frank put a protective arm around Charli who was oblivious to the whole conversation, "May we ask why when she has a perfectly good family here?" he said.

"Because none of you apart from Mr.Way are blood relatives and he, being single and un-employed does not meet the national standard criteria for child care"

"Well I'll get a job" Mikey said desperatley.

The woman just laughed slightly, "If only it were that easy"

Mikey looked down at Charli and then back up at the woman. He couldn't think of any other soloution, "But what about her mother. Jade. She could stay with her right?"

Bob and Frank both shot him a 'what the fuck are you doing' look.

"We can see Charli whenever we want, Jade will want rid of her soon as" Mikey whispered to them.

They nodded understanding now what he meant.

The woman looked at him confused, "Didn't you hear?"

"Hear what..?" Mikey asked.

"Im afraid Jade passed away. She commited suicide after her ex-partner did the same" Georgia said as she put her pen in her pocket, "We will come and collect Charli in the morning and sort out the other details."


A/N- No authors note today, attempting to read "101 books to read before you die" not all at once of course but I want to start pretty quick. Part of my own personal bucket list I made a while back.

Okay scratch the first statement I guess this is kind of an authors note.

Death before Dishonour!

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