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Gerard and Paisley were sitting in front of the window sipping hot cocoa with a blanket thrown across their laps, just watching the blizzard form.

“What time is it Gee?”

Gerard looked at his watch, “7:00.”

It had been three hours since school let out and an hour since they had had their fight/make up session. Paisley looked up at Gerard from her place on his shoulder.

“You know, it’s getting late and it’s kinda cold in here. What do you say to us going to bed early and keeping each other warm?”

Gerard smiled, “I like that idea.”

Paisley took their cups to the kitchen while Gerard made is way to the bedroom. Upon opening the door he stopped and took in everything around him.

“What,” Paisley asked as she walked up behind him.

“Nothing, your room. It doesn’t seem to fit you.”

“Why,” she asked as she nudged him into the room.

“Everything is black, red, and gray. I thought it would be colorful in here.”

Paisley laughed as she closed the door and watched Gerard walk around examining her room.

“You forgot purple.”


“I have purple in here too. See?” Paisley pointed at the pillows on her bed, “Do you not like it?”

“Hell I love it. The bed looks very warm.”

Paisley smirked as she walked behind him and wrapped her arms around him. Lifting his shirt over his head she kissed his shoulder, “Trust me it is.”

Gerard looked at Paisley and raised his eyebrow. Paisley took off her pajamas and crawled into her bed wearing just her paisley print bra and boy shorts. Gerard followed Paisley’s lead and shed his jeans.

“Wow. Silk boxers,” Paisley said as Gerard crawled under the blankets.

“Paisley print underwear. Nice.”

Paisley giggled and scooted closer to Gerard as he pulled the blankets up around them.

Paisley snuggled up against Gerard’s chest as he draped his arm across her.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Paisley smiled into Gerard's chest happy to hear him say it again.

The two of them lay like that for several minutes before Paisley’s hand began to wander. Scooting away from him slightly she ran her hand down his bare chest causing him to shiver slightly. Lightly she traced little patterns across his skin with her finger tips.

Gerard reached down and grabbed her hand. Adjusting his body he kissed her.
Several minutes later one of them deepened the kiss until it became hot and erratic. Hands began to wander under bra fasteners and play with silken waistbands.

Gerard broke the kiss and the two of them gazed into the other’s eyes.


A/N: Oooh cliffhanger. Should they or shouldn’t they? Are they ready for this or should they wait? What do you think?
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