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The Devil Wears Prada...

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The Devil does indeed wear prada..sunglasses that is.

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“Mom what are you doing here?” Cami said looking her mother up and down. Julia, her mother, as usual was made up to perfection. Her platinum blonde hair was straightened within an inch of its life. She wore a grey knee length pencil skirt and a white shirt with ¾ sleeves which struggled to keep her breasts in check along with black opened toe stiletto heels which showed off her French pedicure. Julia lifted her $800 dollar Prada sunglasses and rested them atop her head.

“I came to meet my granddaughter” she said simply as she entered the lounge looking at everyone.
“But I didn’t even tell you about this? How did you find out?” Cami said incredulously.
“I happened to have lunch with an old friend who told me, isn’t that right Kyan?” Julia said smiling fakely at Kyan. Cami rounded on her father glaring at him.

“You told her about this?” Cami said her eyes narrowing to slits.
“I did” Kyan said nodding. “She’s Blair’s grandparent to sweetie, not just me” Kyan said simply as Cami continued to glare at him.“Besides you know how your mother is once she gets something into her head” Kyan mumbled as he scuffed his shoe into the floor. Cami sighed exasperatedly as Julia took a glass of whiskey from Don.

“I’m not staying Cameron, I only stopped by to bring this” she said opening her purse and pulling from it a stack of papers. “I just need you to sign those” she said pulling out a pen as well. “These are papers stating your an executor of a trust I have set up for Blair here” she said. Cami looked at her confused as Julia took a sip of her whiskey.

“It’s a tradition in the Roth family that grandparents set up a trust fund for each of their grandchildren which they gain access to the day after they turn 21” she said. “I deposit $20,000 a month until Blair reaches her 21st birthday at which time she gains access to the trust.” She said draining her glass. Cami’s glare faltered, she walked over to her mother pulling her into a hug. Julia stood there for a few moments awkwardly before putting her arms around her daughter gently and hugging her back before pulling away.

“If you want mom you can stay” Cami said awkwardly. Julia smiled dropping her bag onto the couch. “Thanks darling that would be lovely” she said as she got another glass of whiskey, smiling like Cheshire cat.

Cami sat quietly on the bed as she lay Blair down in the crib in the darkened basement. Cami looked around the room, action figures sat on shelves, posters wallpapered the walls, and a messy desk sat in the corner with long forgotten sketches lying motionless on the top. Cami walked over picking up a piece of paper looking at the drawing, she heard a loud creak and a gentle thud; she looked to the staircase and saw Gerard coming down the stairs.

“Is she asleep?” he whispered quietly to Cami who nodded walking back over to the bed and sitting down on the edge. Gerard sat down beside Cami wincing slightly as the bed creaked hoping it wouldn’t disturb Blair. Blair nodded before silence settled over them like a blanket. Gerard looked around the room uneasily before Cami spoke up breaking the silence.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was pregnant” Cami said looking at her hands at her lap as she spoke. “I was scared to tell you and I wasn’t entirely sure if it was yours” she mumbled causing Gerard to stare at her.
She turned her head to meet Gerard’s fiery gaze.“Don’t worry I got a DNA test she’s yours 110%” she said as Gerard’s face broke into a smile of relief. “But still it doesn’t excuse what I did keeping the fact that you had a child from you” she said tiredly.

“Can you ever forgive me?” she said as she began to weep softly. Gerard sighed exhaustedly looking at her.
“I could never really be mad at you” he replied quietly before pulling Cami into a hug, Cami slipped her arms around Gerard’s waist burying her face into his chest inhaling his scent of coffee and cigarette’s and coffee. She pulled away, tilting her head to look at Gerard who was smiling down at her softly.

“You look beautiful” he murmured quietly as he leaned in wiping a tear away with his thumb, Cami closed her eyes moving forward shortening the gap between them.
She felt Gerard’s lips crash onto hers gently, Cami’s hands found themselves entangled in Gerard’s hair as she pulled him down on top of her body. Gerard ran his hands up Cami’s legs gripping her thighs gently causing her to moan. Cami’s hands removed themself from Gerard’s hair and tugged at the hem of his shirt. Gerard wordlessly slipped off his shirt hovering over Cami, allowing his lips crash into hers once more before undressed each other and slipped under the covers together.

Gerard woke the next morning to the one beam of sunlight shining on the floor of his old bedroom, he looked over to find the other side of the bed empty and Blair gone from her crib. He groaned covering his eyes as he spied his clothes from last night on the floor, he lifted the sheet glancing down and groaned again noticing her had no underwear on. He rolled over pulling the pillow over his head hearing a rough crinkling of paper. He removed the pillow from over his head and saw the note from Cami, he sat up and began to read it.

*Gerard,Last night was an accident, I was just really emotional. I know it meant nothing and I’m sorry if I made things anymore weird or complicated than they are between us already.
Xo Cami*

Gerard let out a sigh of frustration, he slid out of bed picking up his boxers and sliding them up over his pale white legs and thighs. He quickly dressed himself and felt around for his phone in his pocket, he pulled it out and groaned inwardly noticing the number of missed calls from Bert. He sent a text to Bert apologising for not answering his phone and that they needed to talk when he got back; that Gerard had something major to tell him. Gerard climbed the stairs into the main part of his parent’s house. He spotted a rather dishevelled Julia sitting on the couch sipping coffee; he wandered into the kitchen and poured himself a coffee before sitting next to her.

“So you’re the man who impregnated my daughter?” she said turning to look at him. Gerard nodded solemnly sipping his coffee.

Julia nodded looking at Gerard curiously. “For what it’s worth I’m glad it wasn’t her ex who got her pregnant. That kid was a loser” she said into her coffee causing Gerard to laugh.
“Thanks I think” he said running at hand through his hair looking at Julia who gave him a grin before taking her mug to the kitchen to rinse it out. Gerard sat there quietly sipping his coffee before Julia walked back out picking her bag up from where she had left it last night.
“You need a ride back to New York? I drove here in my Mercedes” Julia said as she removed her car keys from her bag. Gerard shook his head.

“Nah I think I’m gonna hang around a little while longer” Gerard said. “Thanks for the offer anyway” he said half-heartedly. Julia nodded giving him a small wave before walking out, leaving Gerard alone with the memories of last night.

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