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The Happily Ever After

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Patrick's POV:

Pete had booked a show in our hometown, Chicago, a week after I was out of the hospital.
I dressed and readied myself to go out onto the stage, when Pete entered my dressing room.
"You ready for the best show ever?!" he exclaimed and tossled my hair.
"Aw, Pete I just brushed that! But...yes. I am actually eager to get back on stage."
"Good, because I have a surprise in store for you, Trick!"
"Okay." I said and walked out with him. Joe and Andy were waiting for us and we walked out onto the stage.

"Are you guys ready to have a good time!?" Pete yelled into his mic when we went out onto the stage.
"YEAH!" the crowd cheered.

"Well, I'm gonna do something very special in front of you guys tonight!" Pete said.
The crowd cheered some more.
"You wanna know what it is?!" He said.
"YEAH!" the crowd screamed.
"Well, here it is..." he said.
He walked towards me and stood in front of me.
Patrick Martin Stumph, I love you more than anyone I know or ever will meet. You are the most important thing to me in my life, more than my own life. So, I have a request-" He said and then dug in his posket. I was confused at first but he pulled out a blue velvet box
and said, "Patrick will you marry me?"
Tears welled up in my eyes and I said, "I will Pete. I love you so much!"
Then we kissed, the crowd cheered, for once not for our music, but to celebrate our love.

And that was very worth cheering for, in my mind anyway.
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