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Second on the left

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Mikey and the guys visit Charli

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Okay so this story is seriously like being written as I write it if you get me? Like it has no plot so please bear with me.

It had been three days since Charli was taken away and today was the day Mikey was allowed to go and see her in her temporary home. He had called the rest of the guys to come with him, Frank was busy but the rest of them came and Bob even brought Finley.


"You sure this is the place?" Mikey asked as Bob pulled up to a fair sized town house.

He looked at the adress on the piece of folded paper in his hands, "Yeah this is the place"

"So you know what's happening right?" Mikey said to Ray as he and Bob got out the car.

"I'll be waiting" Ray replied, shifting over into the front seat and strapping Finley in.

They both got out and made their way up to front door, knocking three times before getting an answer.

A smallish woman in her mid 40's answered it, "Why hello you must be Mr.Way" she said, shaking Mikey's hand.

"Yeah I am, nice to meet you"

"Likewise, my name is Rose, and you are?" she asked looking at Bob.

"Mr.Bryar, Bob Bryar"

"Well come on in you two, Charli is very excited to see you both"

They entered the house and headed towards the living room where Charli was sitting playing with a boy about her age.

"Mikey! Bob!" she shouted as she sprung up and ran towards them.

They both hugged her tightly and sat down on the sofa together as Charli went back to play.

"She seems to have settled in well" Mikey said turning his attention back to Rose.

She nodded, "Charli is a pleasure to have, I'm not suprised she has such good manners seeing you two"

"Wow thanks, I mean we tried our best to teach her well" Mikey said, remembering all the times on the tour bus.

"I think it's so great that gay couples take care of children nowadays"

Bob looked at Mikey nervously, "Sorry but, um, were not gay" he said.

Rose didn't even look up at them, "Oh I'm sorry, you both look so, you know, clean. I just figured that's all" she smiled and got up, "Would you like some coffee?"

Bob nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah, yeah that would be great"

Mikey glared at him as Rose walked out of the room, "Don't overdo it" he hissed.

"Um, is it okay if I use the bathroom?" Mikey shouted down to Rose who was in the kitchen.

"Sure, second door on the left" she called back.

Mikey gave Bob a nod who did the same back and he left to go upstairs.


"Please let me be alone" Mikey whispered to himself as he stepped up onto the landing.

The first door he came to was open slightly and he peered in, finding it was just a spare room full of boxes and chairs. He moved onto the second one which he guess was Charli's room and he slowly crept inside. There was a small bag in the corner which he went over to and opened up. Inside were Charli's clothes that had been collected for her, but none of the other things Mikey had put in which included; A picture of Gerard and Charli and a picture of him, Gerard, the rest of the guys, Harper and Charli. Slinging the bag over his shoulder he went to the window which was luckily at the correct side of the house. He opened it slowly and looked towards the car were Ray gave a thumbs up.

"Here goes" Mikey said as he threw the bag into the bushes below.

He watched as it sunk into them and Ray put two thumbs up this time. Mikey nodded and shut the window carefully again. He made his way back out onto the landing and went down the stairs to rejoin the rest of them in the living room.

"We thought you got lost" Rose laughed as Mikey sat back down.

"No I found it okay thank you"

"Here's your coffee" she said as she handed it to him.

Bob sipped his and blinked twice to Mikey before speaking, "You wouldn't mind putting a little more sugar in this would you Rose?"

She took the coffee from Bob, "Not at all, I'll be right back"

As soon as she left Bob scooped Charli up and Mikey bundled her coat and shoes on.

"Will two white's be enough Bob?" Rose called through.

"Oh, erm, could you make it brown instead please?"

"Sure thing"

Mikey quickly opened the living room window and climbed out, turning back around to get Charli who was passed over by Bob.

"And a dash of cream" Bob shouted before hopping out the windows himself.

Once all three of them were out they sprinted towards the awaiting car, swiping Charli's bag up on the way. They shut the doors and started up the engine, driving off down the road.

"Were in so much fucking trouble" Ray said as they sped along the highway.

A/N- Erm, please tell me if this is going downhill.

dondon xo.
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