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you woke up in the morning and quickly got dressed. you had a slight little twinge of a head ache but other than that, walked over to the guys' house and knocked.ryan:"hey, you still have a key." you"eh, i prefer knocking. it's a reflex." he nodded and let you in sleepily. brendon:"dude, you were smashed last night." you shrugged as he"well, i had a rough day." jon:"i can't blame you. i know it's not good to say, but if that would've happened to me, i'd be dead.i would've taken a knife and cut my wrists right open." you"it's not like i haven't thought about it. but, i don't want to kill myself. then i could never have another kid." you pulled a pack of cigarretts from your back pocket and stuck one in your mouth.jon:"what the hell is that?" you inflamed the end of the cigarrett and inhaled deeply. you:"a marlborol red?" you said in a smart ass tone as you exhaled.spencer walked in and stopped dead in his tracks.spencer:"oh god aiden, what are you doing?" you could see the hurt in his"what does it look like?" you looked down.brendon:"look, i really don't want you smoking. no one does." you looked at the"well what else is there? i can't drink, i can't smoke, i can't fucking die and my life is basicly why not?" you let a tear fall as you turned your head from them. jon:"hey, i've got to go get my cats from the vet. brendon:"oh hey man, i'll come with you." ryan:"oh yeah, me to." they all left and spencer sat beside you.spencer:"i'm sorry aiden. this is all my fault and i wish there was some way to make it up to you but..." you"i, are you hungry?" he shrugged and you lead him out the door and to your"sit." you said motioning to the kitchen. he sat on the couter and watched you as you grabbed various utensils.spencer:"whatcha makin?" you:"oh, just some pancakes...look, spencer, i did something verry wrong last night and i feel bad about it." he looked at you"i stole liqure from my mother and it got me drunk...turns out, it only got me drunk because it had...vampire blood in it." his jaw dropped slightly as he looked"i didn't know it had it in it until ryan told me.i feel really bad about it so, i was wondering if there's any way i could make it up to you." he got down from the counter and stood in front of you.spencer:"well, i guess you're just working on getting even with me. a few thousand years of drinking my blood, and you may start to get your revenge." you grabbed his"spencer, don't say that. i know you didn't want any of this to if it were like that weird movie, kill bill, then i'd hunt you down, rip off your testicles, shove them down your throat and make you choke on your own semen while i rip off your dick and shove it up your own ass." his jaw dropped about five inches and his eyes widened as he grabbed himself.spencer:"just thinking of...why would you...OOOOOW!" you laughed and sat the plate of pancakes down on the"go on, eat up." he started eating"so, i got offered this new job." spencer:"oh really?where?" you:"oh, a waitress at this new's called erotix." he looked at you.spencer:"i heard about that place. suppose to be the biggest one in this side of vegas and that's saying something." you nodded. you:"yeah so maybe i'll make some better money." spencer:"why don't you just move back in with us?" you:"because, i've already bought the house and i'm not really worried about the money per say...i just want to make a little more for an...investment." he looked at you"i think i want to...adopt." he stood up and in a split second hugged you. spencer:"addy, she's gone, you're not going to get her back.just because you adopt some kid and name her cadence, doesn't mean you have your baby back." (you:oh sure, NOW he calls it MY baby...i bet he never wanted anything to do with her.oh wait, i have to remember he doesn't know it was his...) shain barked from across the room and growled at spencer. spencer:"i'm not in the mood to deal with you right now so just fuck off shain. this is between me and aiden." shain seemed to have this inner knowing that things wouldn't work unless he left so he walked out the door and up the stairs.spencer:"i would give anything just to see her face for just a minute. maybe even hold her. and i know you would've loved to be a would've been a great mom." you looked at spencer as your eyes turned stone cold grey. you had no pupil, no white of the was solid"well, some things were meant to happen but...just never did." you turned and your hand got cut on a keychain spencer had hanging at his hips. you:"outch." spencer:"here...let me." he pressed his lips to the scratch and you felt his toung on your palm. the mere feeling of it sent pinpricks up your spike and down your saw his eyes glint red. he looked up and you could see he was fighting to bite you. you:"spencer, you've been fighting it ever since we met...just bite me already." you saw the sadness in his eyes.spencer:"no...i'm afraid it would kill you." you shook your" you won't kill me." he stepped forward, his fangs out right as ryan came in. ryan:"what the hell are you doing spence?!" you both jumped and looked at ryan. you:"ryan, i told him to." ryan:"no, don't, please. he'll kill you! he hasn't fed since you were in the coma. and you were in it for a month." your mouth dropped"why haven't you fed?" spencer:" because i couldn't. i just...couldn't go out and hunt while you were in the hospital." you shook your head and told them to wait for you at the guys' house. you walked out of your house to see fall out boys' cars sitting in front of the guys' house. you sighed and quickly ran to the store to grab some blood. luckily people wern't stupid and sold blood by the bags just for the vampires. you grabbed a couple bags and looked to see that had different types. you:"hmmmmmm...i think i'll just get a couple different kinds...and one for me." you paid for the several bags of blood that wern't fit for transfusions and headed back to the guys' house. you parked in your driveway and walked over there with the grocery bag in your"hey guys!" you said as you walked in, smiling." ryan:"hey, you're just in time!" he smiled and motioned to fall out"hey there boys. how've you guys been since i was gone?" they all looked at you with wide eyes. patrick:"we've been great, how have you been feeling?" you"oh, i've been feeling ...mixed. but i guess any feeling is better than no feeling at all tho eh?" they nodded and you saw pete's odd expression. you:"so, who wants drinks?" everyone raised their hands. jon:"what's in the bag? are you gounna like drug us or something?" you shook your head. you:"oh, nothing." you said as you carried the bag into the kitchen. you:"hey ryan? will you and spencer come in here and help me with these drinks?" they walked in and you held up two bags. you:"which one?" ryan's mouth dropped open. ryan:"how did you buy this? they always check to see if you're a vampire." you:"well, why else would someone buy it?" he"that's like buying sleep aids to just not take them." spencer:"why'd you get this?" you:"two for each of you and one for me." you winked and handed him a couple bags while you cut open yours and poured it into a glass. they did the same with one of their bags and stuck the others in a seperate freezer thing. spencer:"thanks addy." you"no problem spence." you took a nice big gulp of your blood. you:"mmmmmm, i like this, what is it?" spencer:"um... O negative, i think." you shrugged and took another gulp. you fixed the other drinks, minues the blood, and carried all the cups you could in your hands and let the other two carry as many as they could. you let the other glasses float behind you with grace as you carried what you could. you:"here you are." you handed out drinks and you, spencer, and ryan all sat down, sipping at your odd glasses while everyone else got canned soda.pete:"what are you guys drinking?" ryan:"blood." pete:"i can understand you two drinking it, but not her." you:"i'm in it for the taste." you said as you enjoyed the exotic flavor. andy:"are you like...insane?" you shrugged. you:"maybe." they all laughed and you"well, whatever you wanna call it, it's there." they all laughed again and you stood"well uh, guys i guess i'm going to get back to the house." joe:"for what???" you"i need to get some laundry done and what not." brendon:"oh come on, we never get to see you, just stay and chill for a bit." you"fine , but only for a few more minutes." you gulped down your blood and walked into the kitchen to wash the cup put it away after drying it and walked back into the living room. you sat down and felt a cramp in your lower"oh... owe...that kinda hurt." you said squinting a bit. spencer:" what's wrong?" you"a cramp of some sort i felt like something was slowly ripping." you said as you nurtured the spot where the pain kept throbbing.pete:"is it natural?" you"if you're referring to pms cramps, no. this is much worse. i think i better go to the doctor." you said as you stood up. the pain came again and you collapsed. spencer:"addy!!!" he quickly grabbed you before you could hit the ground and sat you on the coutch.spencer:"come on, i'll drive you." you nodded and managed to stumble into his car. he sped out of the driveway nearly hitting patrick's car and two mailboxes. in no time, you reached the emergency room. you were helped into the doors and from there a nurse took you back while spencer filled out the papers. it wasn't long before the doctor came back to see you both. doctor:"alright aiden, as you know, your baby was...lost. but for some reason her cells stayed behind in your uterus. now, being a baby born from a deamon and vampire, there's no telling what all it could do but it appears to have attached itself to another one of your eggs by force and is...regrowing itself...congratulations, caydence is going to be born after all." your moth dropped and so did spencer's. you:"i...i'm pregnant?" he nodded and you"no way....YES!!! oh my god, i can't believe it, thank you sooo much doctor. okay, is there anything special i gotta do to keep her going?" doctor:"um she seemed to be awoken from dormancy by blood. did you drink some blood?" you nodded. doctor:"alright, that's it, you need to drink at least one glass a day, the more, the better, but don't give her too much." you nodded. you:"okay, is it safe to give her the store bought stuff that is unsuitable for transusions and such?" doctor:"probably not, i'd give her pure blood.i'll write out a perscription for you." you nodded and the doctor gave you the perscription and you left with spencer who drove"i...i'm sorry.i killed hayle for no reason." spencer:"you didn't kill her, i did. and i don't regret it. she seriously hurt you. and almost killed caydence...well, let's go tell the guys then?" you nodded and got out of his car. you walked up the steps smiling. ryan:"well, are you okay?" you"even better.caydence, for some reason, attached herself to another egg by force and started to turns out the blood kicked her out of dormancy." pete:"so, you're pregnant?" you nodded. you:"yep!" you smiled and felt your stomach.brendon:" oh my god! this is amazing! and exciting!" you laughed. ryan:"well, you better pack your clothes because we leave for tour tomarrow." you"oh god, this is all sooo exciting!oh wait, i've got to go pick up my perscription." ryan:"for what?" spencer:"he gave her a perscription of pure keep caydence alive and healthy." you nodded and"well, i guess imma go now. thanks for everything spencer. especially for...for taking me to the hospital. i wouldn't have found out that caydence was alive." he nodded and looked a bit sad but happy for"um, bye guys." you left quickly. you'd almost thanked him for caydence. thank god none of that really happened. now you can have a fresh ran all of your errands and packed all of your were juuuust finnishing packing when shain walked in.(you:where have you been?) (shain:with lacy.) you rolled your eyes. (you:you get her pregnant, she's your responsibility...speaking of pregnant, i still am.) (shain:what?! how?!) (you:aparantly caydence just layed dormant and waited to be triggered out of dormancy and then she forcefully attached herself to an egg and started growing again!isn't it wonderful?!) (shain:of coarse! it's amazing!) you smiled and finnished packing.(you:are you ready for the tour?) he barked and nodded. you:"alright, time for bed. but first i need a glass of blood. it's what keeps caydence alive and healthy... actually, it's probably not what keeps her alive but it wouldn't help her to withdraw it from her, i suppose." you drank you blood quickly and climbed into bed.
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