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MCR Saw kind of, just a few chapters I threw together.

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'Another body found'

Frank's eyes stopped at this particular headline. He scanned over it, getting all of the necessary details.

"Yet another body has been found in the Belleville area, many believe it to be the work of a mysterious serial killer while others say they are just freak accidents. Whatever they are, be careful. You never know, the next victim could be you."

Frank scoffed at the last line. Being a journalist himself he knew tabloids were always exaggerating to try and draw in as many gullable readers as they could. He folded up his paper and put it down on the table in front of him, making his way to the kitchen.

He shook his head laughing, people could be such drama-queens, "The next victim could be you" he mocked as he poured himself a cup of fresh coffee and started making notes on his latest article.


Gerard sat down at his desk and placed his head in his hands, massaging his temples. His job was physically and emotionally draining, being a doctor was hard work but he loved it. It gave you the chance to help so many people. He leaned back in his leather chair and flicked through his newspaper.

'Murder or Coincidence?' was the title bearing his copy. He totally ignored the article as he already knew about the 'killer' and what had gone on. He didn't believe any of it though, never did. 'Why should you believe something unless it personally happens to you' was always his reply. Taking his waterbottle and drinking from it, he looked at the picture of his wife that sat framed on his desk. He and Kirsty shared some wonderful memories. Gerard dialled a familiar number on his cell and hit call.

He knew she would be at work too so he prepared himself to leave a message.

'It's me Gerard, just wondering if were still meeting up after work. Call me when you can babe'

He then called a second number.

'Hey Kirsty it's Gee, I gotta stay late at the office again tonight. See you at home'


Bob turned the corner of the street he had been hanging around on most of the day. He had no where in particular to go, but moving along with the figures that hurried beside him was much warmer than standing on the corner for any longer. Once he found a nice secluded spot he sat on the park bench, pulling his knees up towards his beard covered chin.

"Fucking freezing" he muttered to himself as he rubbed his hands together and continued to breathe hot air onto them. He looked around making sure he was alone and pulled out a little small plastic bag from his pocket, he had saved one for himself.

Noticing a newspaper in the trash can, bearing the headline; 'Killer on the loose' Bob picked it up and tore off a piece. He used half of it to lie smooth on his knee and the other half he rolled up into a tube and snorted the fine white powder that was now sprinkled on the paper.

After a few minutes Bob felt buzzed and he started to walk, once again having no destination. Although it was practically daylight he finally dropped to the floor and curled in a ball to sleep when he reached the corner of a small chemist next to an office building.


A/N- Story I started a while ago, thought I might as well finish it.

dondon xo.
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