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God must hate me

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moving on is never easy

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Gerard sighed apprehensively as he let himself into the apartment he shared with Bert; he shut the door quietly behind him. He walked into the lounge room to see Bert sitting on the couch his eyes half closed; Gerard glanced down to his arm noticing the latest track marks.

“What’s wrong babe?” Bert said in a whisper from the couch which made Gerard jump.
“Nothing” Gerard mumbled as Bert stood up stumbling over to Gerard, he lifted Gerard’s face his hands shaking from the after effects of the heroin in his system.

“Something happened at that party what was it?” Bert inquired looking Gerard in the eyes, as Gerard tried to turn his face away. Bert had always been able to read him so well even when he was inebriated beyond the point of no return.

“It was nothing Bert, trust me” Gerard said wincing slightly as Bert gripped his arm hard.
“Your lying Gee I can tell” he said his grip tightening on Gerard’s arm making him wince more in pain.

“Oww Bert your hurting me” Gerard said trying to will the tears that were appearing away from his eyes.
“What the fuck happened at the party Gerard?” Bert hissed angrily as the heroin began to take control giving him an adrenalin rush. He dropped Gerard’s arm before shoving him roughly up against a wall. Gerard tried to twist away as Bert glared at him. Gerard glanced at his eyes which now appeared soulless in his view.

“I..I...I slept with Cami” he managed to get out before Bert sent a fist slamming into his head. Gerard cried out in pain clutching the side of his head as he fell to his knees. Bert stared down at Gerard on the floor , he spat at him angrily before grabbing his jacket and storming out of the apartment. Gerard continued to clutch the side of his face as he felt a tear roll silently down his cheek. He picked himself back up, carrying his sore body to the bedroom they shared. He collapsed onto the bed, his eyes flickered shut the darkness taking over his vision.

Cami looked at her cell phone, she stared Gerard’s number down as she contemplated dialling it. Jake walked into the room carrying a basket of dirty clothes to wash. He sighed when he saw Cami, dropping the basket then walked over to her and sat beside her on the couch.

“What happened at his mom’s?” Jake said quietly resting a hand on her shoulder. Cami looked up at Jake and sighed.

“We had sex” Cami said burying her face in her hands as Jake winced slightly.

“Ex sex can be the worst especially if it’s complicated by you having a kid or either of you having new partners” Jake said rubbing Cami’s back gently. “Look I’m sure you explained to him it was all a mistake and that he understands, I bet you he has a harder time explaining it to that loser Bert” he said with a smile making Cami chuckle.

“I hope Bert doesn’t get violent or anything on Gerard” Cami said hoping to god it was true but not really trusting her own judgement.
“He probably wont, he seems like a pussy cat” Jake said with a giggle at Cami who burst out laughing.

“Anyway, seeing as Gerard has moved on why don’t you try dating?” Jake said simply.
“I don’t know, I mean I have Blair to look after Jake it isn’t that easy to find a guy who is willing to date a single mom” Cami said as she heaved a sigh and stood.

“What about the Rev?” Adam said as he walked in from the kitchen.
“You were listening to our conversation?” Jake cried out.
“I wasn’t listening, you talk loud” Adam shot back with a smirk as he took a seat beside Cami.
“Whatever” Jake said shooting a glare at Adam. “My point is, call the Rev ask him out for a drink. I bet you a pair of chucks he says yes” Jake stated triumphantly to Cami who just shrugged her shoulders.

“How can I argue with that?” she said as she picked up her cell phone looking for the Rev.
“Believe me you can’t. I have tried unsuccessfully many times to argue with his logic and he always wins” Adam said smiling at Jake who just smirked back at Adam who chuckled in response. Cami laughed softly at her friends as she finally managed to find the Rev’s number in her phone. She went to hit the call button just as her phone rang startling Cami causing her to drop it. She managed to pick her phone up as it continued to ring incessantly. Cami hit the answer button on her phone.

“Hey Cami it’s me Mikey”

“Oh Hey Mikey what’s up? Is everything okay?” Cami said sitting up noticing the panic in his voice.

“Gerard’s in hospital, I need you to fly back right now” he said getting slightly hysterical as he spoke.

“Mikey don’t worry I’m on the next flight out. Just try to remain calm and keep me posted on anything that happens to him okay? I want to be informed” she said as she stood hastily running into her bedroom.

“Well hurry, he’s just gone into surgery I want you to be here when he wakes up”

“I promise not matter what I will be there” And with those final words Cami hung up grabbing her bag from the previous day’s trip which hadn’t been unpacked and rushing out of the house determined to be there when Gerard woke up.

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