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Promise me this

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Georgia visits and Harper is sleepy

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A/N- Omg! Sorry for dissapearing for so long, I have had soooo much work you wouldn't believe. Anyways here you go, maybe another one tonight who knows! Hope your all still interested :D

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Mikey sat in the living room chair, curtains closed and TV off. It was 6:00am and he was sitting downstairs nervously awaiting Georgia's return. He hadn't told Charli what was happening yet, he thought maybe Georgia would be able to explain to her calmly to make it seem less scary for her. If Mikey told her he knew he would break down which would make things worse.

"Uncle Mikey" a whisper came from the doorway.

Mikey turned to see Charli standing in the porch, still in her pyjamas from the night before.

"I'm here, you had a bad dream?"

She walked over to him and crawled up onto his lap, "No I just can't sleep" she said as she curled into a ball and hugged him.

"Me neither" he said as he stroked her hair, "Me neither"

After a few minutes Charli spoke, "You know how daddy isn't here anymore"

Mikey felt sad at the thought of Gerard, "I know he isn't, but don't you worry I wont ever let anything happen to you"

"Promise you won't leave me like mommy and daddy have"

"I promise"


Frank was in bed tossing and turning, he couldn't shake the uneasy feeling in his stomach. Today was the day everything changed, the day Charli got taken away. A sudden bang made him shoot up and get out of bed. He made his way over to the window and opened the curtains, shielding his eyes from the light.

"Stupid fucking neighbours" he cursed as he saw it was the couple over the road arguing again.

Harper stirred in her sleep and turned over, "Come back to bed baby" she said sleepily.

Frank smiled and slipped back under the covers, loosely draping his arm over Harper's waist.

"Go back to sleep, sugar" he whispered to her.

She smiled, eyes still closed and nodded, "Goodnight Gerard"


"Im sorry I left you for so long sweety, I wanted to make my return special"

"It's okay daddy, as long as your here now" Charli said, throwng her arms around Gerard's waist and hugging him tightly.

He kissed her head and lifted her up, "I would never leave you Charli. I love you"

"I love you too daddy"

Charli woke up suddenly, looking around the room for Gerard. She started to cry quietly when she realised it was just a dream.

"Uncle Mikey wake up" she whispered as she crawled off his lap to see who was at the door.

Charli wiped her tears away and reached up for the door handle opening it to reveal a woman standing at the door smiling.

"Hello, you must be Charli, my name is Gerogia" she said, putting out her hand to shake.

"Uncle Mikey told me not to talk to strangers" she said raising her eyebrow.

"Well that's good you listen to your Uncle Mikey, where is he anyways?" Georgia asked, letting herself in.

Charli showed her into the living room where Mikey was just waking up, he streched his arms above his head, "Oh it's you" he said with a dissapointed smile.

Georgia smiled brightly, "Yes it is me, I see none of you are ready so I will just have to wait then?"

Mikey glanced at Charli who was listening in, "Go get ready sweety, I just have to talk to this lady for a few minutes"

When Charli left the room Mikey shut the door and turned back to Georgia, "Yes you will have to wait, I was going to make my niece breakfast before you came and took her away from me but I guess that idea has fell through" he hissed angrily.

"I understand your upset Mr.Way but getting angry about it will not help"

"You know nothing of how I'm feeling, you didn't even give me time to grieve for my dead brother before you came and ripped away the only other thing I was living for!"

Georgia raised her eyebrow and pulled out a piece of paper, "Short temper" she said to herself as she scribbled something down.

"What is that?" Mikey asked trying to look at the paper she was holding, "Are you spying on me or something?"

"Just a routine check Mr.Way, nothing to worry about" she said in a bored tone.

Charli entered the room again fully clothed. This brought tears to Mikey's eyes as it meant he was another moment closer to loosing her. he squatted down in front of her, resting his hands on her shoulders.

"Okay Charli I need you to do something for me"

She nodded.

"I want you to go with this lady here for a while, like a little short holiday and I will come and visit you when I can okay?"

Her bottom lip trembled as tears formed in her eyes, "But I-I don't want to go"

"I know sweety, I don't want you to go either but I have no choice"

She opened her mouth and let out a choked scream as tears ran down her cheeks, "Don't let her take me Uncle Mikey please, I want to stay with you"

Mikey stood up and ran his hands through his hair, trying not to cry himself. He bit his bottom lip as he looked pleadingly at Georgia.

"Come on Charli, Uncle Mikey just has some things to do and then he can come and see you in a couple of days" Georgia said, taking Charli's hand.

Charli however snatched it away and glared at Gerogia, "I don't want to go with you! Leave me alone!"

"Im sorry Charli but you have no choice" Georgia said getting slightly annoyed.

She picked her up, much to Charli's annoyance who kicked her arms and legs about, "Let go of me! Uncle Mikey tell her please!" she said, reaching her arms out for him.

He couldn't take it so he looked away and covered his mouth, preventing his from breaking down on the spot.

"I will send someone round later to pick her things up" Georgia said.

Mikey nodded, still not turning around. Charli stopped struggling and sniffled as Gerogia took her out of the door.

"I still love you Uncle Mikey" Charli said as he turned around to face her, "Even though you broke your promise"
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