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Get Some Lovin You Want Some

by ipanicdaily

Random chapter of sex xD

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A/N--- I had a really stressful day and, as embarrassed as I am to say it, mansecks (specially Ferard) always seems to make me feel better. So this chapter is just a filler; of mansecks. xD

xoxo Tabi


"Will you come to group with me?"

"I don't, uh,..."

"So? They all know about you anyway." Frank smiled dumbly at Gerard.

"Oh joy." Gerard said sarcastically as he kissed Frank's neck; Frank laughing a little because it tickled. "Did you tell them I'm some dark sadistic vampire with no heart?"

"Of course." Frank said as he ran his hands through Gerard's hair. "I also told them how you're sweet, loving, gentle, beautiful, and really over dramatic." Gerard bit Frank's neck a little and Frank yelled slightly as he laughed. "It's good to be home."

"We never did christen everything." Gerard said seductively as he pulled away from Frank's neck; a reddish purplish mark remaining.

"Where do we start then?" Frank asked, sitting up and looking at Gerard with anticipation.

"Well we've taken care of the bedroom and bathroom." Gerard slid completely off Frank so both could sit all the way up. "The only limits are the gust bedrooms; I don't want to know what's gone on in them." He said with an amused smile and Frank began to laugh again, nodding in agreement. "So were to?"

"You tell me." Frank said while Gerard smiled enticingly. "We have a lot of work ahead of us so we better get moving." He slid off the bed and headed to the living room, Gerard following closely behind. "Lots of furniture in here."

"Lots of fun." Gerard whispered into Frank's ear, sliding past him; his hand running along the lower part of Frank's back. "I'd just rather we not break anything."

"No fun unless you make a mess." Frank said with a large smile, Gerard raising an eyebrow.

"I doubt that Iero." He smiled and sat on the arm of one of the couches.

"I guess I'll just have to show you." Frank told him, pulling his shirt off and throwing it at Gerard; the fabric covering Gerard's face.

"I guess so." Gerard pulled the shirt from his face and dropped it to the floor.

"So, shall we get started?" Frank smiled and Gerard nodded slowly, smiling widely himself. Frank walked to where Gerard sat and put his hands on Gerard's waist, pushing his lips to Gerard's lips as he stood before him. Gerard put his arms around Frank's neck but had to pull away as Frank yanked Gerard's shirt off and discarded it to the ground next to his own. Putting his arms around Gerard's waist, Frank kept his mouth pressed so tightly to Gerard's that Gerard ended up falling backwards onto the couch; pulling Frank down with him.

"Eager are we?" Gerard asked with a little laughter, Frank working to undo Gerard's jeans.

"Like you aren't." Frank said, grabbing Gerard's thighs which made Gerard moan a little. While pulling Gerard's pants off, Frank fell onto the floor; Gerard laughing even more as Frank finished the task anyway.

"Careful Frankie." Gerard said through laughter but Frank shook his head then pulled Gerard to the floor with him. Figuring Frank wanted to play rough, Gerard pushed Frank onto his back then pulled his pants off so both were down to nothing more than their boxers. Gerard ran his tongue along Frank's body; Frank slightly moaning as his muscles tightened. "What do you wanna do Frankie?" Gerard asked seductively as he kissed Frank's midsection.

"Everything." He said, pushing Gerard off him then sitting up. When Gerard sat up a little confused, Frank collided his lips with Gerard's. It was rough and sloppy but it was still passionate and lusty. He pushed himself onto Gerard's lap, wrapping his legs around Gerard's body and holding tightly onto Gerard's head. Frank ran his tongue all along the inside of Gerard's mouth while Gerard started to fall against the couch they didn't previously fall from.

"" Gerard half hissed to Frank when they broke for air. Frank got off Gerard then climbed onto the couch Gerard was leaning on, Gerard following moments later as he grabbed a hold of Frank again to kiss him. Frank pushed Gerard onto his back, lips locked with Gerard's and hands around the elastic of Gerard's boxers. Gerard pulled himself into a half sitting position to give Frank more room, moaning loudly each time Gerard's hand purposely brushed his erection. Frank was teasing Gerard, knowing Gerard would return the gesture later. "Frankie..." he moaned deeply.

"What?" Frank whispered with a smile, sliding down so he sat between Gerard's slightly bent legs. He pulled Gerard's boxers down very slightly then ran his tongue along Gerard's hip bone, pushing his hands up Gerard's body then pulling then slowly down; fingers bent so his nails made little red streaks all down Gerard's pale torso. Figuring Gerard's boxers would rip at any moment, Frank slid the constricting fabric down Gerard's legs then into the pile of clothes on the side. Gerard sighed relief as he was free, Frank going back to teasing Gerard who writhed slightly below him.

"Don' tease me Frankie..." Gerard cried but Frank ignored him, kissing Gerard's hips and massaging his thighs until Gerard made soft whimpering noises because he couldn't take Frank's teasing much longer. Deciding he made Gerard wait long enough, Frank moved his mouth to Gerard's leaking erection, licking up the pre-cum by swirling his tongue along the top. Once cleaned up, Frank put his hand around the base then easily slid the mouth completely over Gerard cock, Gerard moaning deeply and digging his heels into the couch as Frank licked and sucked. "Oh god Frankie...'m close..." He muttered as Frank's tongue covered every inch of him until Gerard's pushed his hips up a little, coming hard into Frank's mouth. Frank swallowed every drop then removed his mouth, sliding back up and kissing Gerard. "That...felt...really fucking good!" Gerard told him through quick little inhales of breath.

"Now what?" Frank asked softly while Gerard regulated his breathing.

"Couch is taken care of." Gerard said with a smile and Frank laughed, his head falling onto Gerard's chest for a moment until Gerard pulled Frank's head back up to kiss him. "You look like you could use a good fuck." He said between short, sweet kisses.

"I could." Frank whispered with a smile so Gerard pushed him to the floor then got off the couch and sat half on Frank. "You're gonna tease me, aren't you?" Frank asked with annoyance and Gerard nodded slowly, a wide smile on his face as he bent down to kiss Frank again; his hands sliding down to Frank's waist.

"Payback's a bitch." He said as he gently slid his arms up Frank's body, pushing Frank's arms over his head then kissing his neck. Frank made soft moaning noises as he laid underneath Gerard who was enjoying making Frank suffer. Gerard's abdomen pushed into Frank's erection which only made him moan more.

"You're a bitch." Frank told him with a smile, Gerard kissing him afterwards. "I swear to god though, if I get rug burn..." He teased Gerard who just shrugged and went back to brushing against Frank, on purpose of course, and kissing his exposed body.

"Bed's boring." Gerard mumbled, letting go of Frank's arms and putting his hands back on Frank's waist.

"I really hate the fact that my body falls into your command." Frank said with laughter and Gerard just scoffed a little as he made little circles with his fingers on Frank's hips.

"That's where it belongs." He said with hints of lust and dominance in his voice. "I told you we could have fun without making a mess."

"Hardly." Frank said with a bit of a frown. He just really wanted to make a mess because, he's a child at heart, and children make messes. "But we're far from finished." Gerard couldn't help but laugh as he nodded a little, sliding his hands into Frank's boxers. "The least you can do is take them off." Frank whined because his boxers were getting a little tight.

"This is the only request you get." Gerard told him with a devious smile. "Sure you want to use it on that?"

"Seeing as I like my dick and rather not have it accidentally castrated or something by my fucking underwear, yeah, I'm sure I want to use it for that." Frank smiled and Gerard burst into laughter as he slid off Frank then hooked his fingers around the elastic, dragging the fabric down Frank's legs and relieving the tension as he sighed relief.

"Now no more whining." Gerard threw the boxers behind him, knocking a picture off the wall somehow which caused Frank to burst into laughter, his hand smacking into his forehead as he laughed. "Guess you were right." Gerard sat back on top of Frank and kissed him, still slightly laughing while Frank had lost it. "Gotta make a mess."

"Makes everything ten times hotter." Frank said as he came down from his laughing high; his arm falling above his head where had previously been. "Do we even have anything?"

Gerard reached around underneath the couch Frank had given him a blow job on then pulled out a thing of lube, Frank erupting with laughter again. "It was waiting for this very day."

"I'm sure." Frank's whole waist coursed with pain now as his abdomen was worn out from laughing and his pelvic area was boiling with lustful passion. "Put it to good use now."

"Hey; I call the shots." Gerard told him and Frank rolled his eyes while Gerard pushed Frank's legs apart and sat on the rug between them. "If you don't like my methods; well honestly I don't give a fuck." He said with a smile, the lid of the tube snapping open. "Because you're mine," Frank nodded while Gerard squeezed some of the lube onto his finger, "and I'll do with you as I please." He slid his finger into Frank, getting a loud moan of pleasure out of the smaller man when doing so. "I always take care of you don't I?" Gerard asked in a soft voice and Frank nodded, unable to accumulate words at the moment.

After moving the single finger around a bit, Gerard slid another finger in there, Frank's toes curling up and his knees bending a little. It had been months since he had sex and he had almost forgotten the amazing feeling it brought; especially when Gerard was doing it. Frank hated the teasing but somehow, in the end, it made everything feel ten times better. There was a little pain where Gerard's fingers were but Frank knew that would go away with time. "We have...don't we?"

"Frankie, I'm the one that harps the hell out of you about being careful with your HIV. Of course we have them." Gerard said in a calm, comforting manner. He pulled his fingers out then wiped them on the clothes behind him (they probably wouldn't end up dressed in them again anyway) before reaching under the couch some more and retrieving a box of condoms. It only took Gerard a minute to get them open and pull one out, pulling the packaging on two open; sliding one on each of them because having sex to begin with was risky since Frank was positive.

It felt a little uncomfortable to have the condom on, but there was no way Frank was going to let Gerard contract HIV like he did. Once set, Gerard pushed Frank's legs slightly farther apart then slid easily into him, searching for the spot that made Frank practically yell in ecstasy. He found it in a matter of seconds, familiar with Frank's body, then slowly started rocking his hips back and forth. Frank wrapped his legs around Gerard, pulling him farther inside as Gerard bent down to Frank's stomach and kissed him some more because his face was a bit too far away.

This went on for a few minutes before neither could stand it much longer and had to let go. Gerard pulled out of Frank then collapsed half on the couch, breathing heavily and sweaty badly; Frank in the same exact state. "Shower..." Gerard mumbled. With Frank being positive, every time they had extremely protective sex, they would shower right after to make sure both were cleaned. Frank nodded, sitting up, half way, and trying not to start choking from his irregular breathing.

Gerard managed to stand up, pulling Frank up as well, and the two headed for the bathroom where they discarded their condoms in the trash. Frank sat on the toilet, still trying to breathe steady, while Gerard started the shower and making sure it wasn't too hot. When it was set, Gerard grabbed Frank's arm and pulled him up then into the shower where the warm water flowed over them, relaxing both their bodies. The serenity however only lasted a few moments before Frank's childish habits began to kick in again.

He grabbed a bottle of body soap then looked it over before opening it and squirting it at Gerard. "Oops!" Frank said with laughter. "I didn't mean to."

"Sure." Gerard smiled then grabbed it from Frank, squirting a little at him too. "Now we're even ."

"Hardly." Frank grabbed it again, squeezing half the bottle out as he dumped it on Gerard. The bottom of the shower began to fill with soap suds while Gerard wiped the soap from his body. "Now we're even." Frank said with a wide smile and Gerard just stared him down; plotting.

"I don't think so Iero." He said, snatching the bottle again and emptying the rest all over Frank. The soap suds were now up to their knees as they emptied an almost full bottle of soap in a matter of five minutes. "There we go."

"You're making a mess." Frank pointed towards the ground where the soap-sud mountain was greatly growing; up to their thighs now.

"I thought that's how you like it." Gerard said with a quirky smile and Frank nodded, kissing Gerard and kind of feeling like he was in a car was as they became consumed by the soap.

"This reminds me of Christmas." Frank whispered a little, scooping some of the bubbles up and putting them on Gerard's head, giggling a little. "That was the best holiday ever."

"We can have one just as amazing this year." Gerard said, brushing his head of the bubbles and blowing them at Frank. Frank just wrapped his arms around Gerard's body, slowly getting eaten by the soapy mess and hugged him tightly.

"I'm glad we're back together." He said into Gerard's soaked and soapy chest. "I missed us."

"Me too babe." Gerard said, hugging Frank back and blowing the mountain of bubbles away. "We should get out of here before we lose our way." He said with a little laughter and Frank nodded, couching as he swallowed some of the bubbles. Gerard pushed some of the bubbles aside then stepped out, the white foamy mess covering him as he pulled Frank out. "You have group soon, don't you?"

"Yeah." Frank said with a smile, brushing himself off. "We do." He grabbed Gerard's hand and pulled him into a deep kiss, making it impossible for Gerard to say 'no' about going.
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